Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bodies and Bailouts

At school, we planned to take the students on a field trip to see the Bodies Exhibit, but the trip had to be canceled due to one of the teachers telling a student that they murdered people in China on purpose to be used for profit in the exhibition. Later on, another teacher didn't think it was "right" for us to take the students because it was a horrible exhibit to display human bodies in such a manner, and he knew that the rumors were true because he lived in China.

What is it with liberals screaming about freedom of speech and freedom to do whatever they want, yet limiting what other people want to do, just because they don't think it's "right".

If you don't agree with it or don't want to do see it, then you don't have to go. Don't limit what other people want to do because you don't agree with it. I don't look at porn on the internet, but I don't believe in banning it from people who do look at it. If we ban that, then it opens the door to ban other things - other things that I might like. So don't even open that Pandora's box.

By the way, I was curious and I looked up this "controversy" on the Bodies Exhibit. The murdering people on purpose was mentioned in a footnote. The main concern was that they didn't know exactly where these bodies came from and didn't have consent to display them from either the owner or the owner's family.

Excuse me, but can anyone tell me if we got permission from King Tut or his family to display his body (for profit, nonetheless) ? How about the charred bodies I saw at Pompeii - did anyone ask them? Brains on display in museums - did anyone ask their owners? And I could go on and on... Pick another argument, guys.

Had a friend suggest of a place we should take the students where they CAN see bodies on display AND with the owners' consent - a strip bar. (tongue-in-cheek, of course, but makes a valid point).

Tell me, where are non-medical people going to get the chance to see anything like that anywhere else? It's an amazing learning experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

Next time a liberal screams about freedom of speech or whatever, they need to be doing it for the benefit of everyone, not just themselves.

Nothing gets me more upset than mentioning bailouts in the news. They should have never started with this bailout mess. Talk about opening a Pandora's box. You know, I have never been overly critical of the job that President Bush has been doing, and in fact, I applaud most of his efforts, but this recent bailout BS has me shaking my head at him.

The point of owning a business, the point of Capitalism is to create a product that people will buy. If you do not, then you WILL fail. Plain and simple. It's the harsh truth of the matter. That is the risk you take by going into business. And you shouldn't expect ANYONE to bail you out for YOUR choices.

What I want to know - who is going to bail me out? I have a store on Amazon that hasn't sold anything in months. Who is going to bail me out? Doesn't matter that I only have a handful of things for sale and that the majority of them are video tapes, which no one is buying anymore. Not my fault - I want someone to bail me out!

Make a product that people are interested in buying. If you can't do that, then you have no business being in business in the first place.

Apparently, the Bodies Exhibition has done just that. I haven't heard anything about a "Body Bailout Bill". In fact, I've heard the exhibition is quite popular. I know I will be supporting it.

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