Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Shout-Out to Howard Dean

Apparently, Dean appeared on FOX news recently. I loved this quote of his especially about "race-baiting":
"...there's a lot of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats on issues, but the biggest issue of all is we don't use this kind of stuff. We never have used this kind of stuff, and we're not going to start now."
I think I must have gotten whiplash from the involuntary head-jerk I got while reading that line. "The Democrats have never used race-baiting"??? What planet is he from?
-"You are racist if you don't vote for Obama"
-"You are racist if you find anything wrong with Obama"
-"You are racist if you don't agree with Rev. Wright"
-And the list goes on and on.
Also liked how he said that "We stayed off Fox for a long time because your news department is, in fact, biased". Then why appear on other news departments that are "in fact, biased"? I'm sure he's been on CNN, CBS or NBC before. Aren't they "in fact, biased"? But wouldn't that be the prime reason to be on a network that was different from your own beliefs? To reach others that may not agree with you 100%? Why always preach to the choir? He said that Americans were ready to work together now, and I don't think only appearing on like-minded shows that agree with your views is the way to accomplish that.

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