Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully your day will be filled with good times with people you love and that you have lots to be thankful for. My heart goes out to those who have lost someone in the past year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They are students, not talking birds

It's no secret that some teachers are using their positions as a private soapbox for their political agendas. A teacher can even relate politics to an unrelated class, such as biology or literature. I remember once in college, I took a Roman history class. The teacher used every chance he had to put in a jab about Bush. It rendered him speechless when one day I finally asked, "What does President Bush have to do with Roman History?".

I've heard a lot of alarming things from fellow teachers during my time as one. Everything from "There IS only one side to Global Warming" to "Conservatives are uneducated hicks. You don't actually know anyone who voted for McCain; they all live in the boonies and mountains. Besides, they are so few and far between - the numbers in the news are made up" and "George Bush appointed Nazis into the Supreme Court".

Some of these would be funny if they weren't so sad. The really sad part is that these kids are buying it! Unfortunately, these teachers have influence in the classroom. What they say is held as sacred truth. Their opinions are taken as fact and that's not right. No teacher worth his or her salt would abuse their power that way.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I don't care if my students don't share my opinion 100% on everything. In fact, I prefer that. You have your opinion, congratulations, that's what makes us great as humans. If we disagree on something and you are able to back up your opinion, even better. I'd rather them find their own voice, instead of parroting mine. If I wanted that, then... well, I'd go get a parrot. I'm confident enough with myself that I don't need to corrupt young minds in order to validate my values and beliefs.

I caught one telling his students today that conservatives are so close-minded, that they view all Muslims the same and how ridiculous it was to say one group of people was all the same. But all conservatives were stupid, ignorant and just horrible people in general. Yeah, that's a liberals definition of "open-mindedness" for you. It's not right to use your position to tell them that it's okay to call me names and disrespect me just because of my political orientation.

This is just after he held a class on "Islama-phobia" and passed out a worksheet, in which one of the questions asked was "What should the President do about these people who have this disorder?".

Another taught them it was wrong to view the shooting at Ft Hood as a tragedy and if anyone actually believed that or believed that the shooter was a Muslim, then they were just ignorant.

Problem is, I can guarantee that this doesn't only happen at my school. It most likely happens where you send your child(ren) to school or even where you might attend school. I remember going through this, although I don't recall it being quite as vicious.

My point is you need to be vigilant. If you child is in school, regardless if it's public or private (it happens everywhere), you need to be active in your child's school life. Find out what's going on, talk to their teachers, talk to your child(ren). And if your kids are getting spoon-fed the kool-aid, then you have greater pull as a parent against these kind of teachers. If enough complained, it might make a difference.

If you are in school, speak up. Talk to your teacher, talk to the dean, talk to whomever you need to, in order to get your point across.

Right now we are distracted by so many issues - the health care bill, the trial of the terrorists in NY, Cap & Trade and many, many others, that granted ARE important. But, even if we win the fight on health care, the liberals are busy prepping little minds to attempt to take over health care again next time or the time after that. They are one step ahead of us and we need to keep a close eye on them. Keep fighting them on health care and cap & trade, but don't forget about the next generation. Won't do us much good to win all of these battles to only have the liberals defeat us by corrupting our kids through the back door.

Get involved in your child's school. Or if you are old enough, it's time to take control of your education. This issue is too important to just let it go. We can't keep letting them spew their filth into the classroom. It's time to say enough is enough.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Putting the United States on Trial

I keep hearing about those terrorist goons who are going to be tried in NY and it just sickens me. Eric Holder and his little friends are making a mockery of what happened on 9/11 and our legal system. Nothing gets my temper flaring lately than to see the media using that terrorist's words or O'Reilly interviewing the defense lawyer. We should not being giving these cretins the time of day, so quit legitimizing them by giving them airtime! Not to mention the legal and safety risk.

First of all, the terrorist should not have been brought to American soil. He does not deserve a trial or deserve to abide to our laws. He is not American; he MURDERED Americans. Actually, he should have had his Military Tribunal or whatever they give them down at Gitmo and put to death already.

Secondly, he was never given Miranda rights when he was taken in custody (see above: he is not American, he is not given the rights of one). So if his case is brought to trial, he can get off on this technicality, which is BS.

Thirdly, this trial has the potential to be a complete circus. It will make the OJ Simpson case seem tame and organized in comparison. They have a chance to be found innocent and walk free, which Eric Holder says he will not let them go if that happens. WTF? What is the point of putting them on trial then? This is not to put the terrorists on trial; it's to put the Bush, Cheney, the CIA and the United States on trial. I'm so glad families of the 9/11 victims protested this... Good for them! We need to stand behind them.

I think our country has gone insane. Navy SEALS are facing charges for "assaulting" most wanted terrorists. ("Gateway Pundit" and "Another Black Conservative" has a good post about this) Good, I say - next time, don't assault them - just kill them. Interrogate them on the field and take them out right then and there. Saves time, saves tax dollars and saves us from stupid crap like this. And yeah, yeah liberals, I know I'm a violent, war-mongering, racist conservative. Whatever, I'm the most non-violent person I know. I'm as about as harmless as a kitten, if they would bother to get to know me before calling me names. But don't legitimize these terrorists, who killed thousands of my fellow Americans, and give them the same rights of an American. Don't give them a platform to speak against the United States on and don't keep giving them publicity. They don't deserve that much - they don't deserve anything. They planned and killed Americans and wouldn't hesitate to do it again, if we released them. Lethal injection or an trip to the electric chair is too good for them. And this is coming from the person who only believes in the using the death penalty as a last resort.

Ditto for the Foot Hood shooter. His lawyer says it would be "barbaric" to put a paralyzed man to death. And to that I say, too bad those policemen didn't have a better shot. Could have saved us all a lot of trouble.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Democrats have their 60 votes for health care deform

My quiet, pleasant evening was just interrupted by this headline on MSNBC:
"Democrats have 60 votes to advance health care bill".

I literally felt my heart stop and my breath caught in my throat. This can't be happening. What happened to Liberman and the others who said they weren't going to vote for this? At least there were no Olympia Snowe's in this bunch... but it didn't seem to matter much.

I just want to cry and scream. Haven't they been listening to us? What about the tea parties and the letter-writing? Was it all for nothing? And all because of this community-apologizer-in-chief wants things to be "fair" for everyone, while he jokes with servicemen that they are only a "photo-op". Have you heard- universal healthcare is now called "community healthcare". Just sounds like something disgusting to me, like "community toilet" or something. But whatever you want to call it, I DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want you to tell me when I can or cannot get a mammogram, if I and my doctor decide I need one. It's none of the government's business. It's MY health care and MY responsibility. I've worked very hard to provide myself with care because my health is high on my priority list. Please don't take something away for me to give it to someone who didn't have it as high in their priorities. I love the United States of America - we're the best country out there. I don't want to be Europe or be like them. If I did, I'd be living in Europe, not here. I am not sorry for being an American, and in fact, I'm proud of it. I had no choice in where I was born, but I am glad that it was here and if I had a choice, I'd choose the USA all over again. I am not sorry about being an American-please don't apologize for me. I do not want to see my great nation flushed down the community toilet.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And here's someone with class...

