Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Notes from the 2nd Presidential Debate

Well, that was quite a spirited difference from the snooze-fest from before. Thought I was watching a sports match at some points. I seriously thought one of them was going to slug the other when they went toe-to-toe. Lots of aggression.

Notes below:

-Romnley? Did anyone else hear the mod say that?

- Obummer's starting off more aggressive already. Good for Romney for taking him to task about his comment ((Hmm, what comment? Wish I had written that down. Will have to watch a replay later)).

-Whoa, "that policy" (auto industry) that's been in place the last 10 years? Who has been in office the last 4? Let's start taking some responsibility now.

- Can ONE person just please just answer the question?!?!

-Anyone notice how Obama always talks in terms of future/potential jobs? It's never present or concrete jobs... just mythological jobs. Whatcha gonna do, wave a magic wand or something? You just can't pull jobs out of thin air you know... "Our plan will create 1.2 million jobs". From what??

-Obama headshake while Romney was speaking!!! YESSSSSSS!!!! And a smirk!!! Yes! Yes! Keep reacting, you idiot!!! Take a page from Biden's handbook of debate! PLEAASE!

-Obama says he's consistent. I laughed out loud. You bragged that you'd bankrupt the coal industry. Why are you saying you'd save them now?

-Oooooh, toe to toe w/ finger pointing! They are getting sooo aggressive! Who else thinks this'll be a hockey game by the end? "No it isn't" and "it's not true" aren't viable, legitimate responses in a debate. Kerry should have taught you better.

- Gas prices were low because we were on the verge of collapse? Do you understand economics even just a little bit? Is anyone out there really buying this??

- Nooo, Romney, don't raise to the bait. Stay cool! Obama's shooting himself in the foot. Keep calm."

-We're going to continue to pay the majority of taxes??? Ohhh Romney... how could you?

-"If we're serious about reducing the deficit"... followed by some wealth envy BS. QUIT SPENDING!!!!!! THAT'S how you reduce the deficit.

-"Gov. Romney I'm sure you have a reply". Snarky mod. Can we please get a referee who isn't in Obama's pocket? Just once?

- YES!!!!!!!! Snarky Obamasmile!!! Keep it up! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

-Of course Big Bird came up. When's the 47% line going to come in? I'm waiting for it...

-And "we'll get specifics after the election" from Obama about Romney. I nearly chocked. C'mon dude, you and your cronies did that about Obamacare. Really??

-Don't get defensive, Romney. Obama ain't "too polite" now, is he? No, no, no, don't talk over him.

-Obummer, if you care so much about income inequality, then how come women are paid less in your administration?

-Don't smile while Obama's answering, Romney. Take cues from Ryan.

-What does healthcare and contraceptives have to do with how much women do or don't get paid?

-Ohh Romney, don't act out because of Obama. Only makes you look bad. Keep cool.

-Blame Bush. Wealth envy. We've heard it already. Move along.

-Well, I must say this is by far the most lively "town hall meeting" I've seen since McCain went on his tirade again "tea party hobbits". There's those mythical jobs being brought up again. The way he talks about them, I have expect them to come in the middle of the night and be under my pillow when I wake up in the morning.

-"Osama Bin Laden is dead". Of course. Arrogant asshole. Ignoring the mod to get his answer in. Shut off his mike already.

-Welllll, Romney just shot down that question about illegal aliens. At least pander to them alittle...considering that woman was probably one. LOL neither of those buffoons can get that woman's name right. BS about the flow of illegals being less than before. They are all criminals; not just those "committing crimes".

-Attacking Romney at every answer is making him look horrible and desperate. "You lie", "no, you lie", "no, you lie" is getting old. You both lie. The Arizona law SHOULD be the model for the nation. Don't back away from that Romney.

-Whoa, they are feisty! Give them a hockey stick or a ball or something - this would make a good sports match.

-Obama interrupting. Damn he's frustrated. He's floundering. Arizona's law IS America's law. Listen to the mod. Quit ignoring her, you arrogant nincompoop.

