Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good role models are hard to find

I was listening to Herman Cain on the radio in the car last night, while out getting something for dinner. He was in the middle of talking to someone and sounded rather frustrated. Now, especially for those of you who have never heard Herman Cain's show, he is THE most patient man I have ever heard. He rarely raises his voice and always tries to reason with people. I've heard him talk to people that make me want to tear my hair out, but he is just patient and calm with them.

So when I heard him starting to raise his voice on the radio last night, it caught my attention. Just what type of creature has turned calm, cool and collected Mr Cain into the man I hear yelling on the radio right now?

The creature was named Steve and the first words I heard fly out of Steve's mouth were:
"What don't you people get? I voted democratic in this last election and we won. Our guy is in the White House, so you have no room to complain. Sit down, shut up and let us take care of this because we won."

You could have picked me up off of the floor. To hear President Obama's (paraphrased) words coming out of someone else's mouth just shocked me. It shocked me to hear Obama say it in the first place, but it was like another slap in the face to hear it parroted from one of his supporters. (Besides, I don't recall them "sitting down and shutting up" when Bush was in office... nor would I have wanted them too... just sayin'...)

I really wish people would think for themselves, but like it or not, whomever holds the title of "President of the United States" is a role model. And they have the power to influence millions of people, all around the world, for better or worse. AND HE'S TEACHING PEOPLE THAT IT'S OK TO TELL PEOPLE TO "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!! Unbelievable... just unbelievable. Mind you, he's not totally to blame... I'd hope people would have more of a head on their shoulders... but still... What else is he going to teach people that it's okay to do with that kind of influence? It scares me to think about it.


LL said...

President Obama has an agenda to dismantle the US and rebuild it under a socialist model. When he doesn't get his way, he throws a tantrum. In much the same way as liberals threw tantrum at George Bush.

The big chair can get mighty hot and I think Mr. Obama needs to know we'll be watching him and that we're not afraid to call "BS" when we see him acting against the nation's interests.

One Ticked Chick said...

To listen to the president or a congressperson say "We won...." is unbelievable. That's the way 5-year olds talk. I'm not surprised to hear anything they say repeated by the Obamabots who are incapable of thinking for themselves. That's why they always resort to name calling.

Courtney said...

That's absurd. It seems like people nowadays don't want to keep their elected officials in check because they like them, and voted for them. People need to stop drinking the Kool-aid and do their homework as any responsible, informed, voting citizen should. Gag me!

Soloman said...

It's interesting the way you describe Herman Cain. In Arizona have a show host, "The Nearly Famous Barry Young" - and he's a Georgia native. I don't know if Herman Cain is a Georgia native or not, but it's as rare that Barry would raise his voice as you describe Cain.

To the point of your post.. it certainly is amazing the attitude being taken by liberals.. really the far-left, as there are a lot of reasonable 'blue-dog' types (the polls are starting to reflect this!!) who don't feel so entitled just because a 'D' won the election.

When I was a kid and I told my brother to 'shut-up' I was sent to my room and told that was one of the most disrespectful things a person can say. I'd say "Oh, how times have changed," but then again President Obama's six years older than I am.

I guess it's a cultural thing...

Gramma 2 Many said...

Thanks for finding me. I love seeing new readers at my blog. Hope I become a regular on your circut. I certainly will be back and soon.
Have never heard of Herman Cain, but the more voices out there, the better!!
Great point too on how they NEVER and still do not let up on Bush. Everything that is wrong today is Bush's fault.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The robotic Libs will follow Obama off a cliff like a herd of lemmings, no questions asked.

By the way, thanks for stopping by, and for the compliment. I hope you'll come back soon.