Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beck uses the race card???

Never thought I'd see Beck play the race card. I liked him when he first came on Fox. I admire his interest in politics and history. It's great that he's gotten so many people inspired, he's like Sarah Palin that way. Loved him on the Beck/O'Reilly tour. I love his books - they are chock full of information and delightfully A.D.D. When I read my last one, there was information that I just could not believe, so I looked it up for myself and found Beck had stretched the truth a little bit. I became wary of him, and think he abuses his power. But that's niether here nor there.

I'll take his challenge. I will research Newt in depth, backwards & forwards, to prove that he is NOT like Barack Obama. I've already posted about how the global warming charge against Newt was bogus and will continue to make posts about his record to show why he's the best guy for the job... or I just might end up changing my mind in the process. Who knows?

But shame on Beck for stooping to that level. Hey Beck, you know only progressives use the race card, right? You sure you are a "true" conservative?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gingrich and Global Warming

Now that Herman Cain is out of the race, I'm turning more of my attention to my #2 choice - Newt Gingrich. I realize some of us have our reservations, especially when it comes to his views on Global Warming and other things. So I had to see this Global Warming ad for myself.

Here's the ad in it's entirety:

Now what concerns me more about that ad is Pelosi smiling (looks like an alligator after it spotted its lunch), the fact that they are so 50's family sitcom sickeningly sweet to one another (that smile they gave each other made me gag) and the overall scariness of it. I've been reading a Stephen King book before bed and I guarantee you that this ad will give me more nightmares than that book.

That said, in all fairness, even thought he referenced global warming, the main point of this ad was to get together and clean up the Earth by cleaner, cheaper energy sources. Everyone can agree to that. Global Warming or not, we do need to keep the Earth clean. I don't think this ad is as damaging as some people like to point out.

Now here's Newt's response to the ad:

He says it was "the dumbest single thing" he's done in recent years. Also, that he isn't sure whether the Earth is warming or not, which is good. He's not pushing his views on anyone else and says we should listen to both sides. He also reiterated what I said above, that all Americans should find cleaner energy sources. He says "I do not think you should have a gigantic, central government model of a solution". Also said that he has studied the Earth's temperatures and they go up and down over time. Plus, he voted against Cap & Trade.

Doesn't seem like he's "in favor" of Global Warming to me. He's fairly honest about it actually. He basically says he's not sure about it (and I think he's more doubting that believing), he definitely isn't for taxing the stuffing out of us in the name of it, yet believes that we still need to protect the environment and find cheaper/cleaner energy sources. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think I just warmed up to him a little bit more...

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Herman Cain

I had planned to make a post about Mr. Cain this weekend. He had planned to make an announcement on Monday, concerning on whether or not to suspend his campaign or not. I had planned to make a post in support of him and urge others to lend their prayers and good thoughts towards him.

Well, too little too late it seems. Herman Cain has suspended him campaign. I came home and saw the news when I hopped onto my computer, almost an hour after the announcement. My heart sank.

I know I haven't been around a long time, but Herman Cain has been the ONLY candidate that I have ever supported whole-heartedly. He's the first candidate I've ever donated money to their campaign. Every other candidate that I've ever supported was because they were the lesser of two evils. I didn't believe exactly what they had to say, but at least they weren't the other guy. I've always casted a ballot to keep out someone else, but never in support of someone. When Herman announced that he was running for President, I was encouraged that I'd actually get to cast a ballot for someone I actually wanted to become President.

I firmly believe Herman is innocent of all the charges against him. And I think it's unfortunate that people would so ruthlessly go after someone and attempt not only to ruin their character, but ruined their relationship with their family, just to win a political race or to get their name out there. It's shameful. Now that Cain will have more time on his hands, I'd like to see him go as ruthlessly after these women and sue the pants off of them. But I have a feeling he won't - he doesn't strike me as being vindictive like that, although he has every right to be.

I never got to post about why I thought he was innocent of the charges:

#1 No evidence. Not one woman ever had any substantial evidence, except the last one with text messages (which I always found weird... how many of us have parents, relatives, etc who are Herman's age that use text messages? Not saying there aren't and that he doesn't text message, but I'd guess very few 60-70 year olds text. It's just odd, like I said.)

#2 - The first accusers vanished when he went down in the polls. Things kept getting curiouser and curiouser.

#3 - One small boost in the polls and then this "13 year affair" stuff breaks.

#4 He was a prominent radio talk show host for years. Where were these ladies then?

