Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They said what??

So Al Gore has surfaced once again, and has declared all of the recent snowstorms to be a result of his darling Global Warming. (And someone needs to inform Al that his logic doesn't quite work, as snow is cold and warming is quite the opposite). "Don't believe the white lies", he says. Don't worry, I don't believe your lies, but I believe the white snow that I can see out of my window.

All of his followers are just as logically-challenged. Earlier this year, I read in the January 18th's issue of Newsweek a quote from a scientist that just baffled me:

"It's part of natural variability. We'll still have record cold temperatures. We'll just have fewer of them."

And the tag line underneath:

"Gerald Meehl, A scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric research in Boulder, Colo., on how the cold front that blanketed much of the United States doesn't disprove global warming."

What?? And there it is again - cold and warming in the same sentence, stating one doesn't disprove the other. What's next? Stating that just because our feet are on the ground doesn't prove gravity? C'mon now, God gave you (or most of you anyways) a brain; USE IT!

Now Al Gore says we've had the second highest record temperatures globally in January this year. Psst, Al? We just had our FOURTH snowstorm this winter in Georgia. We're usually lucky to have one at all. I think we even had one in January. Last month, all 50 states were recorded to have snow at the same time. This is THE coldest winter that I ever remember having. I'm calling BS on you, Al.


And onto the second TSW? moment of the week comes to us from Andy Stern from the SEIU. (You know, I'm beginning to get the same reaction, like an eye-roll or an eye twitch, whenever I hear about the SEIU, just like I do with the ACLU or PETA.)

Apparently, he's been in the news before back in September of last year... Charming guy.
"Now, how do we distribute wealth in the country? And this is sort of my last big point. And clearly government has a major opportunity to distribute wealth. Through tax policies, through minimum wages, through living wages, the government has a role in distributing wealth or social benefits like Medicare, Medicaid, certain health insurance."
My mouth literally dropped open when I heard this on the radio. He's not just the President of the SEIU, as Obama appointed him to be in charge of his fiscal commission. Do we really want the guy who wants to distribute wealth running a fiscal commission? No, Barry, no - that's like letting an arsonist in charge of your fire safety team. Just no.
Hey, at least Andy's honest about his viewpoints. It's more than I can say about Obowma and the majority of his friends.
And Andy Stern - I know you think you are entitled to our money, and I know you want universal health care so bad that you can taste it (not to mention the check card bill). But, WE THE PEOPLE do not want it and will do whatever we can to prevent people like you into forcing it down our throats. And that money you are drooling over? IT'S MINE; hands off. Distribute your own wealth, if it's that important to you, but DO NOT tell me what to do with MY money and don't force it away from me at the point of a gun.
WE THE PEOPLE will not give you or the government the opportunity the distribute our wealth, our health care or our freedom.