Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Overton Window and The Internet "Kill Switch"

Just started reading Beck's The Overton Window. I'm about 5 chapters (about 20 pages) in so far and I'm not kidding when I tell you that it scared the socks off me so bad. I threw the book down, told my dog that we needed to pack and run for the hills. It was quite a War of Worlds radio drama type situation.

Unfortunately, I hear that if I keep reading, that feeling will pass and it becomes more disappointing. We shall see. I'll write a review on it when I'm finished.

I love Glenn Beck, but sometimes I feel he's a bit of a conspiracy theorist. However, this news about a bill that gives Obama power to shut off the Internet in an "emergency" has me a little more than nervous.

The news of this is covered up by the oil spill and the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, but it's moving quite rapidly through Washington. (Not to mention a few other things as well, such as the Disclose Act and Wall Street Reform)

But back to the internet "kill switch".  What are they drinking up there in Washington that they think this is a good idea? The internet is not owned by anyone and access to it is on many servers. And what kind of "emergency" does it justify giving someone this sort of power? NONE.

More of that "We're saving you from yourselves, but you are too stupid to thank us. We'll know what's in the bill after we pass it" B.S., right? I think poor President Obama's ego is sooo upset by all those nasty Tea Partiers calling him names. This like the Fairness Doctrine for the internet.

This thing is moving fast. I first heard about it last Monday and by Friday, it had been approved by the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Wonder if he plans to nationalize the ISPs next?

This issue has me appalled. I'm writing to my reps about stopping this monstrosity. Not sure what good it'll do, but not sure what else we can do.

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