#5 As Boortz points out, isn't it odd that all of these women came from Cain's years working for the Restaurant Association? If he really was a womanizer and had a problem, then wouldn't they come from different jobs? (Boortz also points out almost tongue-in-cheek that Cain had his radio show during the supposed 13 year affair. His radio show was on early evening/nighttime. Not exactly a good schedule for dating/going outside one's marriage.)

#6 I realize that it's possible that my favoritism towards Cain makes me blind to the truth. We may never know. But on a personal note, I was in a long-term relationship where I was lied for maybe 6 years. I also worked in retail during high school and college. I currently work in a school and deal with students' excuses to why they failed/can't show up for class. I think I'm pretty good at being able to tell if someone is lying or not.

It's certainly a sad day for our country. I'm firmly believe he could have turned things around. He turned at least two near-bankruptcy business around and made them successful. His plans and ideas could have really worked for us. He's the Anti-Obama. He would have put this country back on the right track again. I'm so disheartened by this news.

I hate the way the media treated him, and are continuing to treat him. They cast him off like a buffoon, made the same dumb jokes that they made about Bush and were horribly, unapologetically racist towards him. I know that's (unfortunately) politics for you, but he did not deserve that kind of treatment. I don't care if he wasn't "the media's" pick for President - he was mine and the pick of so many other people that wanted to have hope (real hope, not hopenchange) in rescuing our country. I don't where they got the idea he was stupid;  the man was a Rocket Scientist - literally! Can't get much smarter than that...  The despairingly racist comments towards him just broke my heart for him.  What do you mean he's "not a REAL black"? Gimme a break... And you guys say conservatives are the racist ones.

We finally had a chance to bring our country back from the clutches of someone like Obama. Someone who it was PROVEN that he started his campaign with a beer summit in the living room of Bill Ayers AND THE MEDIA IGNORED IT. How many other things has he done that the media has IGNORED? And Herman Cain only has accusations, yet the bury him. WHY?!?!?! What the HELL is wrong with people?? Give a dishonest man pass after pass after pass and go for blood when there's a whisper of a rumor about an innocent man. We are really messed up. We really need to turn ourselves around or we just might see all of that doomsday stuff that Beck's always preaching about actually come to pass.
What's done is done and nothing will change the fact that Herman Cain is gone from this race. It just kills me that those liberals are going to take this as an admission of guilt. It sickens me.
Time to pick up the pieces and move on. Guess that's all we can do. Just need to find someone who can defeat Obama. So once again, I'm back to voting for whomever will stand a chance against Obama. Newt's always been my second choice. He's smart, brings good ideas to the table. He has his flaws, but at least he's not Romney/Perry/Bachman

Good luck to you, Herman, you'll always have my support, should you ever decide to run again. Hopefully, you'll be able to do more for this country on the outside instead of inside. I bought a t-shirt at the rally when he announced he was running for President and I will continue to wear that shirt with pride.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Robbers Protest Homeowners

I was thinking today about how ironic it was that the Wall Street Occupiers were protesting people who work. It's like robbers protesting homeowners. So I sat down and thought about what demands the Local Robbers Union would have for all of us, if they did decide to have such a protest. It's asinine and silly, but I needed to relieve stress from the dirty liberals. This is the last entry I'll write about the Wall Street bums. They'll go away if we stop talking about them and I won't donate any more of my blog to calling attention to them.

So without further adieu:

The Local Robbers' Union Demands for Homeowners

1) Home Security Systems must be turned off 20% of the time. It's not fair to have them on all the time and we are at a disadvantage. Homeowners can still have them on 80% of the time and that's more than enough. What are the chances we'll hit your house during the 20% of the time it's off anyways? No one needs it on more than 80% of the time.

2) Free health care. We constantly get injured while robbing your houses - cuts from the broken glass that we smashed in, jumping from second story windows when you come home unexpectedly and your dogs treating us like chew toys. Not to mention all the stress that's involved. It's not an easy job robbing houses and the least you guys can do for us is pay for our health care.

3) Nights and weekends. As previously stated, robbing houses is tough work. Robbers are people too and we deserve to have nights and weekends off. Please plan your vacations accordingly. We have families that we need to support, too. We don't always like sneaking into unfamiliar places in the middle of the night.

4) Vacation time. Robbing people blind is tough work and we deserve a few vacations a year. Of course, we wouldn't be robbers if we could afford those for ourselves, so you would need to provide (at minimum) 3 fully paid for vacations.

