Monday, November 12, 2012

A House Divided...

If you have 'liked' my fan page over on Facebook, you'll already know that I was horrified to hear that 15 states had filed petitions on to secede from the United States. It absolutely blew me away and scared me to pieces. I know things are bad and I am not happy with 4 more years of Obowma. But have we really reached the "irreconcilable differences" part of our relationship? Is it really time to divorce the USA?

Besides, it can't be possible, right? Obama will just laugh off this little stunt with his divisive, condescending laugh and be done with it. As far as I know, if something like this were to actually happen, then the individual states would have to go through voting processes through their own bodies of government. Such a dire and serious thing couldn't only be determined by a petition alone. There's no way.

Tonight, I read online that Texas has reached the number of signatures required to bring the petition to Obama's attention. It absolutely broke my heart to read that headline. It brought me to tears to read the comments: "Time to separate all Liberals from Conservatives whatever it takes" and "Let all those anti-American traitors who want to secede from our glorious nation go".

In all honesty, I'm finding it harder to get along with liberals since the election. They are hyped on power and are convinced they are invincible now. As far as they are concerned, my stuff is ripe for the taking and no one will stop them now. Sentiments of "we will tax you and you will like it because we won" are running rampant. I hate standing by and watching as companies, especially aviation companies, lay off workers. Even I am guilty of putting an automatic "moocher" label on everyone I know who voted for Obama. And I'm guilty of fantasizing about all of the conservative like-minded people running off to an island and leaving the rest of them to their pettiness.

As much as I hate watching my beloved country crumble before my very eyes, secession is the absolute end of our country as we know it. There's got to be another solution, even though I don't know it. We need to tread carefully before proceeding and use this only as the most absolute last resort. Are we to that point yet? I don't know. I'd like to think there's still hope. I'd like to think we can heal this chasm in our country...but that might only be desperate youthful idealism speaking.

Revive the Tea Party. Flood town hall meetings again. Write/call/visit our representatives. Blog up a storm. Something. Anything. Fight against the media and stop them from polarizing us further. Hold them accountable. Focus on what brings us together, rather than allowing Obama and the media rip us apart. Half of all of my friends are liberal; there must be a way to work this out.

We're the United States and we're the best country in the world. I pray with all my might that this is just an empty gesture and nothing more. I don't have all the answers and quite honestly, I'm at a loss of what to do. But I do know that destroying our country from the inside out isn't it. I'm not giving up on her just yet.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

I understand and share your horror and fear, but try not to worry. People are upset, horrified by this election, and I think, simply letting off steam. If Romney had won, lefties would be letting off steam, as well (well, they'd be rioting in the streets and indiscriminately murdering people, so this is, comparatively, rather mild).

There is no way any state is going to try to secede, keep in mind that the people, alone, cannot do that; it's up to each state's government, and frankly, there simply aren't enough people petitioning or signing such petitions to get the attention of their local governments, let alone their state government. It won't happen. And we'll get through this. We will.

Mr. Miller said...

This was brilliantly said. I get exactly where you're coming from, and love your writing style.

My problem hasn't been so much the systematic dismantling of the greatest concept for government in the history of mankind, but that there doesn't seem to be one, single, intelligent, articulate opposing voice to speak up on behalf of Liberty or the Constitution.

I kept waiting for one of Romney's advisors to lightly knock on his bedroom door.. to gently shake his shoulder and say..

"Sorry to disturb you, Governor.. uh.. but there's an election going on.. and uh, since you ARE the nominee you might want to get out and maybe campaign a little?" But it never happened.

And until the Republican party 'wakes up', and starts educating those who have been victimized by our public school system, we've got a scary road ahead. Thanks for what you said!

Heather Chandler said...

Thank Fuzzy Slippers! We will get through this.

And Mr Miller, thanks for your comments and thanks for stopping by!

I think that's one of the biggest reasons why Obama got elected again - the other side didn't have a strong enough voice. Romney was only there because he was the only one left standing. Half the time, he looked surprised to be up there, and I guess he should be, after losing 3 times before.

What a pair we had, huh? Obama, who never stops campaigning and Romney, who never started.