Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome, President Obama

As much as I dislike him, I could not finish this day without welcoming the new president. I really hope I am wrong about him. I don't want him to fail - I love my country too much to wish it ill.

There were some things in his speech that I liked - about how no matter how much government is there to do stuff, we still need to do stuff for ourselves and some of his views on the economy. And it goes without saying, that there were things I did not like, but like the post about Bush, I will leave the negative out of this post.

No matter who you voted for and who you agree/disagree with - isn't this country great? Do you realize how many other countries don't get the chance to vote out their leaders every four years? So no matter what happens, we have the ability to throw our president out in 4 years if we don't like the job he's doing. Some countries with dictators don't get that luxury. I love this country.

But I hope he does well. I wish him no ill-will, although I will be watching him closely. I will give him credit, when it is due for the positive things, and likewise with the negative. I won't be one of those Bush-haters that never gave the poor guy an inch. I really, sincerely hope he does a great job. I WANT him to make me sorry that I didn't vote for him this time around and inspire me to vote for him next time.

We may not have voted for you, but the majority of us are open-minded about you. I challenge you - give me a reason to vote for you next time.

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