Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So wait... just which one is President again??

Last week, Obama held a press conference, asked Bill Clinton to help him out and then ditched him at the podium to go to a party.

Sounds like some sort of bad sitcom. I heard this and I swear I started channeling Pelosi - "Are you serious?? Are YOU serious??". He never ceases to shock me. I know he has no class and I know he isn't even remotely prepared to handle the job of the Presidency, but he just lowers that bar on an almost daily basis.

And what's even more flabbergasting is the number of liberal talking-heads that think the move was genius. Can you imagine the reaction they would have had if Bush had held a press conference with his Dad and turned things over to him to go to a golf game or whatever. They'd be calling for his head.

So I get that Obama has both sides mad at him and he freaks out because he can't handle it, so he figures they will listen to Clinton and drags him into the mix. This is a bad move. People from both sides are going to be mad at you - it's just apart of the job. But what's also apart of the job is taking the lead, communicating with people and trying to compromise. It's apart of being a leader - you take the good with the bad. If everyone's mad at you, you do your best to smooth things out and most likely, they will respect you for having the guts to do so. But Obama chose another path and dragged Clinton into it. They stand at that podium and it reminds me of a 3rd grade group presentation, where you have to stand up in front of the room with your friends for support because you are scared. So they appease the press for a little bit because Obama says he's turning things over to Clinton because he has a party to go to and his wife is waiting. Things go from bad to worse.

I can't believe the number of things he does that I'd get fired for if I did them at my job. My boss would never stop screaming (after she got over the shock first) if I plunked someone down in my office and told them to take over things because I was late for a party. But that wouldn't happen, because I have more tact than that.

I'm sure he has a very active social life with parties and golf games and guzzling the gas by traveling on Air Force One, but his job should be his main priority. And press conferences are apart of that job. Parties can wait and people will understand. Don't place someone else to stand in for you, especially behind the Presidential Seal. Clinton is no longer President (although he was quite thrilled or appeared to be enjoying it - maybe because this action proves Hilary right that Obama can't handle the job) and should not be placed in that position.

This type of action IS NOT the mark of a leader. It's classless and tactless. It shows that this job is not a priority for him and emphasises his arrogance in that he believes his personal life is more important than his professional life.

"But...uh...you are in good hands." Disgraceful.