Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday's Debate

A few thoughts at Monday's debate:

  • Rick Perry needs to go. What's that rubbish about "demanding" Romney release his income tax records?
  •  Does Rick Perry remind anyone else of a younger Mr. Rogers? All that's missing is the vest. Oh crap, he's a pilot...

  • Ohhhhh, I spoke too soon - "I think the noise you are looking for is a gong". Got to hand it to Perry for that one. Nice, witty response.
  • Oh geez, Ron Paul... "a golden rule in foreign policy"??? How can people like this guy?!?!
  • And as much as I rag on Romney, he had a pretty good answer about going after our enemies and strengthening our military so much so that no one will dare mess with us.
  • Booo for Romney wanting to detain American citizens w/o a trial if they are deemed "dangerous" by the president. Thank you, Santorum.

    (And not completely unrelated, but Ron Paul laughs like Renfeld.)
  • Wow... Gingrich is on fire during this debate! Did you just hear his response about improving unemployment by teaching skills to workers so one day they can own the job? Wow, just blew me away.

    (And I'm snickering at everyone getting their panties in a wad that Ron Paul only got one question in the first 35 minutes.)
  • Romney is certainly an artful dodger, isn't he? (And a little bit arrogant, too.)
  • Wow, is that really Santorum going after Romney? "I'm looking for an answer to the question first". He's on fire, too. I'll admit, I never saw that coming. Have to admire him for that. Romney looked like a deer in headlights. "I'm asking you to answer the question. That's how you got the time {for the response}. It's actually my time." Way to go, Santorum!
  • Am I ever sooooo glad that Bachmann is out of these debates. My poor ears finally got a rest!


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