Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Madder than a wet hen in Georgia

First of all, let me start by saying I hope all of my readers and fellow bloggers in Georgia are safe and sound (and dry!). My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the floods. I hope we can get everything cleaned up and get people back into their homes as quickly as possible.

And while we are on topic, shame on you, Creative Loafing. I'm embarrassed to be from the same city as them. How disgusting. People are dying, many people have lost their homes and they are bringing politics into this?!?! We need to help one another out, regardless of political party. How about an article of what items certain area of GA needs? How about places we can go to help? How about something to bring people together to help get our lives back to normal as possible instead of trying to separate us more? Sickening that a person would even write that, and sickening that the publication would even publish it. Absolutely no class.

Speaking of no class, where is the President issuing at least a statement about this flooding? Or is he too busy doing his talk show/late night talk show circuit? When he's asked about the flood, will he say "What flood?", as he did when they asked him about the tea parties? WHERE IS HE? If you want to talk about "proper decorum" as they chided Joe Wilson about, then how about a small statement about hoping everyone is okay or something? If he can take time out for talk shows, take time out to acknowledge Ramadan, and take time out to defend his friend, Gates, against the police officers doing their job - I say it again - Where is he??

It's not even as POTUS he should say something, it should be a knee-jerk human response. We're saying it to each other here - WE, as in everyday people. And a person with as much media attention as he gets, should at least acknowledge it.

Granted this isn't as bad as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but where are the people that screaming during it that President Bush was racist and not acting fast enough? The Gov. of Georgia, Sonny Purdue, has asked for Obama to declare us a state of emergency, and no response as of yet. Apparently, Mr Hopenchange is too busy hobbnobbing with his friends from the UN to comment on the disaster.

"Obama is in New York at an annual United Nations General Assembly meeting. Perdue said he has been in touch with the president's staff by e-mail."

So Obama is apologizing for us for causing global warming and kissing up to the UN, while Purdue is e-mailing his staff??? Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?? Purdue hoped for some sort of response by the end of Tuesday and now it's the end of Wednesday. Obama wants to rush through 1,000+ page bills through Congress because "the time to act is now", but drags his feet during a time-sensitive natural disaster issue? E-mail the dog, Sonny, you might get a quicker response.

found on Boortz.com


Rotti said...

He's not worthy of being a president as he really doesn't care about us, only his agenda.

great article on your floods in Ga. My kids live there, so my heart went out to all of you.

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

How are your kids? Hope they are doing okay...