5) Robbery forgiveness. If by any chance you catch us in the action of robbing your house, then we need robbery forgiveness. Don't call the cops, don't shoot us with your gun, don't sick Fido on us. Just let us go and we won't steal any more of your stuff, but we get to keep the stuff we already loaded into the truck because it'd be a pain to unload it after we just got everything in there.

6) A 30 day return policy. If by any chance something was broken during the robbery, then we have up to 30 days to return it for a new one and you will upgrade us to a better one for free. If your items were not up to our standards (ex:  VCR instead of BluRay, cord phone instead of Iphone), you will provide us with an item of proper quality and mail it to us.

7) A fully stocked refrigerator. Robbers live life on the go and we don't always have time for a balanced meal. It would help if you kept ready-made, portable meals stocked in your fridge for us. Further more, we deserve an hour break for every 8 hours worked.

8) Wages. In robbery, some days are good; some days are bad. No one can expect to support a family on that kind of income, so we need a set wage per hour at least at minimum wage. (This does not include the items we take from you. Those are counted as tips and are not taxable)

9) Car insurance. Not at robbers have cars, but some of us do. It'd be nice if you'd provide us with that as well. Our cars get a lot of damage from high-speed car chases away from the cops and from being in a general rush all the time.

10) Remove Home Security Ads. Take them down. They are degrading to our profession and are very prejudice. We do not wear stripes or always dress in black. Not all of us are brutes who can kick down doors and very few of us run at the sound of an alarm. But remember, if it makes you feel safer, you can still keep it on 80% of the time.

The Wall Street Occupiers

So we saw this movement start as a small protest, which laughably showed up on the wrong street on the first day. These dedicated souls promised to be out there for a month, if needed, to make sure their message was heard. It was then that we witness the ultimate irony: unemployed moochers protesting Wall Street workers.

I ventured to their website the other day - at the time I visited, they had 756 backers. Also noticed that somehow 756 people raised $30, 507 for their cause. Where do 756 unemployed moochers get that kind of money? It comes out to about $40. 35 for each person and that's just average! Heck, I'm one of the "evil rich" and all I could afford to send Herman Cain was $25. Another lesson in irony for you - just how are anti-capitalistic people obtaining that kind of dough?

Have you seen some of these videos from the rally? A bunch of people chanting what another person says. Warning: There's 8 minutes of it. I couldn't last longer than 2 minutes. Have to hand it to them - I can stomach to listen to Obama longer than that. There's another one, thankfully shorter and the guys actually does articulate his argument well... Although, he goes off the beaten path to blame the bad economy on Fox News and Conservative Billionaires. (Hey, I said it was easier to listen to... but not by much.)

And now, released today, their list of "demands". I can barely contain my excitement. Unfortunately, I'll only be able to share some gems with you, as I cannot possibly do justice to the whole list.

"Demand One: Restoration of a living wage. ... Minimum wage must be raised to twenty dollars an hour". Yes... that will get us back to work. So now instead of a business being able to afford 10 employees, he has to cut down to less than half because he needs to pay them $20 an hour.

"Demand Two: Single Payer Healthcare System". Yeah, yeah, yeah... Seems like this is a staple on every whiney, moocher liberal's list these days. You aren't getting it and we're making sure of that.

"Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment."  There are just no words. You want to be paid for not doing a job? Really? And who's going to pay it - the "Evil rich" (most likely)?? There's not enough money to go around! Did these people get allowances as a kid without doing any work? (probably)

"Demand four: Free college education."   Well, if anyone needs it, they do. They need some kind of education.

Make sure you are sitting down for this one. This one is my favorite:
"Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the "Books." World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the "Books." And I don't mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period."
Wow, I can just tell that was written by an early 20-something, can't you? And yeah, we'll forgive your student loans. Just return your diplomas and give back all the things you learned.

But in all seriousness, those of us that went to college all have to pay for our education. How is it "fair" that you expect to get your debts forgiven when I had to pay for my schooling? Yes, college is expensive. That's life. I'm currently taking myself through flight school and paying is one of the worst parts. But if I walked in there and said that they should let me take free lessons, who is going to be there to teach me after the school goes under from lack of funds? Who will repair the planes when they need maintenance? How will we get gas in them to be able to get off the ground? These things cost money and no, I can't steal the money from an "evil rich" to pay for me. They don't want to go to flight school; I do. Therefore, it's my responsibility to pay for it. I don't expect them to take the knowledge from the textbooks and dump it into my head, and I don't expect them to dump money into my pockets. I need to pay for the services rendered. This is how the world works. Yes, it is hard - I know. But it will be worth it in the end. All of that hard work, all of that studying, all of that time and money put in will result in something that I'll be able to be proud of because I accomplished it. Think of "The Little Red Hen" story your Mom read you as a kid. She gathered all the materials, she spent all day in the kitchen, she baked and cleaned when everyone else was out having fun. When all was said and done, she was able to enjoy the pie that she put so much effort into making.

