Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They are students, not talking birds

It's no secret that some teachers are using their positions as a private soapbox for their political agendas. A teacher can even relate politics to an unrelated class, such as biology or literature. I remember once in college, I took a Roman history class. The teacher used every chance he had to put in a jab about Bush. It rendered him speechless when one day I finally asked, "What does President Bush have to do with Roman History?".

I've heard a lot of alarming things from fellow teachers during my time as one. Everything from "There IS only one side to Global Warming" to "Conservatives are uneducated hicks. You don't actually know anyone who voted for McCain; they all live in the boonies and mountains. Besides, they are so few and far between - the numbers in the news are made up" and "George Bush appointed Nazis into the Supreme Court".

Some of these would be funny if they weren't so sad. The really sad part is that these kids are buying it! Unfortunately, these teachers have influence in the classroom. What they say is held as sacred truth. Their opinions are taken as fact and that's not right. No teacher worth his or her salt would abuse their power that way.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I don't care if my students don't share my opinion 100% on everything. In fact, I prefer that. You have your opinion, congratulations, that's what makes us great as humans. If we disagree on something and you are able to back up your opinion, even better. I'd rather them find their own voice, instead of parroting mine. If I wanted that, then... well, I'd go get a parrot. I'm confident enough with myself that I don't need to corrupt young minds in order to validate my values and beliefs.

I caught one telling his students today that conservatives are so close-minded, that they view all Muslims the same and how ridiculous it was to say one group of people was all the same. But all conservatives were stupid, ignorant and just horrible people in general. Yeah, that's a liberals definition of "open-mindedness" for you. It's not right to use your position to tell them that it's okay to call me names and disrespect me just because of my political orientation.

This is just after he held a class on "Islama-phobia" and passed out a worksheet, in which one of the questions asked was "What should the President do about these people who have this disorder?".

Another taught them it was wrong to view the shooting at Ft Hood as a tragedy and if anyone actually believed that or believed that the shooter was a Muslim, then they were just ignorant.

Problem is, I can guarantee that this doesn't only happen at my school. It most likely happens where you send your child(ren) to school or even where you might attend school. I remember going through this, although I don't recall it being quite as vicious.

My point is you need to be vigilant. If you child is in school, regardless if it's public or private (it happens everywhere), you need to be active in your child's school life. Find out what's going on, talk to their teachers, talk to your child(ren). And if your kids are getting spoon-fed the kool-aid, then you have greater pull as a parent against these kind of teachers. If enough complained, it might make a difference.

If you are in school, speak up. Talk to your teacher, talk to the dean, talk to whomever you need to, in order to get your point across.

Right now we are distracted by so many issues - the health care bill, the trial of the terrorists in NY, Cap & Trade and many, many others, that granted ARE important. But, even if we win the fight on health care, the liberals are busy prepping little minds to attempt to take over health care again next time or the time after that. They are one step ahead of us and we need to keep a close eye on them. Keep fighting them on health care and cap & trade, but don't forget about the next generation. Won't do us much good to win all of these battles to only have the liberals defeat us by corrupting our kids through the back door.

Get involved in your child's school. Or if you are old enough, it's time to take control of your education. This issue is too important to just let it go. We can't keep letting them spew their filth into the classroom. It's time to say enough is enough.

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