Monday, November 12, 2012

A House Divided...

If you have 'liked' my fan page over on Facebook, you'll already know that I was horrified to hear that 15 states had filed petitions on to secede from the United States. It absolutely blew me away and scared me to pieces. I know things are bad and I am not happy with 4 more years of Obowma. But have we really reached the "irreconcilable differences" part of our relationship? Is it really time to divorce the USA?

Besides, it can't be possible, right? Obama will just laugh off this little stunt with his divisive, condescending laugh and be done with it. As far as I know, if something like this were to actually happen, then the individual states would have to go through voting processes through their own bodies of government. Such a dire and serious thing couldn't only be determined by a petition alone. There's no way.

Tonight, I read online that Texas has reached the number of signatures required to bring the petition to Obama's attention. It absolutely broke my heart to read that headline. It brought me to tears to read the comments: "Time to separate all Liberals from Conservatives whatever it takes" and "Let all those anti-American traitors who want to secede from our glorious nation go".

In all honesty, I'm finding it harder to get along with liberals since the election. They are hyped on power and are convinced they are invincible now. As far as they are concerned, my stuff is ripe for the taking and no one will stop them now. Sentiments of "we will tax you and you will like it because we won" are running rampant. I hate standing by and watching as companies, especially aviation companies, lay off workers. Even I am guilty of putting an automatic "moocher" label on everyone I know who voted for Obama. And I'm guilty of fantasizing about all of the conservative like-minded people running off to an island and leaving the rest of them to their pettiness.

As much as I hate watching my beloved country crumble before my very eyes, secession is the absolute end of our country as we know it. There's got to be another solution, even though I don't know it. We need to tread carefully before proceeding and use this only as the most absolute last resort. Are we to that point yet? I don't know. I'd like to think there's still hope. I'd like to think we can heal this chasm in our country...but that might only be desperate youthful idealism speaking.

Revive the Tea Party. Flood town hall meetings again. Write/call/visit our representatives. Blog up a storm. Something. Anything. Fight against the media and stop them from polarizing us further. Hold them accountable. Focus on what brings us together, rather than allowing Obama and the media rip us apart. Half of all of my friends are liberal; there must be a way to work this out.

We're the United States and we're the best country in the world. I pray with all my might that this is just an empty gesture and nothing more. I don't have all the answers and quite honestly, I'm at a loss of what to do. But I do know that destroying our country from the inside out isn't it. I'm not giving up on her just yet.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Dependence Day

His royal Smugness-in-Chief
So Obowma, Our Dear Ruler (ready to rule from day one!), has been elected again. "Free stuff" has won over hard work and self-reliance. The Gimme-Gimme's from the 47%, in addition to 3%, reelected him.

Now I don't only blame the moocher class that make up the 47%. We also need to look at the failed GOP party and the media for choosing such a weak candidate as Mitt Romney. He's run 4 times and now has lost 4 times. He even lost to McCain last time, for goodness' sakes! Enough is enough. Time to get a quality candidate in there. Not a "moderate" to make everyone happy and maybe not even someone who is experienced in politics. Let's get some Joe the Plumber types in there. Let's get some people who have business sense and know how to budget/spend wisely. I also blame the GOP males who beat this abortion horse to death every election. We have Roe v. Wade - you are never, ever going to ban it and you only ostracize female voters away by saying you are going to try!!! Women, those in my age group especially as unfortunately as it may be, vote with their ovaries and their emotions. Say any dunderhead comment about abortion and rape and you've lost them. I think I read that 67% of women in my age group voted for Obama. Regrettably, the women in my age group aren't well informed about politics and will only hear the stupid stuff you say as the MSM replays it over and over and over. Who cares if unemployment in your state is 1%, who cares if you've had a balanced budget for the last 10 years - those women will only hear the one stupid remark you made. That's evident in the guys who lost their seats. The majority of them were shoe-ins to get reelected... until they shoved both feet into their mouths with the rape comments.

As much as I was disheartened by Obama's reelection, I was more upset to what it symbolized. People were cheering and hugging one another, excited by what they might get - more food stamps, free cell phones, free healthcare... Is this what we've really become? Electing a candidate on the promise of more free stuff? Your ancestors would be proud.