Just saw this over at In.sur.rec.tion's blog and thought it deserved re-posting:

Here's an excerpt from a thank-you note he found from Hillary Clinton supporters at Hillbuzz.

"As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.


The Bushes went and met privately with these families for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them."

I had tears in my eyes reading this. I hadn't heard about this - and why not- the Bushes wanted to do it secretly. They did it for the families and not for themselves or for the media. Such class.
Thank you former President and Mrs Bush for your compassion and taking the time to show people you care. Thank you.

"Fairness Doctrine" for books???

So it seems that once liberals get finished with their takeover of healthcare, they will try to take over books. I immediately thought of Atlas Shrugged, where the government tried something similar, as it wasn't fair that some people published more than others, so they had to limit the number of books someone was able to publish. This is a little different, but in the same vein.

I saw this first thing this morning on Boortz. Seems liberals are upset that there are so many conservative books on the best seller lists. According to the Huffington Post, they should have their own lists because it just not fair that people like Glenn Beck topped four different lists at once: hardcover fiction, hardcover non-fiction, paperback non-fiction and children's.

Waah, waaah, waaah. Do liberals ever do anything but complain that life isn't fair? You could use all that time whining and write a book about it!

And it's not just Glenn Beck - Ann Coulter, Palin, Malkin, Mark Levin, Rush and Boortz having top spots on their lists too. Know why? It doesn't take a rocket scientist...

1) Conservatives read while liberals are watching reality TV shows and American Idol. We also listen to the radio and watch the news on TV, which is also why talk radio and cable news are also dominating.

2) Ever read a book by a liberal? It's mostly 200+ pages of "it's not fair" or "this person is mean". I have yet to read one that was well-written (usually full of run-ons and other grammatical errors - Bill Clinton's was one of the worst. It made it very unreadable) and I'm sorry, but no one really cares what Al Franken thinks. And they usually have very, very minimal sources to back up their opinions, if any at all.

3) Conservatives are always on best seller lists because people want to buy their books. Glenn Beck's book, An Inconvenient Book, was amusing, but still chock-full of facts and figures. Mark Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny, honestly had about 50 pages in the back of sources and references to back up his opinions. They are witty, interesting and informative.

4) Conservative authors work hard at what they do. Usually they have a weekly column and sometimes a radio (and/or a TV show) and publish at least a book a year, if not more. How did get Glenn Beck get on 4 different lists? Because he cranks out a new book every few months and people like what he writes!

It just cracks me up that at the end of the Newsbusters article, the Media Research Center's study found that liberal authors and books got more press and promotion than conservative authors and books, but are still failing!! How ironic is that? Now wonder they are foaming at the mouth about this - that's embarrassing!

Make a product that people want to buy and you will sell it. Simple as that.
But like everything liberals touch, they won't improve their product, but take down the successful people instead.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Just when I think I have no respect left for him...

...somehow I end up losing more for him.

H/t Gateway Pundit

When I first heard this, I didn't believe it. I heard it on Michael Savage's radio show and honestly thought they must have had the wrong audio. Not even Obama would stoop this low... no, it can't be right. But the audio kept playing... and playing... Obama introduces people, thanks some others... and I waiting for it... and then he cracks some jokes... and gives a "shout out" to someone else... and I'm still waiting. It's beyond embarrassing at this point. Say SOMETHING, you bumbling goon! How hard is it to say "My deepest condolences to the victims and their families" without a teleprompter? Two minutes into his speech!! TWO MINUTES!!

"I'd like to make broader remarks about the challenges that remain ahead..., but as some of you may have heard..."

"But" ??? He acts like this is some sort of inconvenience for him!!! Like this tragedy crashed his party and ruined his great speech!! No no no no no. He says with an air of "oh, by the way...". Really, REALLY disgusting. Especially for someone dubbed "The GREAT eloquent communicator". Have some class, man!

And all liberals can say is "But Bush did it too".

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sick & Tired of this Healthcare Bill

I am now just getting over a flu-type bug (but not swine flu) that has knocked me on my butt since Sunday. And do you know that all I could think about the last few days is how if I needed to, I could call up my doctor for an appointment and get seen in a timely manner. Maybe I might have to wait until tomorrow or if I called early in the morning, I might have to wait until the afternoon. Or maybe they'd say "We have no appointments available, but why don't you come in and we'll try to squeeze you in". If they were too busy, I could even run to a "doc-n-the-box" if I wanted. But regardless...I still have a choice.

I take solace in that fact that my healthcare is there if I need it...for now. It also makes me realize the urgency in preventing this healthcare bill from being passed. I like being able to pick up the phone and make an appointment for when I want to. I don't want to wait in a long line if I don't feel well. I like knowing that I'm not stranded in the middle of nowhere without a lifeline. What would this mean, for as something as little as the flu, if they pass this healthcare?

I got to listen to a lot of radio yesterday and was delighted to hear about Rep. Virginia Foxx from NC. I think she spoke for a lot of us. I am frightened of it.

There's also a lot of talk about how since mandated healthcare is unconstitutional, we'd have the ability to sue the government in the case that it gets passed. That's encouraging - but I really don't want it to get to that point. All we can do is keep calling, keep writing, keep Tea Partying... I hope there's a big turnout in Washington on Thursday. We need to let our voices be heard to show them we aren't fringe right-wing extremists - we're Americans who care about our country and our freedoms. We're Americans who don't want to trade our freedoms for hand-outs. We want to work hard for what we have. We want to remain the only civilized country without government health care - and we're proud of it! We're Americans - we don't want to be like everyone else. If we wanted to be European, we'd go live in Europe. Our ancestors fought too long and too hard for us to be Europe Jr. It's too bad people like Pelosi, Reid and Obama have forgotten that.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

No, he IS "one fry short"...

Gee, thanks, FL... (specifically the Disney area) for Grayson. Where'd ya find him - the swamp with the other reptiles? Time to throw him back!

Alan Grayson, of "Republicans want you to die" fame:

What a waste of time and money. Fire the person who let him prattle on too. Democrats should be embarrassed, not applaud him. If Joe Wilson was out of line, why isn't this guy?
Oh, he said "Madame Speaker" - I guess she was the one who let him speak and didn't stop his foolishness. Have to wonder if he's just an odd one or if there are others that do this. If so, boot them all out. I don't care which side of the aisle they are on either. If you can't be serious and if you waste my time and money by doing a half-hearted kindergarten show-and-tell presentation, you need to leave. Rubbish, absolute rubbish.

And his 'heartfelt apology':

What a smug SOB. We DO NOT need these clowns to stand up there, giving us a verbal finger...and on our dime, nonetheless! They need to remember one important fact: THEY WORK FOR US. If they can't recognize this or abide to it, then they don't need to be there. I'd never get away with a display like this at my job, why are they getting away with it at theirs? Time to clean up Washington and vote the jokers out. If he had time for all this foolishness, then he had time to read that damn bill. Don't tell me that it's too difficult to read or too big to go through if you had time to put together a presentation, time to put together the unapology speech and time to present both. QUIT FOOLING AROUND AND DO YOU JOB!! (And need I point out the irony that he talks about them needing to do their jobs??) If he really cared about those dead people he's exploiting, then he'd sit down and try to find a solution instead of running his one-man circus.