Hey, Moochers- I've got a solution for all of your asinine demands: GET A JOB. It'll solve all of them. Really, just look:

1) Living wage of $20 an hour. This one is easy. You go to school, get a degree, and get a job. You either work your way up in this job or work until a better opportunity comes along. Follow these easy steps and you will get $20 an hour one day.

2) Health care. Cut out the fancy cell phone, cable and other things you don't need. Use that money to purchase health insurance while you are young. Take care of yourself so you get the lowest rate possible. Then go back to #1 and get a decent job. After awhile, you can sign up for the company's health plan and pay even less than you are now. You might even be able to afford cable and Iphones again!

3) Guarantee yourself a living wage, regardless of employment. I don't care if you are working at McDonald's or on Wall Street. Live within your means and you will always have a "living wage". Budget, save, build your skills, do whatever you can to make sure you are living comfortably no matter where you work.

4) Free college education - we have it. It's called a library and it's fantastic. You can learn about everything that you've ever wanted to know and it doesn't cost you a dime (unless you return a book late).

Another way to learn skills for free - volunteer. They are so happy that people are willing to show up that they are willing to teach you anything.

11) With your spanking new job, snazzy new health insurance and free new skills you learned at the library and volunteering, you can now afford to pay back all of your student loans. Easy, right?

Moral of the story: Go out and earn your own money. Use your drive and enthusiasm towards getting a job and working hard at it, rather than wasting that energy on complaining about what others have that you don't. You can take all the money from me that you want and you will never be happy until you earn your own.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“Clearly, he’s been corrupted by the ring of power.”

Thank you, McCain. You have given me the opportunity I was waiting for. I’m getting tired of talking about Obama and I was thinking that I blog about him way too much. I was hoping someone else in DC would step forward and give me an excuse to blog about them for a bit.

I already gave McCain a jab in my last entry about the “TeaParty Hobbits” comment. Didn’t pay it too much attention because as irritating as it was, I mostly laughed it off. Failed Presidential Candidate who didn’t get elected because he was too liberal to be a conservative and he goes off on true conservatives. Cute. Kinda funny (if it wasn’t so sad).

But then it starts to get irksome when he gives an unapology and goes off on a constituent during a town hall meeting. He unapologizes like Hillary, goes off on people during a town hall meeting like the liberals did and seems to be as classy as Emperor Obama.

Well, not that I like the alternative, but Thank Gawd he wasn't elected. Otherwise, we may have ended up in the same boat without all of the sleeping dragons waking up.

Why is having a balanced budget amendment wrong? I don't care if you think it's impractical. It's NECESSARY. You and the liberals act like you are allergic to balancing a budget. We're spending money so fast that poor George Washington on the dollar bill breaks the sound barrier as he slips through your fingers. WE NEED A BLOODY SPEED LIMIT TO SLOW YOUR SPENDING DOWN! Call us all the names you want; doesn't change the fact that we need to stop spending NOW.

"McCain said conservatives' insistence that an increase in the debt ceiling be accompanied by a balanced budget amendment was "worse than foolish" because it couldn't get through the Senate."

And what's wrong with that? (Besides agreeing to a debt ceiling increase. It should not have been moved an inch, IMHO.)

He says that the debt ceiling is going to be raised one way or another. It will if you give up before you even try! You are supposed to fight for us - you are supposed to curb the spending, "conservative"!

But I digress. Just remember, McCain, some of those "Tea Party Hobbits" were the reason you got as far as you did in the election. Some of them are even probably why you have the job that you have now. And remember that the liberals pull as many punches as they do because you are too busy wrapped up in fantasy tales and calling other people names. The hobbits were the heroes of that story, you know... So thanks for the compliment, even though I know you didn't intend it that way. And give up the ring, Gollum, it's only causing you to be more two-faced than usual. Unfortunately, we're stuck with you on this journey. Here's hoping you don't betray us down the line or try to push us into the fires of Mordor.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Politically Incorrect Monday

In honor of the debt fiasco...