My ancestors fought hard to come to this country. They wanted a better way of life for themselves and their children. They looked for a place to start over; a place of opportunity for those that would take it; a place that was a bastion of freedom. That place was America. My Father's ancestors were brave enough to come to this country before it was the USA and they were part of the group that founded this country. They felt like they were over-taxed and wanted to practice religion as they saw fit. My Mother's family is a bit newer to this country and immigrated here from Australia when she was 2 years old. It took them years to come to this country legally, even though my Grandfather was American. After they finally arrived, he had to work 3 jobs to support himself and his family and he was grateful to do so. No whining about how one is supposed to survive on minimum wage, no going on strike for a higher wage/more benefits. They lived in small apartments and didn't demand a large house. A house was a luxury to be earned. From what I hear about the time, they weren't alone.

Now we've become a nation of moochers. A nation where you get a medal for picking your nose because you are "expressing yourself". A nation where people get Nobel prizes for their potential. One of the 10 commandments has become "Covet thy neighbor's big screen TV". Why work when you get can something for free? The irony that the moochers don't get is - 1) nothing in life is free; you are taking from someone else and 2) you can earn "free" things by working hard for them. If you put in the time and the effort and place your self up for success, opportunities will appear to fall magically into your lap. Taking something by force which someone else has rightfully earned will not present you with opportunities.
I was in a Dollar Tree just the other day when I heard a woman remark loudly from the line behind me, "I just don't see what's so wrong with taxing the rich!".  Let's see... how about they rightfully earned it, it's not yours to take and the gov't will be coming for you once they run out of the money taken from the "evil rich". She went onto say how they were the worst people and she knew too, because she worked in Buckhead (affluent area in the Atlanta area). She even turned her nose up like a pig to describe them. People gathered around and listened to her, nodding in agreement. She then said how she hated working in Buckhead.

I'm glad I kept my cool and didn't say anything to her at the time, but sweetheart, who do you think is providing you with your paycheck? That's right - the same people that are going to lay you off when they are taxed at 50%.

I found out with absolute horror that I'm being taxed higher than I thought I was the other day. Must have moved into a new bracket because "I'm an evil rich and I can handle it". Percentages are one thing; numbers are quite another. Doing simple math, I actually found out I'm taxed higher than I thought I was, even percentage-wise - 39%. The bonuses that I receive are taxed at almost 50%. One of my co-workers called me "rich" the other day with nasty overtones. I laughed and said that I was pretty sure she earned more than I did. She said probably, but I could afford flight lessons, so that made me rich. The logic is certainly mind-blowing, isn't it?

The "tax the rich" lie is the most prominent one that President Pinocchio tells- "Tax the rich who can handle it and we'll be able to reduce the deficit". Sounds great. Too bad he's advertising the deficit as a 5ft deep hole. Tax those evil rich, who probably didn't earn it anyways and we can fill this hole. That "hole" is actually a bottomless pit and will never be full, as far as he's concerned. Tax the stuffing out of the rich - oops, looks like it was bigger than we thought. Let's tax the middle class. Oops, still not full. But wait, these important programs, like studying the mating habits of ladybugs on rainy Tuesdays need more funding!!!

We're not going to reduce the deficit by taxing people more and more. We need to stop spending. NOW.

Like any other reasonable person, I know we need taxes for road improvements, schools, etc. What I've not happy about is when you take my money forcibly and spend it endlessly on stupid stuff we don't need. For the record, I'd much rather Obowma spend my money on playing golf, rather than giving it to the moochers or to countries that would like to see us crumble. Keeping him on the golf course is the best investment. Making him unemployed would be a better investment, but the moocher class has spoken.

