Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body" ~Cicero

Thanks to our good ole buddy Michael Moore, the health care debate rages on. People out there have come up with the notion that health care shouldn't just be for the "privileged" or the "lucky". And guess what? Its not. You can go to any hospital and they HAVE to see you. Afterwards, you can set up payment plans or what have you, but you have to pay for the services you received. Simple as that.

(Hint: If you can afford cable, cell phones, video game systems, and going out to eat everyday at Burger King or McDonald's, you can afford health care.)

And this may come as a shocker to you, but its not free nor should it ever be. Lower the cost of the service and you lower the value. "But other countries do it" - yeah, like Canada, right? There's a 3 year waiting list for hip replacements. Imagine how long the list is for something like a heart. Our system may not be perfect - neither is anyone else's. If you disagree, please go live over there and enjoy their "flawless" system - stop whining "that our country's health care is better than ours". Good, go and enjoy it.

And why should everything be free? Why should everything be a handout? I thought America was about working hard to get what you wanted, not just standing around whining about what you doing have...

What's next? Free food? Because afterall, its our right to eat. Oh yeah... we have that - food stamps.
Housing? Yep... they pay for that too.
But its my right to have children, even though I can't take care of them! Yeah, the government pays for that too...

Strange how I've never heard of cell phone, cable or video game assistance. But that's not fair!! Having those things is my right, I shouldn't have to pay for them!! Those things shouldn't be for the fortunate - I deserve to have them too.

What is the point of living outside of your parents' house if you want everything provided for you? Correct me if I'm wrong- but isn't the point of being independent and responsible to be able to support yourself? There are many things I want, but I can't afford them right now, so I don't have them. After 6 years of living in apartments, I'm sick of it and want to live in a house. But I do not have the funds, the credit, etc to have one right now, so I'm waiting until I can. I live in a one bedroom apartment and even though its not perfect, I'm happy because its mine. My parents didn't help me get it, nor did the government - I got it and pay for it. Same with my car. Same with food - I may not eat out all the time or have steak dinners every night, but its mine. I paid for it and cooked it myself.

It all comes back around to responsiblity. People do not want to take responsibility for themselves. They want others to take care of them, to provide for them... Not me. What's the point of living? Because you are not. Quit begging for the government to support you - they aren't your parents. Go back to their house instead, or work for what you want. Its not hard.

Some notes on health care:

The following 3 points are directly quoted from Canada's own health care site (

1) "Canada's health care system is a group of socialized health insurance plans that provides coverage to all Canadian citizens."
Socialized = socialist. Everything distributed equally. Meaning that if one guy had had $10 and another had a million, you'd pool their money and divide it between them. Yeah, the 1st guy makes off like a bandit, but the other gets screwed. Ditto with a healthcare system like Canada's. So what? They're rich, lucky, fortunate, etc... right?

2) "Canada's health care system is the subject of much political controversy and debate in the country. Some question the efficiencies of the current system to deliver treatments in a timely fashion, and advocate adopting a private system similar to the United States."

If their system was perfect, why would they debate over it and want to promote a system like ours?

3) "The shortage of doctors and nurses in Canada: Some feel that Canada's health care system does not adequately compensate health care providers. This has led to a "brain drain" of Canadian doctors and nurses, which have left Canada to pursue careers in the United States. Attracting and keeping skilled medical workers is a priority if Canada is to be able to provide proper medical services."

And there ya go - if we were to change our system, we would probably have a shortage of doctors too. Not only would the quality go down because suddenly everyone was allowed in, but the doctors wouldn't even stand for it and they would leave - decreasing the quality even more.

Let's take Disney World as an example. Yeah its expensive to get in. So people complain and complain that they only let in the rich and its their kid's right to go to Disney World. So Disney breaks down and lets everyone in free. Great, right? No. The lines are insanely long as is, but if it was free to get in, you be lucky if you got to go on two rides in one day. You spend the rest of it standing in line. Now the rides break down more often due to more usage, but Disney can't afford to pay the mechanics more because they lost revenue by letting people in free. So the mechanics look over at Universal, who hasn't let people in for free and go to work over there, which leaves Disney up a creek without a paddle. Now not only does it take all day to get on one ride, but the majority of them are broken all the time, leaving the people's choice of rides limited to the older rides that runs continuously on the track, not fun ones like Splash Mountain.

Do you see now? It sounds heartless to exclude people, but if you don't, then everyone ends up losing.