Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Romney Guilt Trip

Romney's supporters like to guilt trip the rest of us into voting for him. Ever hear "Well, do you want Obama to win again?" or "The GOP race is over and Romney will obviously win, so why not vote for him" or "You ARE going to back him if it's him against Obama, right?" (or a close cousin: "Enough messing around, it's time to back Romney so Obama doesn't win")? If so, then you have experienced the Romney Guilt Trip. Romney isn't good enough to win on his own (C'mon... this is his FOURTH time running. If he was that great, then he wouldn't have lost last time to McCain of all people.)

I've been thinking about making a post on this for awhile, as I am tired of people trying to guilt me into voting for him. All of the talking heads are doing it.  Even my favorite radio talk show host, Neal Boortz, gets an eye roll or glare when he brings it up. No, Mittens is not the best person for the job. No, I don't want him as President. "But do you want Obama instead?"  That's rubbish. #1 - it irks me when people ask questions that they already know the answers to just to make their point. It's rude and classless. If you have met me for 5 minutes, then you will know that I do not want Obama to win. #2 - I wasn't talking about Obama, I was talking about Romney. They were not the same person the last time I checked. I CAN dislike Romney without wanting Obama to get a second term.

There has yet to be a candidate, save Herman Cain, that I have ever voted FOR. Usually, I am casting a vote AGAINST someone else. I voted against Al Gore. I voted against Kerry. I voted against Obama. Unfortunately, that's not the sad part in all of this. The sad part is that I'm not alone. I'm not alone by a loooooooong shot. It seems all we ever do is vote against people and I'm tired of it! You shouldn't celebrate too much, Mittens, they aren't voting FOR you; they are voting AGAINST Obama. Is it too much to ask for ONE candidate that I can vote FOR?

I was more inspired to write about the Romney Guilt Trip this morning when I read this article on PJTV: Romney Derangement Syndrome. Yet another person jumping on the RGT bandwagon. I like what another poster wrote in her comments on Facebook - "Don't hate him. Just hate the thought of having to settle with him as candidate". EXACTLY! Why should we settle? Our country deserves better than that! We need to encourage decent people to run for office and protect them from the media. We had that in Herman Cain and we lost him because we didn't refuse to settle for the media's bullcrap. The media isn't a person; it shouldn't get to vote in our elections.

Romney is a used car salesman. He says all the right things at the right time and talks a big game. I truly, honestly liked the things he said in the debates. However, on the other side of that, what he said contradicted what he's done. I trust actions over words. Politicians only "change" when it comes around to election time. He's proud of Romneycare and kept referring to it as one of his accomplishments. He defended it strongly during the debates. Why in the world would he work towards repealing Obamacare?

Plus, all you need to do is look at his personality. I didn't like the way he treated his fellow candidates during the debates. That alone tells a lot about a person. He's arrogant like Obama. He's an ass, like Obama. In looking over my notes about the debates, he had the gall to hint that any person who was against his health care plan "didn't care about those without insurance". Who does that sound like?

He paints himself as a "Washington Outsider" when he is far from it. In Jan 16th's debate, Romney said the government should be able to detain American citizens that they deem "dangerous" without a trial. Again, who does that sound like? He's pandering to people by pretending to be something he is not. People want a "Washington Outsider", so he's trying to play that up. He's closer to what Gingrich calls him - A Massachusetts Moderate. (And I'm disagreeing with him on the "moderate" part)

They are both progressives and Mittens' people don't even deny that. They are soooooo convinced he's "The One" (again, familiar?) to defeat Obama. Romney can't even hold his own against Santorum and the Romney-ites expect him to win against Obama?!?! Gimme a break! He was mediocre, at best, during the debates and just barely won his own state. And I'm the one with Romney Derangement Syndrome? Don't think so.

We need to stop holding our noses and voting for people, only because we are against someone else. Both parties are crashing and burning. It's beyond time to go to a 3rd party. People are hesitant because they said it will take away votes from the GOP and Obama will win. But what if ALL of us Anti Romney's and Luke Warm Romney-ites jump ship and go 3rd party? It'll shake up the system and tell the media (and establishment) that we aren't voting for your crappy candidates anymore. We want a REAL candidate. We want someone with visions and answers. We want to stop voting against someone and start voting for someone...guilt aside.