Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's Two Speeches

Gotta love Boortz calling Obama a "narcissistic boob". Much cuter than "arrogant SOB".

Anyways, so Obama gave two speeches in the last couple of days - one on the economy and one on Iraq.

First the one on Iraq:
Great, so he's announcing he's pulling the troops out of Iraq. Dumb move to a) announce it out loud where enemies might hear and take advantage and b) walk away before the job was finished. But we've known he's intended to do this for awhile and both dumb move related arguments have been hashed and rehashed.

But my problem is what else he said in his speech. He indicated that now we can concentrate on the economy, rather than the war:

"To strengthen our middle class, we must give all our children the education they deserve and all our workers the skills that they need to compete in a global economy. We must jump-start industries that create jobs and end our dependence on foreign oil.”

Now that scares me. "We MUST GIVE all our children the education they deserve"??? That's a HUGE red flag for me. Not only because he's sounding like FDR, but that phrase makes me think of Universal Healthcare for schools. I don't think he's talking just public elementary, middle and high schools here. But we knew that all along, didn't we? Yes, let's give education to everyone and lower the accomplishment of those that earned it.

And ditto with the other part of that sentence: "We must give... all our workers the skills that they need to compete in a global economy". Since when have you ever been given a skill? All of my skills I either learned or earned. Given, my ass. But the big thing to read in that sentence is: UNIONS. It's the only way they can distribute skills to the workers and keep a tight leash on them. Think about it - if the government "gives" you a skill, then they can tell you where to work, how long and for how much. Don't give away your freedom so easily - go out and build your own skills. And btw, "global economy" doesn't sit well with me either. I hear that and I think Globalization. I think something like the Euro, only combining currency from Canada, Mexico and the United States.

But again, nothing new.

His last line sent chills through me and echoed of Atlas Shrugged:

"We must unleash the innovation that allows new products to roll off our assembly lines and nurture the ideas that spring from our entrepreneurs."

Which assembly lines? Government Motors?  Won't have much innovation if you keep taking it from the inventors and entrepreneurs and distributing their wealth.

Second speech on the economy:

Okay, well first things first... I wonder what was up with him tapping the mike asking if the reporters could hear him - TWICE in the first minute of the speech. I heard no sound problem at my end. As one person in the comments asked, "Did he get lost?".

"It took a decade to dig the hole we are in". Ha... sounds like a not-so-subtle paraphrasing of "I inherited this mess". Not that he's exactly wrong on that (unfortunately). It's probably taken many decades to dig the hole we are in - probably before I was born, in fact. But that doesn't change the fact that Obama just dug a little faster than everyone else.

(And on a totally insensitive, immature and unrelated note - I'm glad he actually has notecards to read off this time, but can he pick either notecards OR telepromptors? I mean, every 3 seconds, his head is bobbing side to side or looking down. Right side, look down, left side, look down... Geez, I'm getting kind of sea sick over here, not to mention distracted and I'm not a minute and a half into the speech yet... )

Ok..."That's why my administration has pushed forward to repair the damage done to the middle class over the last decade".  So....#1 just rehashing the same line as before... yeah, yeah...we've heard it before and #2 Doesn't the "last decade" INCLUDE your administration? Just sayin'...

Whoa, whoa... wait. Did he just say "EXTENDING the middle class tax cuts"??? But I thought that's what got us into this mess in the first place... I thought they only helped the "wealthy"?? Does anyone else remember Reid and other democrats whining about that not  too long ago??

"Congress' 1st job should be making it easier for small business to grow and hire"??? Didn't ya burn the bridge on that one when you passed Obamacare? And when you passed the Wall Street Reform? And when you tax people (read: small business owners) earning more than $250,000? And what you attempted to do with the Card Check bill?

"Unfortunately, this bill {referring to the jobs bill} has been languishing in the Senate for months, held up by a partisan minority that won't even allow it to go to a vote"

Hmm, wonder who he could be talking about here?? Can't imagine... Some evil group of people that don't want small businesses to expand or want to allow them to cut capital gains taxes for them, which they might not pay anyways... "That makes no sense", he says. Those meanie Republicans don't want us spending money we don't have. "This bill is fully paid for." Oh yeah? Like the Obamacare bill and all of the others? Paid for by what? Money from your stash?? "It will not add to the deficit". I hear that and think of a good title for a kid's book - 'It will not add to the deficit' and other lies my government told me. Is this man even capable of telling the truth??

OMG! I LOVE this one:
"There is no reason to block it besides pure partisan politics"
Really now? No other reason? Just like there's no other reason to disagree with Obama besides racism. Nice logic. No pork that you guys stuffed in there to discover just how painful a fire ant's bite is or why a fly is attracted to trash. WSJ claims that this "paid for" jobs bill will cost $80 billion. How has $80 billion just lying around somewhere? And I guess we should be asking where he got it, too. Who knows what other goodies are hiding inside?

He says small businesses don't have time for political games (then stop playing them, Mr. President). And even went on to say that he saw a story that small businesses were putting a hold on hiring and expanding, just to wait for this bill to go through. Um... wrong bill. I'd wager that they are putting hiring and expanding on hold due to another bill... Obamacare.

