Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Jones/Beck&Blogger War and Health care reform revisited

It was great news to wake up and hear about Van Jones resigning first thing Sunday morning. A point to Glenn Beck and all the bloggers for exposing him for the person he really is. Despite the good news, I can't help being wary. Yeah, all of these czars and other people Obama appoints are shady characters and don't need to be messing up things in the government, but they will still continue to advise the President "unofficially". Not to mention, they have a little more freedom to do as they wish - say anything they want, go wherever they want - and the backlash will be less severe from anything they end up doing. It just may have made him stronger. Arianna Huffington illustrates this in her blog, "Thank You, Glenn Beck!", but I think she goes overboard with the nauseating love fest. You only need to read the first few paragraphs, if you can stomach it, to get the point, (and no, not that she gushes over him like a preteen gushing over an idol - she does that in the first few sentences), that Beck has inadvertently made him stronger. I hope I'm wrong... but we shall see. Oh, apparently, they've coined a new name for all those meanies who chased Jones away with their lies and smear campaigns - "Hate Broadcast Terrorists". (Got to give them credit for that one - although "hate" and "terrorist" are both overused now, they have never used "broadcast" to insult people before)

In other news, Obama's giving his speech tomorrow about health care. I plan to listen to it, but I'm not expecting anything different than his other ones about campaigning for health care. I think it's funny that Reid is convinced their health care bill will be bipartisan?!?! Guess his vacation was a little bit too long... But if you want to make it more interesting, here's a BINGO game to play along as you are watching/listening.

And on a lighter note:

H/t to The Conservative Lady for the comic. (click it to make it bigger)

H/t to ParrotPatriot for this video. I think I'm beginning to like David Webb already...

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