Thanks to them, in the last few days, Obama has:

1) Gone to the UN about adopting their gun control and is discussing assault weapons ban
2) John Kerry and Susan Rice on the short list for replacing Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State 
3) Another credit rating downgrade on the horizon of 'fiscal cliff'
4) Bombed Yemen
5) indirectly (or directly...depends on how you want to look at it), increased gun sales and caused mass layoffs in companies (a lot of them aviation) around the country
And before the re-coronation - Filmmaker arrested for "violation of probation". I call BS on that one. They arrested him for his film about Muslims that no one ever saw. After the re-coronation, but not directly involved, Gen Patraeus resigns, citing extramartial affair and will not testify at Bengazi hearing. Don't know about you, but I smell a rat and his cheesy tail is hanging out of the White House. I believe freedom of speech is fading right before our eyes.

And probably much more... Guess Big Bird and the MSM didn't tell you about all of that, did they?

So go ahead, Moochers, continue to sit on your bottoms and take and take and take. Some 1%ers have taken off for Galt's Gulch; some are about to leave. Who are you going to tax the pocket lint out of now?  Take away my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, but I'll fight with whatever I have left to defend my independence. My ancestors did their part. Now I need to continue to do mine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Notes from the 2nd Presidential Debate

Well, that was quite a spirited difference from the snooze-fest from before. Thought I was watching a sports match at some points. I seriously thought one of them was going to slug the other when they went toe-to-toe. Lots of aggression.

Notes below:

-Romnley? Did anyone else hear the mod say that?

- Obummer's starting off more aggressive already. Good for Romney for taking him to task about his comment ((Hmm, what comment? Wish I had written that down. Will have to watch a replay later)).

-Whoa, "that policy" (auto industry) that's been in place the last 10 years? Who has been in office the last 4? Let's start taking some responsibility now.

- Can ONE person just please just answer the question?!?!

-Anyone notice how Obama always talks in terms of future/potential jobs? It's never present or concrete jobs... just mythological jobs. Whatcha gonna do, wave a magic wand or something? You just can't pull jobs out of thin air you know... "Our plan will create 1.2 million jobs". From what??

-Obama headshake while Romney was speaking!!! YESSSSSSS!!!! And a smirk!!! Yes! Yes! Keep reacting, you idiot!!! Take a page from Biden's handbook of debate! PLEAASE!

-Obama says he's consistent. I laughed out loud. You bragged that you'd bankrupt the coal industry. Why are you saying you'd save them now?

-Oooooh, toe to toe w/ finger pointing! They are getting sooo aggressive! Who else thinks this'll be a hockey game by the end? "No it isn't" and "it's not true" aren't viable, legitimate responses in a debate. Kerry should have taught you better.

- Gas prices were low because we were on the verge of collapse? Do you understand economics even just a little bit? Is anyone out there really buying this??

- Nooo, Romney, don't raise to the bait. Stay cool! Obama's shooting himself in the foot. Keep calm."

-We're going to continue to pay the majority of taxes??? Ohhh Romney... how could you?

-"If we're serious about reducing the deficit"... followed by some wealth envy BS. QUIT SPENDING!!!!!! THAT'S how you reduce the deficit.

-"Gov. Romney I'm sure you have a reply". Snarky mod. Can we please get a referee who isn't in Obama's pocket? Just once?

- YES!!!!!!!! Snarky Obamasmile!!! Keep it up! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!

-Of course Big Bird came up. When's the 47% line going to come in? I'm waiting for it...

-And "we'll get specifics after the election" from Obama about Romney. I nearly chocked. C'mon dude, you and your cronies did that about Obamacare. Really??

-Don't get defensive, Romney. Obama ain't "too polite" now, is he? No, no, no, don't talk over him.

-Obummer, if you care so much about income inequality, then how come women are paid less in your administration?

-Don't smile while Obama's answering, Romney. Take cues from Ryan.

-What does healthcare and contraceptives have to do with how much women do or don't get paid?

-Ohh Romney, don't act out because of Obama. Only makes you look bad. Keep cool.

-Blame Bush. Wealth envy. We've heard it already. Move along.

-Well, I must say this is by far the most lively "town hall meeting" I've seen since McCain went on his tirade again "tea party hobbits". There's those mythical jobs being brought up again. The way he talks about them, I have expect them to come in the middle of the night and be under my pillow when I wake up in the morning.

-"Osama Bin Laden is dead". Of course. Arrogant asshole. Ignoring the mod to get his answer in. Shut off his mike already.

