Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Mosque at Ground Zero

This issue has rubbed me the wrong way since it first came up and now today, a panel has approved for it to be built, apparently against popular opinion.

Personally, I agree with the opposition - it's an insult to all Americans, especially those that lost their lives in the attack or to family members who lost someone. And this PC gobbledygook about "fostering relations between Americans and Muslims" is pure BS. If they really believed all of that hot air that comes out of their mouths, then they wouldn't feel the need to call people "racist" or "bigot" when they oppose something like this. You know something stinks when someone can only call you names and not defend their position.

Seriously, whenever you raise your voice and ask just why this group wants to build a mosque on Ground Zero, instead of building a memorial or something to those that lost their lives, and what are their reasons for it, they scream "Racism!". Can't even talk with people any more... Ask someone a question to get information and you get called names.

(Wouldn't that be a hoot to turn it around for once and just have a hissy fit when a liberal asks how you are? Scream "racism!" and run away. They'd think you lost your mind...)

Ok, but back to the situation at hand. Seriously - why would they want to build a mosque on Ground Zero? Talk show hosts, like Boortz, claim it's because Muslims build mosques on places they have "conquered". Now I've tried to look that up and can't find it anywhere except on right-wing blogs. Anyone know if there's any truth to that?

I feel the liberals are all in favor for this due to being PC and not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings - nothing more. (Much like the "profiling" in Arizona) It's not about human rights or religious rights. It's the "everybody's equal and we can't keep score during a kids' baseball game because someone's feelings might be hurt" mentality.

Saw a great quote in a WSJ op-ed piece:

"many believe that Ground Zero should be reserved for memorials to the event itself and to its victims. They do not understand why of all possible locations in the city, Cordoba House must be sited so near to there"

Totally agree. Explain to me in a rational, adult manner why this Cordoba House should be built at Ground Zero instead of a memorial and I'll be willing to listen. Help us understand. Call me names as your "explanation" and I'll refuse to listen.

And the op-ed piece continues, with another great point:

"Many New Yorkers and Americans will conclude that the radical interpretation of Cordoba House's purpose is correct. That belief will undermine what you have articulated to be Cordoba House's core mission. Rather than furthering cross-cultural and interfaith understanding, a Cordoba House located near Ground Zero would undermine them. Rather that serving as a bridge between Muslim and non-Muslim peoples, it would function as a divide.”

You claim this center's purpose is to strengthen Muslim and American relations. But it's not helping your cause by ignoring what people want, saying this is the way things are going to be and insulting me because I disagree. That's going to hurt relations, not help them.

Is it just me or is the strategy of the Cordoba House (shoving things through against popular opinion and calling the opposition names) something straight out of the Obama play book? Is this really the way things are going to be from now on in this regime?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely! It's amazing that when you ask a liberal a question, you are immediately called a racist or a bigot or some other awful name - so basically instead of them defending their position, their only defense is to call names. I just don't understand it anymore. Also, with regard to the mosque...I too heard that when Muslims do this type of thing, it is showing dominance and that they have conquered something...well, we can all put two and two together on that one. I think this entire administration is a travesty and I believe that every single congressman/woman, senator, and the president should be impeached and kicked out of office for treason. Let Pelosi come after me...I'll be waiting..as I'm sure all others will be when she tries to attack us and call us racist..the fact that the race card is constantly thrown around shows nothing more than complete incompetance by this administration..that's the only card they think they can play and win with..but here's the kicker..if you ask any Mexican American, they will tell you they are sick and tired of illegal immigration! They had to do things legally, so why shouldn't everyone else! They're 1000% right! Furthermore, I have many African American friends and they all believe that our current administration is nothing but bigots that are trying to stir up hate and cause a race war..it's a theory I've never thought of, and when they gave me their reasons behind saying it, my gosh, it truly does seem like something this admin would and is doing..so for these idiots in our government to say anything about a mosque, or hispanics or the black race card, all they are doing is proving once and for all, to EVERY American, that they truly are the ignorant bastards that they really are!!!