And he follows in Barack's footsteps by telling Republicans to "get out of the way":

These aren't isolated incidents either. YouTube is FULL of video of him saying oddball things on the floor of the house. "If Barack Obama has a BLT sandwich, the GOP will try to ban bacon"??? C'mon... really? Maybe if he quit yakking on the floor every two seconds, he might realize that the Republicans have MULTIPLE health care bills.

Then this week, he launches into more name-calling - this time, about a colleague:

"Here I am the only member of Congress who actually worked as an economist, and this lobbyist, this K Street whore, is trying to teach me about economics"

And later, he gives another unapology:

"I offer my sincere apology to Linda Robertson. I did not intend to use a term that is often and correctly seen as disrespectful of women."

And even his spokespeople pull excuses out of the sky to defend him, as I found on POLITICO:
“The attack was on her professional career, not her personal life. The second definition of ‘whore’ in the American Heritage Dictionary is 'A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain."
(Guess you'd have to be 'one fry short' if you buy that bunch of hot air... what is it with liberal politicians and definitions???)

I must say I was delighted when a fellow democrat, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D.N.Y.) said he was "one fry short of a Happy Meal", but disappointed when he took it back. "Playful comment"... yeah... no one buys that either. Stand by what you say or don't say it at all.

Thank goodness someone in his state launched My Congressman is Nuts. Good for her! (Although the lady interviewing her seems a little nuts herself) H/t to the Conservative Lady for the link.

Further reading:,2933,570108,00.html

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Definitions & Obama

So... Obama has trouble deciding what a "tax" is...

But suddenly knows how to define a "news organization"??? Does this strike anyone else as odd?

H/T Gateway Pundit

Say what you want about Fox News. Regardless if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or whatever... this should scare EVERYONE to their core. The White House should NEVER tell anyone what is or isn't news... nor should we let them. It's not their job to decide.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GA Tea Party on November 2nd, 6-9pm

There will be a Tea Party at the GA Capitol on Nov. 2nd from 6-9pm, with Herman Cain.

Full details from below:

One Year To Judgement Day
When: November 2, 2009 from 6-9 PM
Where: The Georgia State Capitol
Featuring: Herman Cain(Complete line-up TBA)

Join the Atlanta Tea Party on November 2nd at the State Capitol. The mid-term elections are one year away. On November 2, 2010 we are going to take our country back at the ballot box, but we have work to do. The clock is ticking…One year to Judgment Day.
GEORGIA: DEBBIE DOOLEY 404-625-4986 JULIANNE THOMPSON 404-798-4663 JACK STAVER 404-861-0711

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Inmates are Running the Asylum

Have we all gone insane?

Everyday, I wake up and I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole or have woken up in the Twilight Zone. Did I miss something? Is there something in the water??

  • The deficit has broken a new record (TRIPLING last year's record...TRIPLING).
  • ...and Obama is looking into another Stimulus package.
  • And finds time to attack FOX news... again...but at least they (and their supporters) are fighting back.
  • while working on the health care bill with 3 senators behind closed doors. (What happened to 'transparency', Mr. President?)
  • Limbaugh tries to buy the Rams...which caused the liberal MSM and bloggers to foam at the mouth,especially after he lost the bid... (although some did retract their statements after learning he never said the quote in question...barely... while others maintain he's still 'racist' regardless) and ultimately led to Sharpton threaten suing him?!?! Fortunately, Rush had the last word... for now.
  • Even Juan Williams jumped on the crazy train, saying Obama had a conspiracy against conservatism. No doubt, Rush lost the bid in an attempt to silence free speech... but I doubt Obama did it personally. (The writer of the column is kooky himself - I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but he has a point on Obama attacking Rush personally) I can see the liberals, especially the MSM, having a hand in the decision, but not Obama personally...And if it was Hannity, it might be a different story, too. We all know how much Obama loves Hannity.
  • Meanwhile, the President can't make up his mind... should we sit down and shut up, as he implied back in August... or grab a mop and start helping? I agree with the writer... a mop isn't going to do much at this point. You need more than a mop to clean up a monsoon. It's like putting a band-aid on a broken arm... it's not going to do much, especially if you keeping making it worse.

h/t American Thinker

  • And Rachel Maddow has no idea why in the world Former President George Bush (the elder) would call her out as a "sick puppy" when talking about negativity in the media. It's funny how she and Olbermann try to prove their innocence by name-calling. Did Olbermann REALLY say "He started it"?? Why not "I'm rubber, you're glue. What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you"? C'mon Keith... really? And Ron Suskind saying Bush 41 was really talking about Fox News? They've GOT to be kidding...

And not only are they losing it in politics...

That's enough insanity for me for one day...any more and I'd be jeopardizing my own.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Host a Call Party

Obama's goons are calling for people to host a call party. On October 20th, they want 100,000 people to call Congress and tell them to support Obamacare reform.

I say we do the same thing, same day... and shoot for a million.

Just a Conservative Girl had a great post with phone numbers and more.

(I found the call party link on a follow blogger's site, but for the life of me cannot find it. Please nudge me if you posted it and I'll give you credit.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Obama Derangement Syndrome"

I found this video through a friend after the Nobel Peace Prize embarrassment. He said it would put things into perspective for all of us who were "whining" about Obama winning the Nobel. So here we go. (WARNING: It's 11 minutes and hard to watch)

Rachel Maddow unsuccessfully tries to say that people who think Obama didn't deserve the award have "Obama Derangement Syndrome" and are unable to give Obama where credit is due. She mentions that it's a play off of "Bush Derangement Syndrome", in which the right-wing all accused the liberals of having when they were rightly pointing out Bush's wrongs. (And someone remind me - what does insulting Bush have to do with Obama winning the Nobel...? Well... I guess Obama couldn't have won without him... so yeah, maybe there's relevance...maybe?)

And of course, she needed to mention those evil, hate-mongering people who CHEERED and were "DELIGHTED" that the US lost the bid for the Olympics just because Obama had a hand in it. "Yay! America lost! That'll put Obama in his place", she smugly fake-cheers, trying to show how stupid these anti-American people are.

Then she goes to the actual award, making a face when she says there are actually people out there that think he didn't deserve it and he didn't achieve anything. Those monsters! How dare they point out the obvious! I'm waiting for the r-word shoe to drop any minute...

She then cites many other examples of other winners of the award who didn't accomplish what they wanted or were unsuccessful at the time of winning the award. So she knocks down people who say he didn't achieve anything and then cites examples of other winners of the award who didn't quite achieve their goals either... Looks like to me she was just trying to prove Obama hasn't done anything JUST after she got finished mocking people for saying so... Wow! Liberals make me dizzy... No wonder they don't have talk radio shows - too many people got into car wrecks from trying to follow their logic.