-Welllll, Romney just shot down that question about illegal aliens. At least pander to them alittle...considering that woman was probably one. LOL neither of those buffoons can get that woman's name right. BS about the flow of illegals being less than before. They are all criminals; not just those "committing crimes".

-Attacking Romney at every answer is making him look horrible and desperate. "You lie", "no, you lie", "no, you lie" is getting old. You both lie. The Arizona law SHOULD be the model for the nation. Don't back away from that Romney.

-Whoa, they are feisty! Give them a hockey stick or a ball or something - this would make a good sports match.

-Obama interrupting. Damn he's frustrated. He's floundering. Arizona's law IS America's law. Listen to the mod. Quit ignoring her, you arrogant nincompoop.

-Answer the question on Libya. On the phone with them right away??? You were sleeping through the attacks when they happened!! Romney put out a press release because you didn't say or do anything!!! Who is he shaking his finger at? Don't talk down to people, like Clinton did.
Good Romney, stick it to him about going to Vegas and on talk shows instead of putting our embassy's security first!

-The riot was NOT about a video and it did take awhile for Obummer to say it was terrorist act.

-Divisive smile. Keep reacting, Obama, keep reacting...

-Nice job about Romney pointing out how Obama just keeps attacking him. Wish you'd answer the question instead of giving your platform/talking points again.

-You believe in self-reliance, Barry??? I call BS on that one. The hell you do. You punish it.

-THERE IT IS!!! The 47% line!!! Ohhh you sneaky bastard, inserting it into the last word too. Shame on you. Romney probably won't get a chance to respond to it...

MUCH more spirited. Glad it wasn't a snooze-fest. Wish Romney had kept his cool more and it would have made Obama look like that much more of a goon. Some good zingers. Lots of lies (as always). Substance - eh... toss up. Both lie, both regurgitate their talking points and there's no new information. On style? Obama fought dirtier. There were points where both seemed to be caught off guard and went on the defense. Each side will say his own side won. Neither acted real presidential - was it just me or did they not shake hands at the end? If so, I didn't see it... I think Romney won. And we really need to get some impartial moderators to run debates.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate Notes

I enjoyed this one much more than the first Presidential debate. Much more lively. Here are the notes I jotted down during the debate:

- Biden kept having Bill Cosby's confused/lost look during the beginning part of the debate.

- Ryan was calm, cool and collected throughout the whole debate... but didn't answer the question. Actually niether really answered the questions.

-WTF is that hag moderator? Does she know what it means to "moderate"?

- Biden smiles and laughs when Ryan zings him (or Obama).  And "Bebe" Netanyahu? Bebe?? Really?? How disrespectful...

- Biden doesn't think Iran's a threat, really? Has he not been paying attention? "Having the world behind us matters". Of course they are behind us, when we are leading. But having them agree with all of our choices isn't plausible.

-"The president doesn't bluff". HAHAHAHAHA

- Ugh! NOBODY answers the questions!!!

-Yawn. Wealth envy. No don't "level the playing field". Leave my money alone, you fiscal vampire! I pay my fair share enough already!

- Ooo, Biden's going to come off looking bad with all of his facial expressions and laughing.

- "Sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way" - NICE zinger! Go Ryan!

- Letting the auto industry go bankrupt doesn't mean you don't care about it. Good try, Biden.

-The debt occurred on BOTH of your watches. Quit blaming each other and take responsibility. What has been done can't be changed, let's work towards fixing it. How are we going to fix it?

-Ryan asked for stimulus two times and is saying right now that the stimulus was bad. Booo, Ryan.

- Biden, Medicare is NOT a guarantee. Like social security, it's going to run out if we don't do something.

-Mod: "Something tells me I won't get a simple answer". haha Dayum!

-Liked Ryan's answer on taxes - "Watch out middle class - you are next". True, true.

-What an asshole. Quit interrupting, Biden. And nice "moderator" - you are supposed to be impartial!

-It's a debate, not an argument, boys!

-What's with this "friend" business from Biden??

-Biden scoffing at "Republicans working with others". Asshole, like you work well with others.

