Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Fairness Doctrine" for books???

So it seems that once liberals get finished with their takeover of healthcare, they will try to take over books. I immediately thought of Atlas Shrugged, where the government tried something similar, as it wasn't fair that some people published more than others, so they had to limit the number of books someone was able to publish. This is a little different, but in the same vein.

I saw this first thing this morning on Boortz. Seems liberals are upset that there are so many conservative books on the best seller lists. According to the Huffington Post, they should have their own lists because it just not fair that people like Glenn Beck topped four different lists at once: hardcover fiction, hardcover non-fiction, paperback non-fiction and children's.

Waah, waaah, waaah. Do liberals ever do anything but complain that life isn't fair? You could use all that time whining and write a book about it!

And it's not just Glenn Beck - Ann Coulter, Palin, Malkin, Mark Levin, Rush and Boortz having top spots on their lists too. Know why? It doesn't take a rocket scientist...

1) Conservatives read while liberals are watching reality TV shows and American Idol. We also listen to the radio and watch the news on TV, which is also why talk radio and cable news are also dominating.

2) Ever read a book by a liberal? It's mostly 200+ pages of "it's not fair" or "this person is mean". I have yet to read one that was well-written (usually full of run-ons and other grammatical errors - Bill Clinton's was one of the worst. It made it very unreadable) and I'm sorry, but no one really cares what Al Franken thinks. And they usually have very, very minimal sources to back up their opinions, if any at all.

3) Conservatives are always on best seller lists because people want to buy their books. Glenn Beck's book, An Inconvenient Book, was amusing, but still chock-full of facts and figures. Mark Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny, honestly had about 50 pages in the back of sources and references to back up his opinions. They are witty, interesting and informative.

4) Conservative authors work hard at what they do. Usually they have a weekly column and sometimes a radio (and/or a TV show) and publish at least a book a year, if not more. How did get Glenn Beck get on 4 different lists? Because he cranks out a new book every few months and people like what he writes!

It just cracks me up that at the end of the Newsbusters article, the Media Research Center's study found that liberal authors and books got more press and promotion than conservative authors and books, but are still failing!! How ironic is that? Now wonder they are foaming at the mouth about this - that's embarrassing!

Make a product that people want to buy and you will sell it. Simple as that.
But like everything liberals touch, they won't improve their product, but take down the successful people instead.


Courtney said...

This is ridiculous. Conservatives should have their own book list because they're making others feel bad for having better books? Puhleasssee. This is segregation all over again.

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

Welcome to a liberal world.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Separate but equal? I'm with Courtney, it's segregation all over again, and it's just as nasty now as it was then. They want to silence conservatives on paper just as they do on talk radio. Woohoo! Go diversity and equality, go!

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

Kind of ironic that it's the democrats that are doing it, isn't it?

They like to preach about about equality and how conservatives are the mean ones in favor of segregation, but they are the ones actually doing it.

Equality to them is leveling the playing field by tying the successful ones's hands behind their back. Equality to us is everyone having the chance to succeed, if they work hard enough.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

heh. I've made this same comparison in referencing Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron." Yep, I'd rather we pulled up the few who need it rather than pull down the many who are doing well.

Hannityinaskirt said...

Haha! I can't believed I'm surprised by this, this is sooo typical liberal. No one willingly likes to Listen to liberals, that's why they control 95% of the News media, they Force you to hear their liberal bullcrap. Despite all odds, the media, the school system, the Government trying its hardest to silence its critics, Conservatism sells. People long for freedom, liberty, they want to hear that anyone can succeed if they try hard. Liberals hate successful Conservatives because it proves liberalism fails. These people without help of the government, marked a product that people want and became successful just by taking advantage of the free market system. What a success story! Liberals don't seem to understand that a system of reward failure, punish success is a system doomed to failure, so instead they hate Conservatives for their hard work and triumphs.