Sunday, August 16, 2009

Politics as usual

Wow, there's never a shortage of things to post about lately, is there? I guess Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer and the rest of their friends ARE good for something...

I've been busy lately - writing letters, going to a rally on healthcare...But I have to say a HUGE "Thank You!" to all of my fellow bloggers out there! I'm glad I finally found a network to be apart of. I'm just amazed - at all of the work you are doing, and getting the word out there. Sometimes I hear news from my blogger friends faster than I hear news from the networks.

One of the many things I learned from fellow bloggers was the Glenn Beck boycott. I was just appalled! I don't agree 100% with what Beck said, but I stand for his right to say it. And now this group, with ties to the Obama administration is trying to silence him?? If we let them get away with this, we will open the door to allow them to silence everyone. I've already written to State Farm and Golden Corral, and I plan to write to others on the "boycott" list. No response from either as of yet.

Some have released statements that they never meant to air their ads on politically charged programming in the first place (State Farm). Odd how they never pulled their ads when a liberal commentator called President Bush a racist...

See others on the boycott list (plus contact info) on:


On Saturday, I went to a healthcare rally in Atlanta, headlined by Herman Cain, a local radio talk show host.

I was a bit disappointed in the format - the advertised it as a town hall, but I found it to be more of a pep rally. Not that we don't need those too, mind you, but they lined up people from the healthcare industry, telling why they didn't want government health care. I thought they should have gotten people in the industry that might be in favor and have a mini debate. (Although it was suggested to me that perhaps they did invite opposing views, but they didn't bother to show up, which could be true)

I also attended the event alone. I wore my "Taggart Transcontinental" t-shirt, but no one seemed to get the reference (Atlas Shrugged). I usually drag my boyfriend to these type of events, but he had to work. The majority of my other friends and co-workers are liberal and are in favor of the healthcare bill. The friends who are opposed, don't like to go to public political events.

I met one lady there that was very, very nice and we had a great conversation. But she kept thanking me for being there and how great it was that I was involved in politics at such a young age (she thought I was 21), and how I was brave coming all alone, etc... I just felt very patronized by it all. I know she didn't mean it that way, but there were other people there that were my age or younger. I know we're in a minority in our age group (only 35% opposed to government run health care in my age group) and there were lots of other people who also came alone. I thought everyone who came out deserved a "thank you" for working hard for what they believed in. I'm not special, I'm just like everyone else out there that doesn't want the government in every waking moment of my life.

Although speaking of the health care bill, I was very encouraged to hear the liberals are dropping "public option" from the bill. Encouraging, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't trust the liberals in the least. They are very quick to announce they are dropping something, only to rename it or reinsert it under the table.

Besides, the "public option" aspect is only one of many things that scare me about the bill. I've started reading it myself and in the first 24 pages alone, they have a number of things that will cripple (forgive the bad pun) the health care industry economically. Yes, you are letting them compete with the public option, but as they said at the rally, "They are tying private health care insurance companies' arms and legs and telling them they are still allowed to compete". The playing field isn't the same... We'll have to see how this whole "dropping the public option" thing turns out...

But while we've been distracted with the health care reform bill, the liberals have been busy with other things, namely targeting talk radio. Seems they appointed (back in July) a new chief diversity officer and are planning to attack conservative talk radio stations the same way they want to take down private insurance companies - financially.

The liberals are beyond desperate right now. They believe talk radio is the reason for people opposing their plans. I hope they don't succeed - I happen to enjoy listening to Neal Boortz in the morning at work and catch Herman Cain's show whenever possible. BUT if they do succeed, it will only make bloggers stronger (until they take us down too). And hopefully it will be the jolt that will wake up more Americans in standing against them.

Here's the video from Beck's show - an 8 minute clip, but well worth watching.

And now, I will end this with something more positive - a video I found on Beck's website of "You must call me Senator" Boxer vs Harry Alford, CEO of Black Chamber of Commerce. I could not stop laughing! Go Harry Alford! You tell her, man! (But I wonder why she didn't object when he called her "ma'am"? Doesn't he know he should call her "Senator"?)


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. A little update, the public opintion in the healthcare bill has not been dropped. Remember that anything can and will be inserted in the bill up until the time it is voted on.

Hazaa said...

Thanks for the update - I just heard that this morning myself. I wasn't getting too excited when I heard that it might be dropped - the liberals always rename stuff or re-insert them later.

Courtney said...

I love your blog and thoughtful posts. Your a very smart young woman and that's just what we need :)

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

Thanks Courtney! I love your sticky lipgloss too! ;)

The Conservative Lady said...

Hey, nice blog you have here. I knew what your tee shirt meant...I'm reading "Atlas Shrugged" and can't believe how everything in it is what's happening NOW. Keep up the good work.

Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

Hello TCL, thanks for stopping by!

I just read "Atlas Shrugged" a few months ago. Eerie, isn't it? I read things in that book that I hear fly out of Obama & crew's mouth everyday. I found a bumper sticker that said "Atlas Shrugged is a warning, not an instruction manual". They need to stop treating it as such.