Saturday, October 30, 2010

Insanity at the Restore the Sanity Rally

Seems Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert had their "political" rally today. No one can tell if it was legit or a joke (probably more of a joke, considering it involved those two).

But some have used it as a rallying cry against Tea Partiers. "Take THAT, Tea Baggers!", "It's soo refreshing that they can ACTAULLY spell and have teeth!!" and other colorful phrases have popped up on my Facebook Friends' Feed. Someone posted pictures of people at the rally with signs that read:

And to all of them, I'd like to say that no one has proposed eliminating taxes all together. I know taxes are part of being an adult, cheeky guy on the left, but when 50% of the people don't pay taxes and the top income earners are paying over 60% of the taxes, we have a problem. Especially when the jobs aren't coming from that bottom 50%. Tax the upper income earners (the business owners) more and they'll pass it down to their customers. They'll also be able to hire less, creating less jobs.

And I don't care if Obama claims that he'll only tax those making over $150,000. Guess what happens when he doesn't have enough money for his schemes and there are no "rich" people left? He'll go after those making less than $150,000. And no, this isn't a scare tactic. I've said it before and I'll say it again - open that door and allow the government to take money from one person and you have allowed them to take from EVERYONE. Don't you get it? It doesn't matter if you make $150,000 or $25,000 - there's always going to be someone who needs your money more than you do, according to the government and they are going to take it from you.

On that note, what is mine is mine and no one is going to take it from me. Call me selfish, call me whatever names you want. I agree with the quote from the character Hank Reardon from Atlas Shrugged: "Because it's MINE. Do you understand the word?". It's none of the government's business if I earn $10,000 or $100,000. And they have no right to take more money from me just because I "can afford it" just because I have a savings account or 401K., I donate to whom I want when I want and the government isn't going to force me to donate my money to the homeless over a cause that I deem important. Whether I want to spend all my money on gumballs or store it all in the bank is my business (as long as I don't ask others to bail me out). Ask me to help you out and I probably will. Force me against my will to help someone that will not help themselves and I'll get an iron grip on that money. I think I've earned the right to be selfish with my money - what part of mine don't you understand?

Besides, I'm willing to bet that those three pictured don't pay taxes in the first place.