She references Desmond Tutu - saying he won the award for his efforts against apartheid, but it didn't overcome it until 10 years after winning the award. "I suppose they could have waited", she says... The difference here, Ms Maddow, is that Desmond Tutu had at least started something. He led boycotts, organized marches and other forms of peaceful protests, as well as gave speeches. He was very dedicated to his cause and fought long and hard to help his people. He accomplished much more than I could ever give him credit for in one tiny paragraph.

Obama gives speeches about how he dreams about a war without nuclear arms. He talks about it. He doesn't lead people into uniting for this cause. He doesn't hold protests or boycotts. He doesn't challenge other countries to do the same. He just talks about how nice it will be to have a world without those awful weapons that we created.

She cites others who "we could have waited" to see if their achievements panned out, but that isn't how the award works, she says. But she's mistaken - my problem is not that they handed the award out prematurely before his plan had time to come into fruition - my problem is that they handed out a peace award to a guy who has given speeches about it at most!

The deserving people who have won that award in the past have risked their lives for what they believed in. They fought long and hard for years, dedicated to their causes. Some had to face jail for their efforts, all were met with violent opposition. They worked day and night for what they believed in, sometimes never knowing if anything would come out of their efforts.

Rachel Maddow says the Nobel Peace Prize awards effort. "It recognizes people trying in big ways to get the world on a more peaceful path".

She plays clips of some of Obama's speeches to show what he's done to win this award:
-He blames Bush. Says he needs to dig us out of the hole that Bush put us in. (The clip is from a debate between Obama and Hillary!!! When he was running for President!!! How is running for President achieving peace????)

Ms. Maddow said his effort came in trying to convince the American people to chose him (?). Then why didn't all of the presidential candidates win? Weren't they all trying to convince the American people to chose them or were they just running for fun?

-The next clip is from Obama's speech about a world without nuclear weapons.

And apparently he deserves the award because he also is:

-reaching out to other nations, which Bush didn't do. (How? By bowing to Iranian kings?)
-Promising to close Gitmo.
-Says the US "will no longer support a policy of torture".
-says he will go after terrorists "effectively and consistently", without torturing. (And do what? Play "Old Maid" with them? Take them out for drinks?)

ALL of this before February 1st. BEFORE the deadline for the Nobel Peace Prize nominations. So what do we have?
A LOT of speaking... some promises.. says he'll do some other stuff...but not a lot of action. I have been made to see the error of my ways! OF COURSE he deserved the Nobel - he's talked about peace ALL THIS TIME!! How blind we were not to notice...

AND!! He even said he did not feel that he deserved it! How humble of our Great Leader!! Some people give back (or don't even take) things they feel the don't deserve... But he talked people's ears off about peace, so I guess he does... He accepts it as "a call to action". That's like getting a diploma before you graduate, but saying you deserve it because it will inspire you to work hard.

And how nice of him to mention all of those other people, who Ms. Maddow needs to clarify after. Too bad he left them anonymous and could mention them by name...

All Americans should be proud, she says, because our President just won the Nobel. Sorry, but I'm embarrassed for him and I'm embarrassed for the United States that he accepted an award that he did not earn or deserve. He has no class, and his acceptance only magnifies his narcissism and arrogance.

Listen, this past weekend, I visited the MLK Center. I toured his home, saw the church where he preached and learned about his life and his struggles, but most of all, his triumph. I had tears in my eyes the entire time I was there. They'd show clips of MLK marching or clips from his speeches. They had personal accounts written by others who witnessed this time on the wall. One part was a timeline of his life. From the time he started fighting for his cause to the time he won the Nobel Peace Prize was 10 years... and in that 10 years, he gave speeches, he led marches, he led boycotts, he went to jail numerous times, he was threatened, his family was threatened, his house was bombed... and so on...

10 years he fought for his cause, day and night. It took over his life - it became his job, but he couldn't clock out at 5. He never stepped away from it - he lived it every moment of his life. He knew the consequences, he knew the risks, but he believed in it so much that he marched forward. And there was one clip of someone telling a story about how MLK marched down the street and one woman shouted obscenities at him. He stopped, walked over to her and was as pleasant as he could be - he told her that she was too nice looking and too nicely dressed to be using dirty words like that. She changed her opinion about him right then and there. But he did that with everyone - people could be as nasty as they wanted to be, but he didn't have a bad word to say about anyone, even the people he disagreed with.

I felt bad thinking about MLK and others who had won the Nobel in the past, thinking of how Obama winning it diminished it for them. But upstanding people like them, I don't think it would diminish it for them. Their struggles were about helping others - the award was an unexpected bonus - it was never about the award to begin with. They did what they did because they thought it was right. It was a high honor and a prestigious award when they received it - that's all that matters. Obama can't even take that away from them, nor should we let him.

And yes, Rachel, you DO have Obama Derangement Syndrome because no matter what he does, he will never do any wrong.

And ending on a funny note: "This just in..."

h/t The Conservative Lady

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Painting a wild salmon on an Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737: $500,000

FCC sponsoring NASCAR driver, David Gilliland: $350,000

Having jets that are unused: $2.4 billion

Pelosi inching away after Reid puts his arm around her: PRICELESS

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's the taxpayers.
(Find more examples of government waste HERE.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you, Senate Finance Committee!

"Senate Panel Kills Gov't Healthcare Plan"
"Senate Panel rejects Public Health Plan"
"Senate Panel votes down Public Option for health care bill"

I saw the breaking news on in a teaser line and had to go see for myself. I was so excited, I nearly cheered outloud in my office at work. I could not get enough of reading those headlines!

I'm trying not to get too excited - never know what those liberals have up their sleeves... But at least it's a step in the right direction. Seems they are now going to debate on a second admendment to the bill and maybe combine other versions of the health care bill together. even suggested:

"Reid could implement a legislative option known as reconciliation, which would require only 51 votes to pass a health care bill."

So we MUST keep letting our voices be heard. It's working - they ARE hearing us - the Senate Panel vote is evidence of that. KEEP IT UP!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obamacare: Go directly to Jail... DO NOT pass "go".

I am surprised that I have not heard much about this. I can't find any media sources carrying this - seems to be only blogs so far.

Did you know you can go to jail if you don't purchase health insurance under Obamacare? Yeah, me neither.

When I first found out about this yesterday, it was exclusively on blogs, so I'll admit I was skeptical. The only person on my blogroll who mentioned anything about it was In.sur.rec.tion. I only hope the louder voices (Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, etc) run with it to help it give the attention it deserves and knock it out of the park, like "death panels" and free insurance for illegals.

I was highly skeptical - I mean, a handwritten note? C'mon now... Sure, there's scans of it online, but how easy is it to make that kind of thing up? But sure enough, I kept searching and there it was -the same story on AmericanThinker, The Weekly Standard, and finally, Politico.

If you do not pay the $1,900 fee/tax/penalty/donation (whatever Obama wants to call it), you could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty.

Okay, first of all, this scares me - it really had shades of China or Russia.

