Friday, September 26, 2008

A few random, unorganized thoughts

At work today, my supervisor was giving me tips on what to teach the students. The lesson was about how girls were less educated than boys in 3rd world countries. She said I needed to relate it to their own lives and to tell them that we even have this here in the U.S.

When I made a questioning face, she said "You KNOW that's true. Men are still given better jobs than they give the women."

I didn't say it to her, but excuse me, no one has ever GIVEN me a job. I have EARNED them.

Needless to say, I didn't tell the students her example.


Predictions for tonight's debate:
Obama's people will say he won it, McCain's will say he won it.
Just like the reaction from every other move they have made thus far.


John, you've got to stop trying to appease the liberals. You could drop out of the race and they still wouldn't think any better of you. They aren't worth it, leave them alone, pander to your own people.

I'm watching a great series John Adams that was shown on HBO and I'm currently renting from the library. Great series. Highly recommended.
Those people went through a lot to make the great country that we live in. They were meeting to decide what to do about England. One guy insists on sending an appeasement letter to England. Adams says "no". They vote and decide to send it anyways. A few months later, the letter is sent back, unread, and with another letter from the king that says "If you go through with this, then you will be committing treason and those that commit treason against the crown will face certain death". They all look around at each other and say "Okay, let's go for it".

Now, I realize that it's speculation and Hollywoodfied. It may not have gone exactly like that, but wow... those guys are faced with certain death and they shrug, saying "let's go for it"?? You've got to either really believe in what you are doing or are really crazy... or even a little bit of both.

But what a change to people's attitudes now:
"It is too much work to do this myself. The government should provide for me."

I'd be rolling around in my grave if I was a founding father. They must be standing up there, watching all of this and saying "We went through all of that just for the US to end up like this?".

We are squandering what they have built for us. And it's a shame.

Back then, so many people gave up their lives for freedom and for what they believed in.
Today, people give up their freedom and what they believe in for gifts and empty promises. Shame on you for giving up what America means just for the promise of a $1000 tax cut. I think the founding fathers would be ashamed of the sellouts that we have become.

Thomas Jefferson said "Give me liberty or give me death."
American people today say "Give me health care, give me food, give me gas, give me a house, give me..."

Give me a break. Grow up. Get a job (or two if needed). Work hard to earn your money. Feel a sense of accomplishment when you succeed.

Obama just said in the debate "Don't let a soldier die in vain".

Ironic after he told Iraq not to allow the withdrawing of troops until AFTER the election, so he gets credit for it. He says he's concerned about American's lives and our taxpayer money, but he puts more lives at risk, just so he gets credit.

Nice guy you all want for President.

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