"Holding this bill hostage" hahaha wow... strong language. Wait, I think I'm beginning to understand - I think someone mixed up these speeches. The first one, supposedly about Iraq, was really about the economy and this second one, supposedly about the economy, was about demonizing and attacking people against his agenda. Almost sounds like a campaign speech for his jobs bill.

"It's got to get done"... "A full scale attack". Oops, sounds like they are going to ram it through again... Geez, I love politics and everything, but I am SO sick of hearing this windbag speak. Same speech each time, just modifies it a little. You'd almost think he didn't need the telepromptors anymore. After all, I think the rest of us have gotten his speech patterns down:

"Remember, this mess was here when I got here. We're going to have to break a few eggs to bake a cake, so we need to spend to get out of this mess. But don't worry, it's all been paid for. Those that tell you otherwise are just trying to make my job as President harder by blocking my bills for no other reason except to be mean. I don't play these type of games, but they are forcing me to. It's never my fault; always someone else's. So I don't know why these people are blaming me - they SHOULD be thanking me! We just need to work together to get things done, but don't expect me to work with you. I'm the President - you should be working with ME. After all, it's all about me and my accomplishments, not yours or the United States'. Thank you."

Maybe I should go into Presidental speech writing... haha

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Obama and Arizona's Immigration Law

H/t to Gateway Pundit

“What we can’t do is demagogue the issue. And what we can’t do is allow a patchwork of 50 different states or cities or localities, where anyone who wants to make a name for themselves suddenly say I’m gonna be anti-immigrant and I’m gonna see if we can solve the problem ourselves.”

First of all, Obama, the States were originally set up to govern themselves. Federal government came secondary to state government, but you should know that since you are a Constitutional Scholar, right?

Secondly, you arrogant SOB, it's about protecting ourselves not "trying to make a name for ourselves" that this Arizona law was passed. No one is "Anti-immigrant" just because they want people to come into this country LEGALLY.

I personally laugh heartily whenever a liberal calls me "anti-immigrant". Oh yeah? My mom's an immigrant, as was my Grandmother and Aunt on her side. As was her grandparents and uncles on her father's side. And guess what? They all came in LEGALLY. I think the world of immigrants that come to this country legally and work hard. It's not fair to people like them to wait for citizenship for 7-8 years, while others sneak in the country illegally and get freebies. Heck, it's not fair to us that were born here.

And P.S., Obama, we the states will continue to pass our own laws to do jobs that you refuse to do. One by one, we will pass laws to knock out illegal immigration if we have to and one by one, we will pass laws to pull the plug on your Obamacare.We WILL solve the problems as long as you turn a blind eye to them. Do the job you were elected to do and we wouldn't have to pass laws like this.

The Mosque at Ground Zero

This issue has rubbed me the wrong way since it first came up and now today, a panel has approved for it to be built, apparently against popular opinion.

Personally, I agree with the opposition - it's an insult to all Americans, especially those that lost their lives in the attack or to family members who lost someone. And this PC gobbledygook about "fostering relations between Americans and Muslims" is pure BS. If they really believed all of that hot air that comes out of their mouths, then they wouldn't feel the need to call people "racist" or "bigot" when they oppose something like this. You know something stinks when someone can only call you names and not defend their position.

Seriously, whenever you raise your voice and ask just why this group wants to build a mosque on Ground Zero, instead of building a memorial or something to those that lost their lives, and what are their reasons for it, they scream "Racism!". Can't even talk with people any more... Ask someone a question to get information and you get called names.

(Wouldn't that be a hoot to turn it around for once and just have a hissy fit when a liberal asks how you are? Scream "racism!" and run away. They'd think you lost your mind...)

Ok, but back to the situation at hand. Seriously - why would they want to build a mosque on Ground Zero? Talk show hosts, like Boortz, claim it's because Muslims build mosques on places they have "conquered". Now I've tried to look that up and can't find it anywhere except on right-wing blogs. Anyone know if there's any truth to that?

I feel the liberals are all in favor for this due to being PC and not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings - nothing more. (Much like the "profiling" in Arizona) It's not about human rights or religious rights. It's the "everybody's equal and we can't keep score during a kids' baseball game because someone's feelings might be hurt" mentality.

Saw a great quote in a WSJ op-ed piece:

"many believe that Ground Zero should be reserved for memorials to the event itself and to its victims. They do not understand why of all possible locations in the city, Cordoba House must be sited so near to there"

Totally agree. Explain to me in a rational, adult manner why this Cordoba House should be built at Ground Zero instead of a memorial and I'll be willing to listen. Help us understand. Call me names as your "explanation" and I'll refuse to listen.

And the op-ed piece continues, with another great point:

"Many New Yorkers and Americans will conclude that the radical interpretation of Cordoba House's purpose is correct. That belief will undermine what you have articulated to be Cordoba House's core mission. Rather than furthering cross-cultural and interfaith understanding, a Cordoba House located near Ground Zero would undermine them. Rather that serving as a bridge between Muslim and non-Muslim peoples, it would function as a divide.”

You claim this center's purpose is to strengthen Muslim and American relations. But it's not helping your cause by ignoring what people want, saying this is the way things are going to be and insulting me because I disagree. That's going to hurt relations, not help them.

Is it just me or is the strategy of the Cordoba House (shoving things through against popular opinion and calling the opposition names) something straight out of the Obama play book? Is this really the way things are going to be from now on in this regime?