Secondly, if someone can't afford health insurance now in the current system, what makes them think they can afford to during Obamacare? Why not use H.R. 3400, which aims to lower insurance costs for everyone? Or even another plan that accomplishes something similar?

If liberals really care about helping people as much as they say they do, then why not actually help them instead of FORCING people to do their will at the point of a gun? If H.R. 3200 was such a great plan and would magically give everyone health insurance while single-handedly saving the economy, wouldn't you think people would naturally gravitate towards it? If they would come up with a plan that had everyone's best interests in mind, were honest about it and didn't include any trap doors, I think people would be interested. Anything that has to force or coerce you to buy into it is never a good thing.

I've had someone tell me that I'm not "moral" because I don't want people to have health care. Now I've never said that I don't want people to have health care - I think it's a very important thing to have. But not everyone should have it - some people don't want it, and that's fine. I don't have vision insurance because it's cheaper just to pay one time for an exam and frames than to pay a little each month. Maybe it's the same with some of those who choose not to buy health insurance - maybe they have saving accounts, maybe they choose not to because they are young and healthy. Whatever the reasons - at least we have the right to choose. We have the right to choose to buy iphones and cable instead of health insurance. Great, more power to you. If it's important to you, you will find a way to pay for it. And if you are really that bad off or if something unexpected happened, like a job loss, that's what medicare and free clinics are for. I've read tons of stories about doctors who just want to help people and donate their time and resources just to help poor people. Help is there for people who need it and are willing to look for it.

How is it helping the honestly poor people to tax them almost two thousand dollars to afford something they couldn't afford in the first place? How is that moral? How is it moral to send them to jail for not complying with the government? At least they'd get free health care in there... and a place to live and three meals a day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A clarification and how you can help

I just wanted to clarify something - I don't believe it's the national government's job to step in and help with a state issue unless the state does not have the funds or the resources needed to help themselves. Then the state needs to contact the national government for aide.

I believe the people will come together and lend a hand where needed within the state... and be more efficent than the national government, which I have no doubt the state of GA will do to rebuild. However, if the state's governor requests help, then the national government should act in a timely manner to provide help (especially if they've tooted their own horn in the past... especially if we are throwing money around to research the mating habits of some turtle or something...) I'd MUCH rather my taxdollars went to helping in emergency disasters, than to bailout failing car companies.

But this isn't about politics. We need to help each other out now. If you are interested, I found a few ways you can help. And by all means, if you know of another way to help that isn't listed, please let me know!:

From tomorrow until October 1st, if you shop at your local Kroger, you can either make a donation while shopping for groceries, or "round-up" your grocery bill to the next dollar to help. Donations go towards purchasing neccessities for flood victims.

Donate to the Red Cross or volunteer.

Disaster Network in VA is taking donations of supplies to deliver. Here's a list of what they need.

You can drop off donations at Crye-Leike Realtor offices - towels, blankets, baby supplies, etc. They have offices in Vinings, Woodstock, Canton, Alpharetta and Roswell.

U-haul is offering free storage to victims of the flood for 30 days.

That's it for now. If I see or hear of any others, I'll be posting those when I do.


Just heard on that radio that Obama finally called Gov. Sonny Perdue. Apparently, I was wrong and Obama called Perdue Tuesday evening - I apologize.

But my point still stands. I seem to remember a candidate Obama, chastizing President Bush, saying how if things would have been different if Katrina was on his watch. Anyone else remember that? "Obama acknowledged that recovery [in New Orleans] has not come at an acceptable pace."

In the article on, it states, "President Barack Obama says Georgia’s request for federal disaster aid will receive his prompt attention" and "A spokesperson for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said that it could take up to two weeks for the president to decide whether Georgia is a disaster zone". Do you consider this an "acceptable pace", Mr. President?? We're going to have it all cleaned up by then... Maybe, maybe I could see taking two weeks to get funds together and sent out to all of the appropriate places. Maybe. But TWO WEEKS to decide whether or not GA is a disaster zone??? Lemme give you a clue here: OUR HIGHWAYS ARE UNDERWATER, PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR HOMES, PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES - WE'RE A DISASTER ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to get this man a dictionary. First, he debates over the meaning of "tax", and now he needs two weeks to decide what is and isn't a disaster zone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Madder than a wet hen in Georgia

First of all, let me start by saying I hope all of my readers and fellow bloggers in Georgia are safe and sound (and dry!). My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the floods. I hope we can get everything cleaned up and get people back into their homes as quickly as possible.

And while we are on topic, shame on you, Creative Loafing. I'm embarrassed to be from the same city as them. How disgusting. People are dying, many people have lost their homes and they are bringing politics into this?!?! We need to help one another out, regardless of political party. How about an article of what items certain area of GA needs? How about places we can go to help? How about something to bring people together to help get our lives back to normal as possible instead of trying to separate us more? Sickening that a person would even write that, and sickening that the publication would even publish it. Absolutely no class.

Speaking of no class, where is the President issuing at least a statement about this flooding? Or is he too busy doing his talk show/late night talk show circuit? When he's asked about the flood, will he say "What flood?", as he did when they asked him about the tea parties? WHERE IS HE? If you want to talk about "proper decorum" as they chided Joe Wilson about, then how about a small statement about hoping everyone is okay or something? If he can take time out for talk shows, take time out to acknowledge Ramadan, and take time out to defend his friend, Gates, against the police officers doing their job - I say it again - Where is he??

It's not even as POTUS he should say something, it should be a knee-jerk human response. We're saying it to each other here - WE, as in everyday people. And a person with as much media attention as he gets, should at least acknowledge it.

Granted this isn't as bad as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but where are the people that screaming during it that President Bush was racist and not acting fast enough? The Gov. of Georgia, Sonny Purdue, has asked for Obama to declare us a state of emergency, and no response as of yet. Apparently, Mr Hopenchange is too busy hobbnobbing with his friends from the UN to comment on the disaster.

"Obama is in New York at an annual United Nations General Assembly meeting. Perdue said he has been in touch with the president's staff by e-mail."

So Obama is apologizing for us for causing global warming and kissing up to the UN, while Purdue is e-mailing his staff??? Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?? Purdue hoped for some sort of response by the end of Tuesday and now it's the end of Wednesday. Obama wants to rush through 1,000+ page bills through Congress because "the time to act is now", but drags his feet during a time-sensitive natural disaster issue? E-mail the dog, Sonny, you might get a quicker response.

found on

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama's health care address - a circus

Nothing new really - same rhetoric, same lines. Speaking of, did anyone win the BINGO game? I think I read at least numbers 1, 5 and 6... there was a variation of 11 & 12, and 15, 23 and 25.

Wow... when I heard the opening lines, I had to pause it to make sure I was watching the right speech. "When I spoke here last winter, this nation was facing the worst economic crisis...". This can't be it - I've heard this one before, but I was wrong. New speech, same words.

"I will not let up until those who seek jobs will find them" gets a standing ovation? Don't help us find jobs - stop killing them off. "We have pulled this economy back from the brink" - is this a speech about health care or the economy? Probably going to insist that we improve the economy by passing health care, no doubt. Another standing O... yawn... "I'd like to thank the American people for their patience and resolve during these trying times..." - I wonder if it was the right-wing terrorists that made these "trying" times?