-"They do not need it. We can't afford it". It's their money. Period.

-Did Biden just flip off Ryan? Just pointed at him with his middle finger...

-"Moderator" wouldn't let Ryan respond. Whose side are you on?!?!

-Talk 'personally' about abortion? They're DUDES! They have no personal stories about abortion...

-Closing statements:
                  Biden blames Bush. Surprise. Enough of this "level the playing field" BS. The individual needs to level the playing field for themselves. Everyone is playing a different game. It's not the government's job to "level the playing field".

                  Good for you, Ryan, for thanking Biden. Very nice and classy. "Will not blame others" =)

Overall, Ryan was on the defensive, but I think he held his own and stayed quite cool. Biden lacked style and kept interrupting/laughing. It was very distracting. In any case, MUCH more interesting than the Presidential debate. Wish they'd be more of a debate format than a town-hall chat.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Success is not a four-letter word

"If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. You didn't get there on your own."

Let me tell you a little something about success. It's subjective. My version of success might be different than someone else's. Some people think of it as a destination or something to achieve. Some people think it's a lifestyle, much like happiness, and just live it. One thing we can all agree on: we all want it. Or... at least we all say we want to be successful.

Obummer's remarks are an insult to successful people everywhere. It makes my blood boil just to read them. I hope it was just another off-telepromptor moment because his comments just get worse from there:

                  "I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. (Applause.)
If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet."

I think I just killed a few brain cells by copying and pasting that. Gawd... who does he think he is?!?! Some sort of a god?... Oh, wait. What nonsensical bravo sierra. I wonder if his ears listen to the crap that spills out of his mouth.

To be successful in whatever endeavor you choose, one needs to have the determination, perseverance and drive to make it through. You will have to make sacrifices and give it all you've got. Will people give you a hand up (note: NOT a hand-out) and give you a leg up? Maybe, maybe not. If they do, you should be grateful. But know that YOUR success is because of YOU and no one else. Yes, they helped you and that shouldn't be taken lightly by any means. However, YOU crossed the finish line; YOU accomplished your goal.

I know people that can receive every hand up and leg up in the world and still won't make it. Why? Because as I said before, you need a certain amount of determination, perseverance, drive and sacrifice to make it. Some people just don't have it. Those that want to succeed will, help or no help. You can still be successful without help. Sure, it might take a little bit longer and might be a little bit harder, but it can still be done. The main ingredient in determining YOUR success is YOU. Can happen without help. Cannot happen without you.

Obama, my ancestors might have helped to create this great country in which I live, but I thrive because of me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Romney Guilt Trip

Romney's supporters like to guilt trip the rest of us into voting for him. Ever hear "Well, do you want Obama to win again?" or "The GOP race is over and Romney will obviously win, so why not vote for him" or "You ARE going to back him if it's him against Obama, right?" (or a close cousin: "Enough messing around, it's time to back Romney so Obama doesn't win")? If so, then you have experienced the Romney Guilt Trip. Romney isn't good enough to win on his own (C'mon... this is his FOURTH time running. If he was that great, then he wouldn't have lost last time to McCain of all people.)

I've been thinking about making a post on this for awhile, as I am tired of people trying to guilt me into voting for him. All of the talking heads are doing it.  Even my favorite radio talk show host, Neal Boortz, gets an eye roll or glare when he brings it up. No, Mittens is not the best person for the job. No, I don't want him as President. "But do you want Obama instead?"  That's rubbish. #1 - it irks me when people ask questions that they already know the answers to just to make their point. It's rude and classless. If you have met me for 5 minutes, then you will know that I do not want Obama to win. #2 - I wasn't talking about Obama, I was talking about Romney. They were not the same person the last time I checked. I CAN dislike Romney without wanting Obama to get a second term.

There has yet to be a candidate, save Herman Cain, that I have ever voted FOR. Usually, I am casting a vote AGAINST someone else. I voted against Al Gore. I voted against Kerry. I voted against Obama. Unfortunately, that's not the sad part in all of this. The sad part is that I'm not alone. I'm not alone by a loooooooong shot. It seems all we ever do is vote against people and I'm tired of it! You shouldn't celebrate too much, Mittens, they aren't voting FOR you; they are voting AGAINST Obama. Is it too much to ask for ONE candidate that I can vote FOR?

