Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Eve

So the day has finally arrived. And come tomorrow, no matter who wins, our lives WILL change. And I'm not referring to the trite, campaign sign slogan type of change. REAL change - the kind of change we might not all be ready for. The kind of change that maybe we didn't want.

Be forewarned - no matter who wins, the United States has begun it's slow decent into socialism. We will get there - it's just a matter of time, unfortunately. We will follow other countries, like Australia. The mob just doesn't want to do for themselves and they are shutting up those who do want to do for themselves. I fear for our country.

If Obama wins, and you voted for him, then you deserve all that is coming your way. You may not consider yourself to be "rich", but it doesn't matter what you think. Remember - you already told the Government that you couldn't think, spend or do for yourself, so they took that away from you. Now, you will be told if you are rich or not. You will be told how much of your money that you get to keep and you will be told who that money will given to.

Know the phrase: "Give them an inch and they will take a mile?". That is what we have done. Open the door to give all children healthcare and you have opened the door for socialized medicine. Open the door for defining "rich" and before you know it, you will be apart of that definition too. Open the door for giving only the "rich" higher taxes and you have opened the door to give us all higher taxes.

You who wanted to "spread the wealth around" - think about it for a moment. I'll wait. Repeat that phrase over in your head. It's impossible to "spread" the wealth around. Why? Let's take a million dollars away from John who "doesn't need it" and give it to a million people who "need it". Simple math - what does each person get?
Yeah that's right - a dollar. Each person is going to be left with a dollar. Is that "spreading the wealth" around to you? If you spread it around, then everyone will be left with NOTHING. Don't you get it? Instead of a few having what they rightly worked for, then we will have NO ONE with anything. Don't take away what someone else has earned because you are jealous - use that energy to go out and do for yourself. It's easier and more rewarding than taking from others because no matter what, it will never be 'yours'.

If Obama doesn't win, I also fear for our country. The backlash they are predicting is scary. Riots, heightened security.... I just don't want to think about it. About a hundred different things could happen from that outcome. Not enough mind you to push me to vote for him, but it will not be pleasant after that, mark my words.

Either outcome, McCain supporters need to stick together. I've heard enough horror stories about how they have been treated and are afraid of showing their support. I think that if we all banded together and stood up for ourselves together, then we'd have a better chance. We're all in hiding, afraid of them slashing our tires or calling us "racist".
No more.
The founding fathers, as I have stated before, believed so strongly in their cause that they were willing to die for it and here we are, afraid to put bumper stickers on our cars. And who cares if they call us names? Do we really care what they think? NO!
If McCain wins, the fight is not over - it is just beginning.
If Obama wins, the fight is also not over. Don't resound yourself to the outcome. It can still be changed - as Herman Cain says, "start preparing for the next election, don't sit on your butt and pout about the outcome".

Either way, we all need to prepare for one wild ride.

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