"I am not the first President to take up the task of health care, but I am determined to be the last." - that can be taken two ways, Mr. President. I hope it is true. It's looking like this health care bill isn't going to pass and I hope future presidents stop trying to take away something I have earned. And why have so many presidents tried to reform health care, but failed - ask yourself that. BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT IT! That's why!

"These people [who can't afford health care] aren't on welfare. These are middle class Americans." Whom poll after poll has shown that the majority of them that can afford it don't want it. I'm not a middle class American - I have health insurance. Apparently, it costs 3 times as much to buy it privately instead of through an employer. My insurance costs $93 a month, which granted would be a lot cheaper through my employer, but is easily attained by knocking out cable and other extras from the budget. If it's a priority to you, you will make it work. It's just that simple.

"We are the only advanced society to allow such hardship for its people" - good, what's wrong with being different? If we wanted to be like everyone else, then we wouldn't be the United States. He makes it sound like insurance companies deny people every day for having any little ailment and that simply isn't true. Yes, it's more expensive if you have asthma or migraines, like I do. And why shouldn't it be? I need more medical coverage and assistance than someone who doesn't have those conditions. I might get denied by a few companies, but I keep searching for one that will accept me. "30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage" - somehow I think his numbers are fudged.

Oh gawd... cue the sob stories about people who suffered at the hands of the evil insurance companies. Mix it up - tell some horror stories from those other "advanced" societies about people who were refused care. Go on - I dare you. "That's heartbreaking and wrong and no one should be treated that way in the United States of America". So pregnant women should be forced to give labor elsewhere because the ER can't take them, people in their 60's denied treatment because they are "too old", people in real emergencies getting sent home with a band-aid and asprin because the ER is too busy to treat them - is THAT how people should be treated in the United States of America, Mr. President? Because that's how they are treated in other "advanced" societies that have universal health care. Aren't those stories "heartbreaking and wrong"??

Yay, another standing ovation. Maybe these people just keep doing it to stay awake, who knows...
Why are campaigning for universal health care when there are bills already on the table?? Guess I'm just being hateful for asking that.

"Health care is placing a burden on taxpayers" - and you think your plan will solve this...? Our "health care problem IS our deficit problem"???? I thought overspending was our deficit problem, but you are right... if we pass this thing, it certainly will become a deficit problem.

"Now these are the facts. No one disputes them." Oh wow... I got a good hard laugh out of that one, thanks.

Seriously though, "the time for bickering is over"? Great... stop calling me names and call off your attack dogs. I had a co-worker call me an idiot today, but thought Republican representatives were all of a sudden jumping on the health care reform bandwagon. Pay attention to the news before you start calling me names. Republicans alone have offered three health care reform bills of their own and they have been on the table for about three to four months, but you won't know that if you only watch the MSM.

LOVED how PresBo said it would carry a hefty price tag ($900 million), but was still spending less than the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and Bush's tax cuts. "Sure, it's going to cost a lot, but not as much as my predecessor spent". Just as my co-worker's friend said: "Why they keep bringing up this debt? It's not like Obama caused it, so it won't hurt if we make it worse". (Seriously, you can't make these things up) What??? Excuse me... so you are already $100 in debt, but you are going to go buy a car to make yourself thousands of dollars in debt, but it doesn't matter since you are already in debt??? Can someone please explain this to me...

Guess I'm just being "cynical and irreponsible" here (thought the time for bickering has passed?), but he repeats all of his lies - no death panels, you can keep your doctor/plan if you like him/it and how his plan is in the middle of the political spectrum (no gov't run system and not making people buy it on their own) but says "The time for games has passed". Okay, so quit playing games with us and be truthful for once!!!

And I LOVED LOVED LOVED this quote: "I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it's better politics to kill this plan than to improve it." (But he is ready to listen to ALL ideas... The time for games has passed, Mr. President...) It's not about politics for me - it's about individual responsibility and a way of life. I WILL NOT have my hard-earned money taken away to give someone health care when I have worked so hard to attain it for myself. But it's ok... I really don't want to waste time talking to you about it either, Obama. Glad we are on the same page.

Who else loved the outburst from Rep. Joe Wilson from SC? Thank you, thank you, thank you for calling Obama on his lies. Way to go! And apparently Republicans got a good laugh when Obama said there were still details to be worked out. Looks like MSNBC seemed a little miffed about that...

What a circus! And in the end, the elephants ran away with the ringleader's top hat...

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Jones/Beck&Blogger War and Health care reform revisited

It was great news to wake up and hear about Van Jones resigning first thing Sunday morning. A point to Glenn Beck and all the bloggers for exposing him for the person he really is. Despite the good news, I can't help being wary. Yeah, all of these czars and other people Obama appoints are shady characters and don't need to be messing up things in the government, but they will still continue to advise the President "unofficially". Not to mention, they have a little more freedom to do as they wish - say anything they want, go wherever they want - and the backlash will be less severe from anything they end up doing. It just may have made him stronger. Arianna Huffington illustrates this in her blog, "Thank You, Glenn Beck!", but I think she goes overboard with the nauseating love fest. You only need to read the first few paragraphs, if you can stomach it, to get the point, (and no, not that she gushes over him like a preteen gushing over an idol - she does that in the first few sentences), that Beck has inadvertently made him stronger. I hope I'm wrong... but we shall see. Oh, apparently, they've coined a new name for all those meanies who chased Jones away with their lies and smear campaigns - "Hate Broadcast Terrorists". (Got to give them credit for that one - although "hate" and "terrorist" are both overused now, they have never used "broadcast" to insult people before)

In other news, Obama's giving his speech tomorrow about health care. I plan to listen to it, but I'm not expecting anything different than his other ones about campaigning for health care. I think it's funny that Reid is convinced their health care bill will be bipartisan?!?! Guess his vacation was a little bit too long... But if you want to make it more interesting, here's a BINGO game to play along as you are watching/listening.

And on a lighter note:

H/t to The Conservative Lady for the comic. (click it to make it bigger)

H/t to ParrotPatriot for this video. I think I'm beginning to like David Webb already...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Power of Words part II

Just wandered over to, where they posted a week ago that people opposed to nationalized health care were "terrorists". It has been taken down... hmm, wonder why? I guess the webmasters that the liberals employee are rich from putting up things and hastily taking them down again... You know, the website that has Obama's face, words and name all over it, but not directly endorsed by him... I don't know, but when sport stars agree to put their picture on a cereal box, isn't that "endorsement"?