I was more inspired to write about the Romney Guilt Trip this morning when I read this article on PJTV: Romney Derangement Syndrome. Yet another person jumping on the RGT bandwagon. I like what another poster wrote in her comments on Facebook - "Don't hate him. Just hate the thought of having to settle with him as candidate". EXACTLY! Why should we settle? Our country deserves better than that! We need to encourage decent people to run for office and protect them from the media. We had that in Herman Cain and we lost him because we didn't refuse to settle for the media's bullcrap. The media isn't a person; it shouldn't get to vote in our elections.

Romney is a used car salesman. He says all the right things at the right time and talks a big game. I truly, honestly liked the things he said in the debates. However, on the other side of that, what he said contradicted what he's done. I trust actions over words. Politicians only "change" when it comes around to election time. He's proud of Romneycare and kept referring to it as one of his accomplishments. He defended it strongly during the debates. Why in the world would he work towards repealing Obamacare?

Plus, all you need to do is look at his personality. I didn't like the way he treated his fellow candidates during the debates. That alone tells a lot about a person. He's arrogant like Obama. He's an ass, like Obama. In looking over my notes about the debates, he had the gall to hint that any person who was against his health care plan "didn't care about those without insurance". Who does that sound like?

He paints himself as a "Washington Outsider" when he is far from it. In Jan 16th's debate, Romney said the government should be able to detain American citizens that they deem "dangerous" without a trial. Again, who does that sound like? He's pandering to people by pretending to be something he is not. People want a "Washington Outsider", so he's trying to play that up. He's closer to what Gingrich calls him - A Massachusetts Moderate. (And I'm disagreeing with him on the "moderate" part)

They are both progressives and Mittens' people don't even deny that. They are soooooo convinced he's "The One" (again, familiar?) to defeat Obama. Romney can't even hold his own against Santorum and the Romney-ites expect him to win against Obama?!?! Gimme a break! He was mediocre, at best, during the debates and just barely won his own state. And I'm the one with Romney Derangement Syndrome? Don't think so.

We need to stop holding our noses and voting for people, only because we are against someone else. Both parties are crashing and burning. It's beyond time to go to a 3rd party. People are hesitant because they said it will take away votes from the GOP and Obama will win. But what if ALL of us Anti Romney's and Luke Warm Romney-ites jump ship and go 3rd party? It'll shake up the system and tell the media (and establishment) that we aren't voting for your crappy candidates anymore. We want a REAL candidate. We want someone with visions and answers. We want to stop voting against someone and start voting for someone...guilt aside.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Night's Debate Thoughts

Apparently, I need to go back to watch the beginning to see Newt go after the "moderator". Seems he asked Newt about his ex-wife and Newt slammed him. Awesome!

Jumping in 30 minutes late. Just now hearing Romney's answer about Obamacare, which I like, but I'm wary. Romney is the one who wanted Romneycare. Actions speak louder than words.

Gingrich - the voice of reason. People are skeptical of Washington. Ooo, nice slam against Obama offering health insurance to kids under 26. "Elect us and we'll provide jobs so your kids will move out".

Niiice, Santorum, pointing out that Romney has nice words, but has stood by Obamneycare. I think if something happens to Gingrich in this race (Heaven Forbid), then he'll be my next choice. I like health savings accounts, although think that should be up to the people and government shouldn't have a hand in it at all.

Ewww, Romney is defending his universal health care plan. Ewww, ewww, ewww!!!! This bugger is going to get the nomination, isn't he?? You arrogant $%^&!!!! Hinting that those that don't agree with his plan "don't care about people who don't have health insurance". Spare me. You sound like Obama. Get off the stage!!

Nice, again, Santorum, pointing out Romney's hypocrasy! I'm liking him more and more.

Romney talks a big game, but all I see is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  They are all sure getting heated up, aren't they? The three of them anyways.... Poor Ron Paul is getting ignored in the corner. "Congressman's getting lonely down here" - referring to Paul.