Although I DO have to hand it to him that he wasn't this sarcastic today during his presser. He got in one zinger about "big government" and again said that the wealthy would have to contribute more (as expected). Didn't take responsibility either... but ya know... can't have your cake and eat it too.

And the line about how the U.S. will "always have AAA credit" no matter what anyone says - CRAP. Just like saying it doesn't matter if it hit an iceburg and sank, the Titanic will always be an unsinkable ship.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The US loses it's AAA rating; Libs blame the Tea Party

Leave it to the libs to smoke me out of hiding. Just couldn't take it anymore. All of their (and granted to be fair, the Republicans too) actions have gotten me so smoking mad lately that it was either find some medication to lower my boiling blood pressure or blog. I've still been around, posting a random thought or snarky remark here and there on Facebook, such as:

"NEWS ALERT: Apparently with the loss of the AAA rating comes a new definition of racism. You are now a racist if you don't want to spend money that you don't have."

Which, have no fear, I will get into a bit later. Apart from that, I have been busy off fear-conquering and becoming a pilot (which only adds to my irkdom with all of the FAA shutdown mess and The Chosen One's "corporate jet owners" foolishness).

Okay, a few random thoughts to get out before I launch into my rant. I'm sure I've said all of this before, so I won't waste a whole entry on it again, but the monetary-challenged moochers still haven't gotten some of these things through their pretty little heads yet:

1) The secret to being rich is to work hard, save as much as you can, and don't spend what you don't have. A budget can't hurt either. And yes, it's really as simple as that. There's no magic money tree and no bag of leprechaun coins is going to fall into your lap out of the sky. Likewise, there's no evil conspiracy by those who are rich to prevent you from doing well for yourself. And yes, life isn't fair, but life is also what you make it.

2) No, you cannot have my money. I don't care if you think you deserve it more than I do. Nobody deserves my money more than I do, except maybe the people/animals/causes that I choose to give it to. And yes, I am selfish. To quote Hank Reardon from Atlas Shrugged, "What part of 'MINE' don't you understand?'. (Side note: Yes, I read it. Saw the movie too. Poke fun at my reading skills/intelligence all you want, libs. I know differently and don't care. You are making fun of people who read a 1000+ book (AND endured Galt's speech, nonetheless). Who are you to make fun of someone else's reading skills?) Btw, you are just going to make me hang onto my money harder if you go whining to the gov't to take my money away from me.

3) To Obama and his cronies: In what math class were you taught that a person who earns $250k is a "millionaire" or "billionaire"? And to your followers who call me a "millionaire", thanks for the compliment, but in what world does 5 figures equal a million dollars?

4) One day you grow up and realize that social classes are not determined by how much you earn. Social classes are a mindset and nothing more. Think and act like you were middle class or upper class and you will be there. Ditto with lower class, which is why some of them will never leave - they don't want to leave. But terms like "upper class", "middle class" and "the underprivileged" (libs would never, ever say "lower class") are just there to build up the war between the classes. The TRUE classes are the Producers, the Looters and the Moochers. And like the other three, these also have nothing to do with what you earn, but a mindset.

Okay, I think that covers everything. So the US has lost it's AAA rating. And as much as the libs are foaming at the mouth to blame the Tea Party...and blame them some more...and a little more. In fact, when I saw the spike in "Blame the Tea Party" rhetoric last week, I compared them to being like roaches when someone turns on the light. I joke, but their juvenile reaction is absolutely, positively shameful. I expect more out of grown adults, especially those representing us in government (as well as so-called "journalists"). Shame on you. You can't take responsibility for your own actions and you turn around and blame others. You spend money like a teenage girl with her parents' credit card, can't keep track of the money you have and dare to ask for more when you aren't even responsible for the money you have! "Oh, but the millionaires and billionaires won't miss it. They've got a couple of hundred thousand just sitting around collecting dust; they don't need it. It's their patriotic duty to pay their fair share". You sit around, doing God knows what, because we know for sure you aren't reading any pesky bills or anything since you don't have time for that. You run your mouth on TV, and avoid town hall meetings so you don't have to own up to what you are doing (or not doing). Some of you are yammering on about how islands are going to 'capsize', or making kindergarten presentations about how the republicans want you to "die quickly". You are supposed to represent us and work for us. And when people - average, everyday people- get sick & tired of the whole reality-show-worthy circus call you out and ask you to do what you've been sent to Washington to do, you have the nerve to call them terrorists and every other violence-inciting word out there. These are people in your districts and in your states. These are people you represent. These are the people you work for. And you still have a job! Even if I could get away with that at my job, I'd like to think that I've got more class to ever stoop that low. You have the gaul to call us names, to treat us as less than human, to ignore us and turn your backs on us, yet you think you are entitled to our money? Think again.

