Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beck uses the race card???

Never thought I'd see Beck play the race card. I liked him when he first came on Fox. I admire his interest in politics and history. It's great that he's gotten so many people inspired, he's like Sarah Palin that way. Loved him on the Beck/O'Reilly tour. I love his books - they are chock full of information and delightfully A.D.D. When I read my last one, there was information that I just could not believe, so I looked it up for myself and found Beck had stretched the truth a little bit. I became wary of him, and think he abuses his power. But that's niether here nor there.

I'll take his challenge. I will research Newt in depth, backwards & forwards, to prove that he is NOT like Barack Obama. I've already posted about how the global warming charge against Newt was bogus and will continue to make posts about his record to show why he's the best guy for the job... or I just might end up changing my mind in the process. Who knows?

But shame on Beck for stooping to that level. Hey Beck, you know only progressives use the race card, right? You sure you are a "true" conservative?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gingrich and Global Warming

Now that Herman Cain is out of the race, I'm turning more of my attention to my #2 choice - Newt Gingrich. I realize some of us have our reservations, especially when it comes to his views on Global Warming and other things. So I had to see this Global Warming ad for myself.

Here's the ad in it's entirety:

Now what concerns me more about that ad is Pelosi smiling (looks like an alligator after it spotted its lunch), the fact that they are so 50's family sitcom sickeningly sweet to one another (that smile they gave each other made me gag) and the overall scariness of it. I've been reading a Stephen King book before bed and I guarantee you that this ad will give me more nightmares than that book.

That said, in all fairness, even thought he referenced global warming, the main point of this ad was to get together and clean up the Earth by cleaner, cheaper energy sources. Everyone can agree to that. Global Warming or not, we do need to keep the Earth clean. I don't think this ad is as damaging as some people like to point out.

Now here's Newt's response to the ad:

He says it was "the dumbest single thing" he's done in recent years. Also, that he isn't sure whether the Earth is warming or not, which is good. He's not pushing his views on anyone else and says we should listen to both sides. He also reiterated what I said above, that all Americans should find cleaner energy sources. He says "I do not think you should have a gigantic, central government model of a solution". Also said that he has studied the Earth's temperatures and they go up and down over time. Plus, he voted against Cap & Trade.

Doesn't seem like he's "in favor" of Global Warming to me. He's fairly honest about it actually. He basically says he's not sure about it (and I think he's more doubting that believing), he definitely isn't for taxing the stuffing out of us in the name of it, yet believes that we still need to protect the environment and find cheaper/cleaner energy sources. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think I just warmed up to him a little bit more...

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Herman Cain

I had planned to make a post about Mr. Cain this weekend. He had planned to make an announcement on Monday, concerning on whether or not to suspend his campaign or not. I had planned to make a post in support of him and urge others to lend their prayers and good thoughts towards him.

Well, too little too late it seems. Herman Cain has suspended him campaign. I came home and saw the news when I hopped onto my computer, almost an hour after the announcement. My heart sank.

I know I haven't been around a long time, but Herman Cain has been the ONLY candidate that I have ever supported whole-heartedly. He's the first candidate I've ever donated money to their campaign. Every other candidate that I've ever supported was because they were the lesser of two evils. I didn't believe exactly what they had to say, but at least they weren't the other guy. I've always casted a ballot to keep out someone else, but never in support of someone. When Herman announced that he was running for President, I was encouraged that I'd actually get to cast a ballot for someone I actually wanted to become President.

I firmly believe Herman is innocent of all the charges against him. And I think it's unfortunate that people would so ruthlessly go after someone and attempt not only to ruin their character, but ruined their relationship with their family, just to win a political race or to get their name out there. It's shameful. Now that Cain will have more time on his hands, I'd like to see him go as ruthlessly after these women and sue the pants off of them. But I have a feeling he won't - he doesn't strike me as being vindictive like that, although he has every right to be.

I never got to post about why I thought he was innocent of the charges:

#1 No evidence. Not one woman ever had any substantial evidence, except the last one with text messages (which I always found weird... how many of us have parents, relatives, etc who are Herman's age that use text messages? Not saying there aren't and that he doesn't text message, but I'd guess very few 60-70 year olds text. It's just odd, like I said.)

#2 - The first accusers vanished when he went down in the polls. Things kept getting curiouser and curiouser.

#3 - One small boost in the polls and then this "13 year affair" stuff breaks.

#4 He was a prominent radio talk show host for years. Where were these ladies then?

#5 As Boortz points out, isn't it odd that all of these women came from Cain's years working for the Restaurant Association? If he really was a womanizer and had a problem, then wouldn't they come from different jobs? (Boortz also points out almost tongue-in-cheek that Cain had his radio show during the supposed 13 year affair. His radio show was on early evening/nighttime. Not exactly a good schedule for dating/going outside one's marriage.)

#6 I realize that it's possible that my favoritism towards Cain makes me blind to the truth. We may never know. But on a personal note, I was in a long-term relationship where I was lied for maybe 6 years. I also worked in retail during high school and college. I currently work in a school and deal with students' excuses to why they failed/can't show up for class. I think I'm pretty good at being able to tell if someone is lying or not.

It's certainly a sad day for our country. I'm firmly believe he could have turned things around. He turned at least two near-bankruptcy business around and made them successful. His plans and ideas could have really worked for us. He's the Anti-Obama. He would have put this country back on the right track again. I'm so disheartened by this news.

I hate the way the media treated him, and are continuing to treat him. They cast him off like a buffoon, made the same dumb jokes that they made about Bush and were horribly, unapologetically racist towards him. I know that's (unfortunately) politics for you, but he did not deserve that kind of treatment. I don't care if he wasn't "the media's" pick for President - he was mine and the pick of so many other people that wanted to have hope (real hope, not hopenchange) in rescuing our country. I don't where they got the idea he was stupid;  the man was a Rocket Scientist - literally! Can't get much smarter than that...  The despairingly racist comments towards him just broke my heart for him.  What do you mean he's "not a REAL black"? Gimme a break... And you guys say conservatives are the racist ones.

We finally had a chance to bring our country back from the clutches of someone like Obama. Someone who it was PROVEN that he started his campaign with a beer summit in the living room of Bill Ayers AND THE MEDIA IGNORED IT. How many other things has he done that the media has IGNORED? And Herman Cain only has accusations, yet the bury him. WHY?!?!?! What the HELL is wrong with people?? Give a dishonest man pass after pass after pass and go for blood when there's a whisper of a rumor about an innocent man. We are really messed up. We really need to turn ourselves around or we just might see all of that doomsday stuff that Beck's always preaching about actually come to pass.
What's done is done and nothing will change the fact that Herman Cain is gone from this race. It just kills me that those liberals are going to take this as an admission of guilt. It sickens me.
Time to pick up the pieces and move on. Guess that's all we can do. Just need to find someone who can defeat Obama. So once again, I'm back to voting for whomever will stand a chance against Obama. Newt's always been my second choice. He's smart, brings good ideas to the table. He has his flaws, but at least he's not Romney/Perry/Bachman

Good luck to you, Herman, you'll always have my support, should you ever decide to run again. Hopefully, you'll be able to do more for this country on the outside instead of inside. I bought a t-shirt at the rally when he announced he was running for President and I will continue to wear that shirt with pride.