Monday, November 12, 2012

A House Divided...

If you have 'liked' my fan page over on Facebook, you'll already know that I was horrified to hear that 15 states had filed petitions on to secede from the United States. It absolutely blew me away and scared me to pieces. I know things are bad and I am not happy with 4 more years of Obowma. But have we really reached the "irreconcilable differences" part of our relationship? Is it really time to divorce the USA?

Besides, it can't be possible, right? Obama will just laugh off this little stunt with his divisive, condescending laugh and be done with it. As far as I know, if something like this were to actually happen, then the individual states would have to go through voting processes through their own bodies of government. Such a dire and serious thing couldn't only be determined by a petition alone. There's no way.

Tonight, I read online that Texas has reached the number of signatures required to bring the petition to Obama's attention. It absolutely broke my heart to read that headline. It brought me to tears to read the comments: "Time to separate all Liberals from Conservatives whatever it takes" and "Let all those anti-American traitors who want to secede from our glorious nation go".

In all honesty, I'm finding it harder to get along with liberals since the election. They are hyped on power and are convinced they are invincible now. As far as they are concerned, my stuff is ripe for the taking and no one will stop them now. Sentiments of "we will tax you and you will like it because we won" are running rampant. I hate standing by and watching as companies, especially aviation companies, lay off workers. Even I am guilty of putting an automatic "moocher" label on everyone I know who voted for Obama. And I'm guilty of fantasizing about all of the conservative like-minded people running off to an island and leaving the rest of them to their pettiness.

As much as I hate watching my beloved country crumble before my very eyes, secession is the absolute end of our country as we know it. There's got to be another solution, even though I don't know it. We need to tread carefully before proceeding and use this only as the most absolute last resort. Are we to that point yet? I don't know. I'd like to think there's still hope. I'd like to think we can heal this chasm in our country...but that might only be desperate youthful idealism speaking.

Revive the Tea Party. Flood town hall meetings again. Write/call/visit our representatives. Blog up a storm. Something. Anything. Fight against the media and stop them from polarizing us further. Hold them accountable. Focus on what brings us together, rather than allowing Obama and the media rip us apart. Half of all of my friends are liberal; there must be a way to work this out.

We're the United States and we're the best country in the world. I pray with all my might that this is just an empty gesture and nothing more. I don't have all the answers and quite honestly, I'm at a loss of what to do. But I do know that destroying our country from the inside out isn't it. I'm not giving up on her just yet.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Dependence Day

His royal Smugness-in-Chief
So Obowma, Our Dear Ruler (ready to rule from day one!), has been elected again. "Free stuff" has won over hard work and self-reliance. The Gimme-Gimme's from the 47%, in addition to 3%, reelected him.

Now I don't only blame the moocher class that make up the 47%. We also need to look at the failed GOP party and the media for choosing such a weak candidate as Mitt Romney. He's run 4 times and now has lost 4 times. He even lost to McCain last time, for goodness' sakes! Enough is enough. Time to get a quality candidate in there. Not a "moderate" to make everyone happy and maybe not even someone who is experienced in politics. Let's get some Joe the Plumber types in there. Let's get some people who have business sense and know how to budget/spend wisely. I also blame the GOP males who beat this abortion horse to death every election. We have Roe v. Wade - you are never, ever going to ban it and you only ostracize female voters away by saying you are going to try!!! Women, those in my age group especially as unfortunately as it may be, vote with their ovaries and their emotions. Say any dunderhead comment about abortion and rape and you've lost them. I think I read that 67% of women in my age group voted for Obama. Regrettably, the women in my age group aren't well informed about politics and will only hear the stupid stuff you say as the MSM replays it over and over and over. Who cares if unemployment in your state is 1%, who cares if you've had a balanced budget for the last 10 years - those women will only hear the one stupid remark you made. That's evident in the guys who lost their seats. The majority of them were shoe-ins to get reelected... until they shoved both feet into their mouths with the rape comments.

As much as I was disheartened by Obama's reelection, I was more upset to what it symbolized. People were cheering and hugging one another, excited by what they might get - more food stamps, free cell phones, free healthcare... Is this what we've really become? Electing a candidate on the promise of more free stuff? Your ancestors would be proud.