Ouch! Look at Santorum and Gingrich going at it! Poor Ron Paul is like the little kid that no one will pass the ball, too. I'm sorry - he may have good ideas, but when I hear him talk, all I see are his supporters, running around in tin foil hats.

HAHAHAHA omigosh!!! Will you look at the three of them staring at Paul when he goes off on his tangent about military spending overseas?!?! They are all looking like he took off his pants and is running around the stage in women's underwear!! haha Classic. This debate is better than any reality TV show out there.

Oh, Romney, quite trying to paint yourself as a "Washinton outsider". Gimme a break. I realize that's the most popular thing to be, but, honey, you are anything but. All the "Washington Outsiders" are gone.

Romney talks a good game, but would you ever be fooled if you didn't know his record. Good gawd.

Yeah, why the hell are people so preoccupied with releasing tax records?? Who cares???? Let's get to some real issues. I do like Romney's idea about releasing them when they are down to one nominee. I think it's an absurd practice, personally. Quit making a big deal out of nothing. This is bullcrap.

The rest of the candidates think Paul is insane.

"You are asking a Conservative about the economic standings of Hollywood". Way to go, Newt!

Ohhh, Santorum. I'm sooo disappointed in you!! There ARE laws against pirating and copywrite! Government shouldn't stick their nose in this and we aren't saying "anything goes" on the internet. Hands off!

Point for Paul - "This bill is not going to pass, but watch out for the next one."

Eh... I like most of Gingrich's "amnesty" plan, but I disagree that you can't sever ties with illegals that have been here 20+ years. Doesn't matter. If they cared about staying, then they would make sure they stayed here right. Don't give me the crap about splitting up Grandmothers & Grandfathers from their grandchildren. That's a liberal tactic.

I'll admit, I liked Santorum's answer about illegal immigration the best thus far. If they have been here for 25 years, then they have also broken other laws - they've worked for that time and probably have stolen someone's social security card. Good point.

YES!!!!!!!!!! Newt resolving to drop the lawsuits against the states that are defending our country from illegal immigration!!!

Poor Paul. Shame on the "moderator" for skipping over him and shame on him for the crowd having to call attention to him.

I'll have to watch Gingrich go after the moderator tomorrow. Jamie Dupree of WSB said it was not to be missed.

Anyone else watch Romney each time he speaks and think "Please not Romney, please not Romney, please not Romney"??

Wonder who will drop out next? I'm thinking Santorum or Paul, but it won't be for awhile... They'll hang in there a bit.

Monday's Debate

A few thoughts at Monday's debate:

  • Rick Perry needs to go. What's that rubbish about "demanding" Romney release his income tax records?
  •  Does Rick Perry remind anyone else of a younger Mr. Rogers? All that's missing is the vest. Oh crap, he's a pilot...

  • Ohhhhh, I spoke too soon - "I think the noise you are looking for is a gong". Got to hand it to Perry for that one. Nice, witty response.
  • Oh geez, Ron Paul... "a golden rule in foreign policy"??? How can people like this guy?!?!
  • And as much as I rag on Romney, he had a pretty good answer about going after our enemies and strengthening our military so much so that no one will dare mess with us.
  • Booo for Romney wanting to detain American citizens w/o a trial if they are deemed "dangerous" by the president. Thank you, Santorum.

    (And not completely unrelated, but Ron Paul laughs like Renfeld.)
  • Wow... Gingrich is on fire during this debate! Did you just hear his response about improving unemployment by teaching skills to workers so one day they can own the job? Wow, just blew me away.

    (And I'm snickering at everyone getting their panties in a wad that Ron Paul only got one question in the first 35 minutes.)
  • Romney is certainly an artful dodger, isn't he? (And a little bit arrogant, too.)
  • Wow, is that really Santorum going after Romney? "I'm looking for an answer to the question first". He's on fire, too. I'll admit, I never saw that coming. Have to admire him for that. Romney looked like a deer in headlights. "I'm asking you to answer the question. That's how you got the time {for the response}. It's actually my time." Way to go, Santorum!
  • Am I ever sooooo glad that Bachmann is out of these debates. My poor ears finally got a rest!