Anyways, just another example of liberal word play: If you go to the site and click on issues, it takes you to this page. On the right hand side, there's a graphic that says "Stand with the President on Health Care" and below is a button you can click to "Declare your support" and will take you to a petition-type page with a video message from guess who? (even though this isn't his, someone's doing a great job impersonating him then)

Go back to the "Stand with the President on Health Care" graphic. Just what does that NOT say? First of all, if you are like me and against the liberal's version of health care reform, then it's safe to say that we do not agree with the President on how to reform health care. And that's fine - that's what America is all about - the freedom to disagree. But read those words again - "Stand with the President on Health care". Implying that if you don't agree with him, then you are against him (thought this wasn't about you, Mr. President). No longer are you disagreeing about an issue - you are against him personally (if this was his website...). But there's more!: you are not only against the President, but you are against health care too, you selfish person! It says "Stand with the President on Health Care", not "health care reform".

And the sad thing is - this is going to work on some people!! They are playing on people's emotions. "Well, I don't really agree with his plan... but I don't want to be seen as being against the President...

Phew... anyone else getting dizzy? I feel like I'm on a carousel run amok. Someone tell Pelosi to stop playing that darn organ music...

The Power of Words

I came across a video today with a bunch of celebrities pledging to help others and improve their own lives.

Great - nothing wrong with pledging to improve yourself or pledge to lend a hand to others. Fantastic. I personally love volunteering - there's no greater feeling than to help someone. Actually, I've learned more about myself when I've reached out to help others. I have met some of the best people by volunteering. And even though I recommend it to everyone I know and even everyone who will listen, I know that some people may not enjoy it like I do, or maybe they just don't have time - that's understandable. You aren't a bad person for not being able or not wanting to. It's your choice - it's optional, that's why it's called "volunteering".

And likewise, I am always striving to make changes for myself to improve my way of living. I (unsuccessfully) attempt to cut soft drinks out of my life. I try to eat healthy. I'm always trying to learn and experience new things. I'm always reading about something -either something that I'm curious about and want to learn more or something that challenges my views. There is nothing wrong with pledging to improve yourself.

A pledge you make to yourself is one of the greatest, most sacred promises you can ever make. Sure, there's no one to "police" you if you don't uphold it, but you have to answer to yourself if you don't fulfill your pledge. I think that's worse than having to answer to someone else.

But in the same token, I feel a pledge is an extremely personal thing. We all learn the Pledge of Allegiance in elementary school. How many of us actually knew what it meant back then? You are swearing allegiance to your flag and your country. It's one of the most important and one of the earliest pledges we ever make. Who is going to come after us if you don't follow it? No one. Sadly, many people probably view them as just words. Words don't hold as much weight as they used to.

And back to my original point... I watch this video of celebrities making pledges.

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

No question as to what this video is about with the title: "Celebrities pledge service to Obama". It starts with a quote from Harry S. Truman: "They say the job of the President is the loneliest in the world" and continue with "We'd like you to know - YOU AREN'T ALONE!". There's then a clip of Obama, telling us we need to not only serve ourselves, but each other.
"I pledge..."
"I pledge..."
"To help end hunger in America"
"By supporting Feeding America and our local food bank."
"I pledge..."
"I pledge..."
"To smile more."
"To laugh more."
"To love more."
And so on. (I'm not going to post the whole thing, I think we all get it by now)

Ok. Great. A bunch of celebrities telling us how they want to make the world a better place, how they want to improve themselves. Great. Good for them. Some I liked ("I pledge to consider myself an American and not an African-American"), some I didn't...

"I pledge to give service to Barack Obama."
And this:
"I pledge... to be the change." (echoed many times)
And this:
"I pledge to be a servant to our President...and all of mankind because together we can, together we are and together we will be the change that we seek."
And the grand finale, everyone fades out into a mosaic of Obama, and the words "Be The Change" underneath.

Oh, a PSA for the President. How cute. I wonder if this was aired on TV? Sounds a bit like propaganda. Ok, I get what they are trying to say... they're trying to encourage volunteerism, etc... But the wording disturbs me, and I hope it disturbs you too. "Give service to"?? "Be a servant to"??? The only people I know who take an oath like that are the Secret Service and maybe the military...and definitely not in those terms. They might pledge to protect him or to serve him... which is still different than pledging to be a servant or to give service. Sounds like a slight difference, but although you might serve your guests dinner, you are not their servant.

As I stated above, a pledge for me is an extremely personal thing. I would never pledge servitude to another person. This is the United States of America - the President isn't (or shouldn't be) a god-like ruler in which we all pledge our lives to. WE PLEDGE TO OUR COUNTRY, NOT TO A PERSON. This isn't China or Russia... The office of the President is equal (or was intended to be) to the other branches of government - legislative, and judicial.

This Administration (and it's cronies) are playing word games with us, like used car salesmen. We need to be vigilant and keep our eyes and ears open at all times.
They do this with the health care bill - "We never said anything about rationing. Look in the bill - rationing is never mentioned". Ok, yes, it's not mentioned by name, but it's implied -and tell me how you are going to add millions more to a system with the same amount of doctors without rationing? How do you plan to be the only nationalized system to NOT ration?
They do this with the name calling - "tea baggers". It's a derogatory term and they act like they weren't aware.
They do this with people like me, who are against universal health care. They change their name of the bill - first they try to change health care, then health insurance. They say we are against health care. We're not against health care, we never said that - we're just against YOUR health care. They post on a website, with Obama's name all over it, that we're "terrorists", but deny that it came from him. "Paid for by the Democratic National Committee" - isn't that who is in power now? Yes, but it didn't come from Obama directly...

We need to stop playing games. I meant those words I said back in school - "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." I will stand by this country and everything it stands for. I will fight with every resource I have to preserve what was established for us. My ancestors worked too hard to come to this country to give a better life for their families. It is now my job to protect my way of life and what the founders intended for this great nation. I am not fake. I am not being paid to do this. I am not fighting to protect the "status quo", nor am I afraid of change. I am not racist to want to preserve what my country stands for.

Every one of us living in the United States was given a great opportunity, if we were born here. I firmly believe we are one of the luckiest people on this planet. Others of us were not born here, but worked hard to get here, as many of our ancestors did. We have an opportunity that many others do not - we are able to work hard and be successful. That's the American dream. If you want to be a doctor, you can be one, if you work hard. It doesn't matter if your father was a farmer, it doesn't matter. If you are born into a middle class family, you have the power to move up or down. You aren't trapped into a class system, like other countries. Women in the US are especially blessed. We can speak out if we want to, we can have careers if we want to, we can be a stay-at-home mom if they we to. We have choices, unlike so many other women around the world. I love my country. I think it's the greatest on Earth and it is being taken away from us right in front of our eyes. We need to stop with the word games, we need to stop with the name calling, we need to stop fighting, or we're going to implode. My kids will never see the country that I grew up in and loved if we continue on this path. We need to stick together and use our voices and our words (and our votes) before it's too late. This we need to pledge to ourselves or else, we're all going to lose.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sticks and Stones may break my bones...

Anyone else getting sick of all the name calling? Read a WONDERFUL quote about this in a NYdailynews article that I found on

"Playground Tactics. Insults are generally reserved for people who cut you off while driving. They aren't smart strategy when used against the people who elected you."

Could not have said it better myself.

