Sunday, January 31, 2010

The O'Reilly/Beck Bold Fresh Tour

So after two failed attempts at trying to get tickets at two sold-out theaters, I finally found tickets to the Bold Fresh Tour on my third try. The theater was 20 miles away, and the ticket was $25, but I felt it was worth it. Sometimes after being constantly bombarded by liberal name-calling in the real world everyday, you need to take two hours out to get re-energized by listening to some of the biggest & loudest conservative voices and hanging out with other like-minded people. Don't know about you, but being surrounded by liberals all the time, sometimes I feel isolated. That's why I like events like these and the tea parties - they remind me that I'm not alone.

Anyways, O'Reilly and Beck were an absolute hoot. Everyone was laughing so hard. First Beck came up on stage alone, then O'Reilly and they finished together, asking questions of one another. I won't spoil the whole thing, because I really recommend that you see if for yourself. Plus, tickets are cheaper for the the encore this Tuesday. It'll temporarily relief the anger you feel from BO's campai-- I mean, SOTU speech last week.

I must say I absolutely adore Glenn Beck. Oh, I think he's a little nuts and has a horrible case of A.D.D., but that's part of his charm. He's fun and entertaining to watch. (Not to mention he balances out Mr. Serious O'Reilly) He really knows how to work a crowd.

Like I said, I won't go into everything they said, as I don't wish to ruin it, but some of the funnier moments:

Beck said he was so distracted during Obama's SOTU speech and didn't know which distracted him more - at the things the President said ("Wait, did he REALLY just say that?" Beck said) or "Ren and Stimpy sitting behind him". Said Biden was doing some sort of pantomime act and Pelosi looked like he would just before getting hit by a truck... only with a smile.

Beck continues to make fun of Pelosi, even when it's both him and O'Reilly on the stage.
O'Reilly finally says, "C'mon now, quit making fun of her. What would you do if she called up and said you were really hurting her feelings? Would you stop?".
Beck pauses, looks at O'Reilly like he has lost his mind, laughs and matter-of-factly says "No".
So O'Reilly says, "I know she's a little strange, but come on..."
Beck laughs again and says "Wait, wait, wait. Mr Objective is even saying she's a little strange? Wow..."

Great show - what a treat. I'm really glad I went, even though I felt a little in the minority (I was one of the youngest people there. Ah well...).
I hope they extend their tour and maybe stop by Atlanta. I'd love to see those two in person.

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The Conservative Lady said...

We went to see the show on Saturday night, too, and had to drive an hour because the theaters near us were sold out. We enjoyed it and, yes, it is good to be around like-minded people.