Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beck uses the race card???

Never thought I'd see Beck play the race card. I liked him when he first came on Fox. I admire his interest in politics and history. It's great that he's gotten so many people inspired, he's like Sarah Palin that way. Loved him on the Beck/O'Reilly tour. I love his books - they are chock full of information and delightfully A.D.D. When I read my last one, there was information that I just could not believe, so I looked it up for myself and found Beck had stretched the truth a little bit. I became wary of him, and think he abuses his power. But that's niether here nor there.

I'll take his challenge. I will research Newt in depth, backwards & forwards, to prove that he is NOT like Barack Obama. I've already posted about how the global warming charge against Newt was bogus and will continue to make posts about his record to show why he's the best guy for the job... or I just might end up changing my mind in the process. Who knows?

But shame on Beck for stooping to that level. Hey Beck, you know only progressives use the race card, right? You sure you are a "true" conservative?


Just a conservative girl said...

Yeah, it was disgusting. I also now some things about him that are not nice. He isn't always what he appears, and sadly too many of his fans don't fact check. If they did they would now he leaves out important information.

Heather Chandler said...

He's a great entertainer and really knows how to work a crowd. And yes, you are exactly right - his fans never fact check. He may start off saying something true, but he slowly inches away from it and if you aren't watching him closely, then you'll get swept up in it.

Unfortunately, because he has such a fan base that follow him blindly, now all of them will vote against Gingrich just because he said so (and most likely go to Romney, who ironically, I view to be the closet to Obama out of all the candidates).