Wow, what a week it's been, huh? Gotta love how successful the boycotts have been against Whole Foods and Glenn Beck. "Whole Foods CEO is undermining President Obama"?? Give me a break. Get over yourselves. Meanwhile, back in reality, I found lots of tasty deals when I shopped at Whole Foods and have been enjoying delicious dinners, made with Whole Foods ingredients, all weekend. I hear people are holding a "buycott" on Tuesday, so I just might have to stop back by then. Delicious - keep it up, liberals, you are doing a great job. Beck and Whole Foods should thank you.

But then yesterday I log on to see a video of Officer Wesley "This ain't America no more" Cheeks Jr. (H/T to MAinfo and Gateway Pundit)

I keep searching news articles, looking for the announcement that he's been fired. Maybe we'll all wake up Monday morning to hear that he's been appointed as the newest Czar. Let's hope he has "tax cheat" on his resume too - that will help his chances. Maybe he can head up Obama's new civilian army? I also recently got a hit on my blog from that area of VA... wonder if that's a coincidence?

But, it encourages me to see representatives like this spunky spitfire, Rep. Michele Bachmann. I found this video on Michelle Malkin's website. This is still America as long as people like her stand up and fight back. I need to look up where she's from and write her a thank you note... or move there, or something...

"I've given birth here more times than you, sir." Classic. Keep up the good work. Maybe I should make dinner for her, made with ingredients from Whole Foods...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good role models are hard to find

I was listening to Herman Cain on the radio in the car last night, while out getting something for dinner. He was in the middle of talking to someone and sounded rather frustrated. Now, especially for those of you who have never heard Herman Cain's show, he is THE most patient man I have ever heard. He rarely raises his voice and always tries to reason with people. I've heard him talk to people that make me want to tear my hair out, but he is just patient and calm with them.

So when I heard him starting to raise his voice on the radio last night, it caught my attention. Just what type of creature has turned calm, cool and collected Mr Cain into the man I hear yelling on the radio right now?

The creature was named Steve and the first words I heard fly out of Steve's mouth were:
"What don't you people get? I voted democratic in this last election and we won. Our guy is in the White House, so you have no room to complain. Sit down, shut up and let us take care of this because we won."

You could have picked me up off of the floor. To hear President Obama's (paraphrased) words coming out of someone else's mouth just shocked me. It shocked me to hear Obama say it in the first place, but it was like another slap in the face to hear it parroted from one of his supporters. (Besides, I don't recall them "sitting down and shutting up" when Bush was in office... nor would I have wanted them too... just sayin'...)

I really wish people would think for themselves, but like it or not, whomever holds the title of "President of the United States" is a role model. And they have the power to influence millions of people, all around the world, for better or worse. AND HE'S TEACHING PEOPLE THAT IT'S OK TO TELL PEOPLE TO "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!! Unbelievable... just unbelievable. Mind you, he's not totally to blame... I'd hope people would have more of a head on their shoulders... but still... What else is he going to teach people that it's okay to do with that kind of influence? It scares me to think about it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Power of Icongraphy

Thank you to MAInfo for this video. I LOVE it! Explains how an image, originally crafted for positive imaging, can turn negative quickly (and hints at why Obama constantly uses his image, instead of just at campaign time like his predecessors).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Politics as usual

Wow, there's never a shortage of things to post about lately, is there? I guess Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer and the rest of their friends ARE good for something...

I've been busy lately - writing letters, going to a rally on healthcare...But I have to say a HUGE "Thank You!" to all of my fellow bloggers out there! I'm glad I finally found a network to be apart of. I'm just amazed - at all of the work you are doing, and getting the word out there. Sometimes I hear news from my blogger friends faster than I hear news from the networks.

One of the many things I learned from fellow bloggers was the Glenn Beck boycott. I was just appalled! I don't agree 100% with what Beck said, but I stand for his right to say it. And now this group, with ties to the Obama administration is trying to silence him?? If we let them get away with this, we will open the door to allow them to silence everyone. I've already written to State Farm and Golden Corral, and I plan to write to others on the "boycott" list. No response from either as of yet.

Some have released statements that they never meant to air their ads on politically charged programming in the first place (State Farm). Odd how they never pulled their ads when a liberal commentator called President Bush a racist...

See others on the boycott list (plus contact info) on:


On Saturday, I went to a healthcare rally in Atlanta, headlined by Herman Cain, a local radio talk show host.

I was a bit disappointed in the format - the advertised it as a town hall, but I found it to be more of a pep rally. Not that we don't need those too, mind you, but they lined up people from the healthcare industry, telling why they didn't want government health care. I thought they should have gotten people in the industry that might be in favor and have a mini debate. (Although it was suggested to me that perhaps they did invite opposing views, but they didn't bother to show up, which could be true)

I also attended the event alone. I wore my "Taggart Transcontinental" t-shirt, but no one seemed to get the reference (Atlas Shrugged). I usually drag my boyfriend to these type of events, but he had to work. The majority of my other friends and co-workers are liberal and are in favor of the healthcare bill. The friends who are opposed, don't like to go to public political events.

I met one lady there that was very, very nice and we had a great conversation. But she kept thanking me for being there and how great it was that I was involved in politics at such a young age (she thought I was 21), and how I was brave coming all alone, etc... I just felt very patronized by it all. I know she didn't mean it that way, but there were other people there that were my age or younger. I know we're in a minority in our age group (only 35% opposed to government run health care in my age group) and there were lots of other people who also came alone. I thought everyone who came out deserved a "thank you" for working hard for what they believed in. I'm not special, I'm just like everyone else out there that doesn't want the government in every waking moment of my life.

Although speaking of the health care bill, I was very encouraged to hear the liberals are dropping "public option" from the bill. Encouraging, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't trust the liberals in the least. They are very quick to announce they are dropping something, only to rename it or reinsert it under the table.

Besides, the "public option" aspect is only one of many things that scare me about the bill. I've started reading it myself and in the first 24 pages alone, they have a number of things that will cripple (forgive the bad pun) the health care industry economically. Yes, you are letting them compete with the public option, but as they said at the rally, "They are tying private health care insurance companies' arms and legs and telling them they are still allowed to compete". The playing field isn't the same... We'll have to see how this whole "dropping the public option" thing turns out...

But while we've been distracted with the health care reform bill, the liberals have been busy with other things, namely targeting talk radio. Seems they appointed (back in July) a new chief diversity officer and are planning to attack conservative talk radio stations the same way they want to take down private insurance companies - financially.

The liberals are beyond desperate right now. They believe talk radio is the reason for people opposing their plans. I hope they don't succeed - I happen to enjoy listening to Neal Boortz in the morning at work and catch Herman Cain's show whenever possible. BUT if they do succeed, it will only make bloggers stronger (until they take us down too). And hopefully it will be the jolt that will wake up more Americans in standing against them.

Here's the video from Beck's show - an 8 minute clip, but well worth watching.

And now, I will end this with something more positive - a video I found on Beck's website of "You must call me Senator" Boxer vs Harry Alford, CEO of Black Chamber of Commerce. I could not stop laughing! Go Harry Alford! You tell her, man! (But I wonder why she didn't object when he called her "ma'am"? Doesn't he know he should call her "Senator"?)