-Answer the question on Libya. On the phone with them right away??? You were sleeping through the attacks when they happened!! Romney put out a press release because you didn't say or do anything!!! Who is he shaking his finger at? Don't talk down to people, like Clinton did.
Good Romney, stick it to him about going to Vegas and on talk shows instead of putting our embassy's security first!

-The riot was NOT about a video and it did take awhile for Obummer to say it was terrorist act.

-Divisive smile. Keep reacting, Obama, keep reacting...

-Nice job about Romney pointing out how Obama just keeps attacking him. Wish you'd answer the question instead of giving your platform/talking points again.

-You believe in self-reliance, Barry??? I call BS on that one. The hell you do. You punish it.

-THERE IT IS!!! The 47% line!!! Ohhh you sneaky bastard, inserting it into the last word too. Shame on you. Romney probably won't get a chance to respond to it...

MUCH more spirited. Glad it wasn't a snooze-fest. Wish Romney had kept his cool more and it would have made Obama look like that much more of a goon. Some good zingers. Lots of lies (as always). Substance - eh... toss up. Both lie, both regurgitate their talking points and there's no new information. On style? Obama fought dirtier. There were points where both seemed to be caught off guard and went on the defense. Each side will say his own side won. Neither acted real presidential - was it just me or did they not shake hands at the end? If so, I didn't see it... I think Romney won. And we really need to get some impartial moderators to run debates.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate Notes

I enjoyed this one much more than the first Presidential debate. Much more lively. Here are the notes I jotted down during the debate:

- Biden kept having Bill Cosby's confused/lost look during the beginning part of the debate.

- Ryan was calm, cool and collected throughout the whole debate... but didn't answer the question. Actually niether really answered the questions.

-WTF is that hag moderator? Does she know what it means to "moderate"?

- Biden smiles and laughs when Ryan zings him (or Obama).  And "Bebe" Netanyahu? Bebe?? Really?? How disrespectful...

- Biden doesn't think Iran's a threat, really? Has he not been paying attention? "Having the world behind us matters". Of course they are behind us, when we are leading. But having them agree with all of our choices isn't plausible.

-"The president doesn't bluff". HAHAHAHAHA

- Ugh! NOBODY answers the questions!!!

-Yawn. Wealth envy. No don't "level the playing field". Leave my money alone, you fiscal vampire! I pay my fair share enough already!

- Ooo, Biden's going to come off looking bad with all of his facial expressions and laughing.

- "Sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way" - NICE zinger! Go Ryan!

- Letting the auto industry go bankrupt doesn't mean you don't care about it. Good try, Biden.

-The debt occurred on BOTH of your watches. Quit blaming each other and take responsibility. What has been done can't be changed, let's work towards fixing it. How are we going to fix it?

-Ryan asked for stimulus two times and is saying right now that the stimulus was bad. Booo, Ryan.

- Biden, Medicare is NOT a guarantee. Like social security, it's going to run out if we don't do something.

-Mod: "Something tells me I won't get a simple answer". haha Dayum!

-Liked Ryan's answer on taxes - "Watch out middle class - you are next". True, true.

-What an asshole. Quit interrupting, Biden. And nice "moderator" - you are supposed to be impartial!

-It's a debate, not an argument, boys!

-What's with this "friend" business from Biden??

-Biden scoffing at "Republicans working with others". Asshole, like you work well with others.

-"They do not need it. We can't afford it". It's their money. Period.

-Did Biden just flip off Ryan? Just pointed at him with his middle finger...

-"Moderator" wouldn't let Ryan respond. Whose side are you on?!?!

-Talk 'personally' about abortion? They're DUDES! They have no personal stories about abortion...

-Closing statements:
                  Biden blames Bush. Surprise. Enough of this "level the playing field" BS. The individual needs to level the playing field for themselves. Everyone is playing a different game. It's not the government's job to "level the playing field".

                  Good for you, Ryan, for thanking Biden. Very nice and classy. "Will not blame others" =)

Overall, Ryan was on the defensive, but I think he held his own and stayed quite cool. Biden lacked style and kept interrupting/laughing. It was very distracting. In any case, MUCH more interesting than the Presidential debate. Wish they'd be more of a debate format than a town-hall chat.