Forget for a minute that you have NO right to someone else's money. Why don't you clean up your act and stop spending billions on cloud watching museums and put that money to good use. Maybe people would be more willing to let their hard-earned dollars go if you were responsible with their money. Enough filling the pockets of illegal aliens or welfare bums. Enough posting signs everywhere that these roads were paid for by the "Reinvestment and Recovery Act". There's a few million that wasn't necessary.

Obama, quit demonizing corporate jet owners (that by the way, YOU gave the tax break to in the first place), while you are zipping around in Air Force One, like it was your corporate jet. Stay at home, save some gas and we're got our Air Force One tax break right there. And I think that's great that you've got a couple hundred thousand dollars just sitting around that you don't need. Please be my guest to donate that to the government. Nothing's stopping you. But don't force me at the point of a gun to give up my money that you deem "dispensable income". Stop the "you must give up your fair share so some poor kids can go to college". I am not responsible to send someone else's kids to college, no matter how poor they may be. If they want to go badly enough, there are scholarships and loans, or maybe the parents should be making sacrifices for their kids. It's not being mean or selfish. It's how the rest of us got through college. They can do it too. It builds character and makes them work harder in the end.

I highly suspect that we would have lost our AAA credit rating, even if we let the libs have their way. By the way, for the financially-challenged liberals (redundant, maybe?), raising the debt ceiling to pay off the debts we already have is like taking out another credit card to pay off our already increasing debts. Doesn't work that way. And frankly, I'm still appalled at the agreement they managed to reach and am not happy for the so-called "conservatives" (yeah, that goes for you, McCain. Loved the "Lord of the Rings" analogy, but please stop watching movies and do your job) who voted for it. We shouldn't have raised the debt ceiling AT ALL. Again, not to be mean, but because we can't afford to do so. Why is it so hard to understand that we cannot afford to spend money that we do not have?  (By the way, preventing people from spending money you don't have makes you a racist.) The way to reduce our debts is to stop spending, not by taxing more (or perhaps by taxing the bottom 50% who pay no taxes... Fair Tax?)

Just keep in mind that once you open the Pandora's Box to allow the government to tax the "rich" more, then you have allowed them to also take as much as they want from you. You may not be "rich", but the government's definitions are not what we think of as traditional definitions. And one day, the "rich" will run out of money and guess whose door the government will be knocking on? Yours. I guarantee it.

There, I think my blood pressure has returned to normal. For now. Obugger's good at raising it by flapping his gums, saying the same thing over and over and over, interrupting my radio programs. I'll try not to stay away so long next time (and honestly had no idea so much time had gone by since my last post!). In the meantime, you can catch me on Facebook or one of my other blogs.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Arizona Shooting Blame Game

The shooting in Arizona yesterday was tragic and my heart goes out to all the innocent victims and their families. No one should ever use violence to express their anger over politics, or anything for that matter.

Now what upsets me about this whole incident is the fact that the media and the liberals are using it to promote their agenda. Who cares what political party he belongs to? How in the world does that have anything to do with the issue at hand? He's a nutjob. Period. And innocent people were killed or injured because of this nutjob's actions. We need to take the attention off of him and give it to the victims of this tragedy, who deserve it. Squabbling about if he's a Tea Party member or liberal and blaming other people for his actions is a slap in the face to those that suffered from this and are still suffering.

Unfortunately, people are going to use this incident and the victims to push their Anti-gun laws or "The Tea Party is full of violent nutjobs" myth. They will blame innocent people, like Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck, for "inciting violence". I fear they will use this situation and others like it to build momentum into silencing the Glenn Beck's, Sarah Palin's or the Tea Party. I really fear for my country.

We already have people that refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Now we have people assigning responsibility to others for someone else's actions. Sad, sad times. Yes, it was unfortunate Salin Palin had cross hairs over Congresswoman Giffords picture/district/state whatever, but to call for her head over it is just insane. (Btw, thank you for the classy act, Senator Alexander)

My heart just breaks when I read statements like this:

"When asked if she had any enemies, Giffords' father reportedly wept. "'Yeah,'" he told The New York Post. "'The whole Tea Party.'"

I may disagree with some of her politics, but I don't consider her an "enemy". My prayers go out to Congresswoman Giffords and her family. May she have a speedy recovery.