Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“Clearly, he’s been corrupted by the ring of power.”

Thank you, McCain. You have given me the opportunity I was waiting for. I’m getting tired of talking about Obama and I was thinking that I blog about him way too much. I was hoping someone else in DC would step forward and give me an excuse to blog about them for a bit.

I already gave McCain a jab in my last entry about the “TeaParty Hobbits” comment. Didn’t pay it too much attention because as irritating as it was, I mostly laughed it off. Failed Presidential Candidate who didn’t get elected because he was too liberal to be a conservative and he goes off on true conservatives. Cute. Kinda funny (if it wasn’t so sad).

But then it starts to get irksome when he gives an unapology and goes off on a constituent during a town hall meeting. He unapologizes like Hillary, goes off on people during a town hall meeting like the liberals did and seems to be as classy as Emperor Obama.

Well, not that I like the alternative, but Thank Gawd he wasn't elected. Otherwise, we may have ended up in the same boat without all of the sleeping dragons waking up.

Why is having a balanced budget amendment wrong? I don't care if you think it's impractical. It's NECESSARY. You and the liberals act like you are allergic to balancing a budget. We're spending money so fast that poor George Washington on the dollar bill breaks the sound barrier as he slips through your fingers. WE NEED A BLOODY SPEED LIMIT TO SLOW YOUR SPENDING DOWN! Call us all the names you want; doesn't change the fact that we need to stop spending NOW.

"McCain said conservatives' insistence that an increase in the debt ceiling be accompanied by a balanced budget amendment was "worse than foolish" because it couldn't get through the Senate."

And what's wrong with that? (Besides agreeing to a debt ceiling increase. It should not have been moved an inch, IMHO.)

He says that the debt ceiling is going to be raised one way or another. It will if you give up before you even try! You are supposed to fight for us - you are supposed to curb the spending, "conservative"!

But I digress. Just remember, McCain, some of those "Tea Party Hobbits" were the reason you got as far as you did in the election. Some of them are even probably why you have the job that you have now. And remember that the liberals pull as many punches as they do because you are too busy wrapped up in fantasy tales and calling other people names. The hobbits were the heroes of that story, you know... So thanks for the compliment, even though I know you didn't intend it that way. And give up the ring, Gollum, it's only causing you to be more two-faced than usual. Unfortunately, we're stuck with you on this journey. Here's hoping you don't betray us down the line or try to push us into the fires of Mordor.

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