Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Putting the United States on Trial

I keep hearing about those terrorist goons who are going to be tried in NY and it just sickens me. Eric Holder and his little friends are making a mockery of what happened on 9/11 and our legal system. Nothing gets my temper flaring lately than to see the media using that terrorist's words or O'Reilly interviewing the defense lawyer. We should not being giving these cretins the time of day, so quit legitimizing them by giving them airtime! Not to mention the legal and safety risk.

First of all, the terrorist should not have been brought to American soil. He does not deserve a trial or deserve to abide to our laws. He is not American; he MURDERED Americans. Actually, he should have had his Military Tribunal or whatever they give them down at Gitmo and put to death already.

Secondly, he was never given Miranda rights when he was taken in custody (see above: he is not American, he is not given the rights of one). So if his case is brought to trial, he can get off on this technicality, which is BS.

Thirdly, this trial has the potential to be a complete circus. It will make the OJ Simpson case seem tame and organized in comparison. They have a chance to be found innocent and walk free, which Eric Holder says he will not let them go if that happens. WTF? What is the point of putting them on trial then? This is not to put the terrorists on trial; it's to put the Bush, Cheney, the CIA and the United States on trial. I'm so glad families of the 9/11 victims protested this... Good for them! We need to stand behind them.

I think our country has gone insane. Navy SEALS are facing charges for "assaulting" most wanted terrorists. ("Gateway Pundit" and "Another Black Conservative" has a good post about this) Good, I say - next time, don't assault them - just kill them. Interrogate them on the field and take them out right then and there. Saves time, saves tax dollars and saves us from stupid crap like this. And yeah, yeah liberals, I know I'm a violent, war-mongering, racist conservative. Whatever, I'm the most non-violent person I know. I'm as about as harmless as a kitten, if they would bother to get to know me before calling me names. But don't legitimize these terrorists, who killed thousands of my fellow Americans, and give them the same rights of an American. Don't give them a platform to speak against the United States on and don't keep giving them publicity. They don't deserve that much - they don't deserve anything. They planned and killed Americans and wouldn't hesitate to do it again, if we released them. Lethal injection or an trip to the electric chair is too good for them. And this is coming from the person who only believes in the using the death penalty as a last resort.

Ditto for the Foot Hood shooter. His lawyer says it would be "barbaric" to put a paralyzed man to death. And to that I say, too bad those policemen didn't have a better shot. Could have saved us all a lot of trouble.

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