Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gingrich and Global Warming

Now that Herman Cain is out of the race, I'm turning more of my attention to my #2 choice - Newt Gingrich. I realize some of us have our reservations, especially when it comes to his views on Global Warming and other things. So I had to see this Global Warming ad for myself.

Here's the ad in it's entirety:

Now what concerns me more about that ad is Pelosi smiling (looks like an alligator after it spotted its lunch), the fact that they are so 50's family sitcom sickeningly sweet to one another (that smile they gave each other made me gag) and the overall scariness of it. I've been reading a Stephen King book before bed and I guarantee you that this ad will give me more nightmares than that book.

That said, in all fairness, even thought he referenced global warming, the main point of this ad was to get together and clean up the Earth by cleaner, cheaper energy sources. Everyone can agree to that. Global Warming or not, we do need to keep the Earth clean. I don't think this ad is as damaging as some people like to point out.

Now here's Newt's response to the ad:

He says it was "the dumbest single thing" he's done in recent years. Also, that he isn't sure whether the Earth is warming or not, which is good. He's not pushing his views on anyone else and says we should listen to both sides. He also reiterated what I said above, that all Americans should find cleaner energy sources. He says "I do not think you should have a gigantic, central government model of a solution". Also said that he has studied the Earth's temperatures and they go up and down over time. Plus, he voted against Cap & Trade.

Doesn't seem like he's "in favor" of Global Warming to me. He's fairly honest about it actually. He basically says he's not sure about it (and I think he's more doubting that believing), he definitely isn't for taxing the stuffing out of us in the name of it, yet believes that we still need to protect the environment and find cheaper/cleaner energy sources. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think I just warmed up to him a little bit more...

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