Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too Many News Stories, Not Enough Time

So needless to say, PresBO isn't making me want to vote for him. He is, hands down, THE most arrogant person I have ever seen.

Onto the news stories:


Innocent, guilty, whatever - he's the second most arrogant man in America. Quit wasting our time, man. You "boycott" your own trial to "prove" your "innocence" (I don't think I've used quotations so many times in one sentence before...) and then beg to make closing remarks? Give me a break. Either go or don't. Don't waste our time. Glad he's gone (although the circumstances were fishy - apparently he wasn't impeached because of what he did, but because of what he said? Wow... what happened to freedom of speech?) And then barred from ever running for political office again? Isn't it up to the people to decide that? Great, so you took away our rights because he was an idiot?

Are Cartoonists up for the next bailout?

Apparently, cartoonists are upset because there's nothing they can make fun of about President Obama because he's just too darn good looking. Excuse me, what?
I especially loved when they said that it was like during the Clinton Era - hard to make fun of them because they were the "home team". And what were Bush, Condi Rice and all of the Republicans that they were relentless to for 8 years - visitors?

Well I say, good riddance, if you aren't creative enough to come up with anything. You deserve to lose your job if you can't do it.

And on a humorous note:
Obama mistakes a window for a door. I thought he was supposed to be able to walk through these things anyway?

You won't hear about this in the mainstream media. Obama had trouble finding the door to his oval office and tried to enter in through a window. They would have had a field day if this was Bush, but with Obama, of course, it was just an honest mistake.

Gotta love how the NY Daily News makes excuses for him, saying he was so "distracted" from those mean Republicans voting against his "stimulus" plan that he thought the window was the door. And how classy to apologize for Obama, but poke fun at Bush in the same article.

There is not one of us that has not tried to push open a "pull" door or vice versa. Yes, it's embarassing. It gets laughed off and usually forgotten about. So why are excuses made for Obama while Bush will never live it down?

(And on another note, why is "Bam" an acceptable nickname for President Obama, but "Pebo" and "PresBo" are offensive?)

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