My ancestors fought hard to come to this country. They wanted a better way of life for themselves and their children. They looked for a place to start over; a place of opportunity for those that would take it; a place that was a bastion of freedom. That place was America. My Father's ancestors were brave enough to come to this country before it was the USA and they were part of the group that founded this country. They felt like they were over-taxed and wanted to practice religion as they saw fit. My Mother's family is a bit newer to this country and immigrated here from Australia when she was 2 years old. It took them years to come to this country legally, even though my Grandfather was American. After they finally arrived, he had to work 3 jobs to support himself and his family and he was grateful to do so. No whining about how one is supposed to survive on minimum wage, no going on strike for a higher wage/more benefits. They lived in small apartments and didn't demand a large house. A house was a luxury to be earned. From what I hear about the time, they weren't alone.

Now we've become a nation of moochers. A nation where you get a medal for picking your nose because you are "expressing yourself". A nation where people get Nobel prizes for their potential. One of the 10 commandments has become "Covet thy neighbor's big screen TV". Why work when you get can something for free? The irony that the moochers don't get is - 1) nothing in life is free; you are taking from someone else and 2) you can earn "free" things by working hard for them. If you put in the time and the effort and place your self up for success, opportunities will appear to fall magically into your lap. Taking something by force which someone else has rightfully earned will not present you with opportunities.
I was in a Dollar Tree just the other day when I heard a woman remark loudly from the line behind me, "I just don't see what's so wrong with taxing the rich!".  Let's see... how about they rightfully earned it, it's not yours to take and the gov't will be coming for you once they run out of the money taken from the "evil rich". She went onto say how they were the worst people and she knew too, because she worked in Buckhead (affluent area in the Atlanta area). She even turned her nose up like a pig to describe them. People gathered around and listened to her, nodding in agreement. She then said how she hated working in Buckhead.

I'm glad I kept my cool and didn't say anything to her at the time, but sweetheart, who do you think is providing you with your paycheck? That's right - the same people that are going to lay you off when they are taxed at 50%.

I found out with absolute horror that I'm being taxed higher than I thought I was the other day. Must have moved into a new bracket because "I'm an evil rich and I can handle it". Percentages are one thing; numbers are quite another. Doing simple math, I actually found out I'm taxed higher than I thought I was, even percentage-wise - 39%. The bonuses that I receive are taxed at almost 50%. One of my co-workers called me "rich" the other day with nasty overtones. I laughed and said that I was pretty sure she earned more than I did. She said probably, but I could afford flight lessons, so that made me rich. The logic is certainly mind-blowing, isn't it?

The "tax the rich" lie is the most prominent one that President Pinocchio tells- "Tax the rich who can handle it and we'll be able to reduce the deficit". Sounds great. Too bad he's advertising the deficit as a 5ft deep hole. Tax those evil rich, who probably didn't earn it anyways and we can fill this hole. That "hole" is actually a bottomless pit and will never be full, as far as he's concerned. Tax the stuffing out of the rich - oops, looks like it was bigger than we thought. Let's tax the middle class. Oops, still not full. But wait, these important programs, like studying the mating habits of ladybugs on rainy Tuesdays need more funding!!!

We're not going to reduce the deficit by taxing people more and more. We need to stop spending. NOW.

Like any other reasonable person, I know we need taxes for road improvements, schools, etc. What I've not happy about is when you take my money forcibly and spend it endlessly on stupid stuff we don't need. For the record, I'd much rather Obowma spend my money on playing golf, rather than giving it to the moochers or to countries that would like to see us crumble. Keeping him on the golf course is the best investment. Making him unemployed would be a better investment, but the moocher class has spoken.

Thanks to them, in the last few days, Obama has:

1) Gone to the UN about adopting their gun control and is discussing assault weapons ban
2) John Kerry and Susan Rice on the short list for replacing Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State 
3) Another credit rating downgrade on the horizon of 'fiscal cliff'
4) Bombed Yemen
5) indirectly (or directly...depends on how you want to look at it), increased gun sales and caused mass layoffs in companies (a lot of them aviation) around the country
And before the re-coronation - Filmmaker arrested for "violation of probation". I call BS on that one. They arrested him for his film about Muslims that no one ever saw. After the re-coronation, but not directly involved, Gen Patraeus resigns, citing extramartial affair and will not testify at Bengazi hearing. Don't know about you, but I smell a rat and his cheesy tail is hanging out of the White House. I believe freedom of speech is fading right before our eyes.

And probably much more... Guess Big Bird and the MSM didn't tell you about all of that, did they?

So go ahead, Moochers, continue to sit on your bottoms and take and take and take. Some 1%ers have taken off for Galt's Gulch; some are about to leave. Who are you going to tax the pocket lint out of now?  Take away my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, but I'll fight with whatever I have left to defend my independence. My ancestors did their part. Now I need to continue to do mine.