Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Too Many News Stories, Not Enough Time pt. 2

Salary Cap

So this is scary to me. Does it scare anyone else?

No matter your views on if people should get bonuses after their company gets bailed-out, you should NEVER think it's okay for the government to put a cap on salaries. Why? Even if you think this is right because it's YOUR taxpayer dollars paying for them, YOU have given the government the power to cap salaries - a very dangerous power to have, nonetheless. One of these days, when you aren't even looking and no matter how much you earn (even if you aren't an "evil" rich), the government can swoop in and put a cap on your salary.

So Obama said that our current financial crisis has come about because of "the culture of narrow self-interest"??? Since when is earning money for yourself an evil thing?? Excuse me for earning money for myself to feed and house myself and my animals. Yeah, it's a "self-interest" to take care of myself and my animals... and even treat myself to movies every so often. Why is that evil, President Obama? THIS is the arrogance I keep talking about. And earlier, he has even stated that bonuses are "shameful" and how "now is not the time for profits". Sorry, but you CANNOT tell me when is or is not a good time for profits. If my business makes a profit, that is because I'm doing a great job and you have no right to tell me when or where I can make one. This is STILL the United States of America - the land of opportunity and profits.

Whether I earn $15 an hour or $15,000 an hour, it's because I earned it and NO ONE, not even the government has the right to take that away from me.

Another note about Arrogance

Obama just can't help himself, I guess. Every step of the way, it seems after he does something, he feels the need to compare himself to President Bush and insults him every chance he gets. If I had the plans and the leaderships skills that he claims he has, then I wouldn't need to rely on petty insults. This just goes to show me that he is NOT the leader he says he is or that people seem to think he is. And to post something like that on the White House website just a day after being sworn in is just bad form. Absolutely tactless. Have some class, man. That is NOT your personal website, it's on loan to you for 4 years. Remember that.

You know Limbaugh is loving this, right?

His (in)famous quote has been played over and over now about how he wants President Obama to fail. You know, all of the democrats who don't seem to have anything better to do than to petition against a guy who gets paid to rile them up, need to listen to the whole quote.

I was watching Hannity when he said it. He said of course he doesn't wish Obama ill-will. But if he said he wanted him to succeed, then that would mean he wants socialism to succeed, which he doesn't. THEREFORE, he wants socialism to fail and since Obama is for socialism, he wants him to fail in that endeavor. For people that sure made a stink over others "nitpicking" over every little thing Obama said, they sure eager to do the same to someone else.

Now when I said before that I wanted Obama to do well, that didn't include "do well in implementing socialism". I said I didn't want him to fail, as in I didn't want him to fail our country and destroy what the founding fathers and so many others have worked so hard to establish.

But keep it up, guys... Rush is loving all the attention. You aren't fazing him a bit.

The 'stimulus' package

This is just insane. "We need to pass this quickly", Obama says. Yeah...quickly so the average American doesn't realize what's in it. His plans and words scare me - he's so socialist, it's not even funny.

This package is an insult to the intelligence of Americans. This will not help us AT ALL, and I believe it will hurt us more than it will help. I honestly think that this will be the final nail in the coffin of the country we all know and love. If we think we are in bad times now, just hold on - it's about to get MUCH worse.

What COULD help us though, is a 3 month tax holiday. Put the money back into the hands of the people, where it belongs. That's the only thing that will get us out of the hole we are in! And maybe, just maybe, it will lead to the inplimentation of the Fair Tax later on. After the tax holiday, NO ONE will want to go back to the current system.

I wrote to my senators to encourage them to vote against this bill. I encourage you to do the same. Both of my senators were likely to vote against it anyway, but even if yours are too, write to them all the same. If they are planning to vote against it, then your opinions will help them to know that they are making the right decision. They are working for you and we all need to work together NOW. Obama is working fast to get his programs put into action, so we need to work faster if we disagree. WE CANNOT just sit on our hands, hoping things will be okay. THEY WON'T BE UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING NOW.

This is our country. Don't let our way of life that we all cherish go down without a fight.

Go sign Senator McCain's petition:

The wtf? moment of the day

A gold star to anyone who can explain to me how a "PJ day" helps fight homelessness.