Monday, December 22, 2008

From the Archives: Anti-Americanism

Found this piece the other day. It was a rant I wrote when I was 20, right after the September 11th attacks, it looks like. I think it was cute and, for the most part, right on point. Was definitely more spirited back then, although I hope that has changed and matured a bit. It's neat to see how writing styles change over time. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

"One thing I've learned from my college experience is that ALOT and I mean alot of Anti-American people are enrolled in these schools ( I have attended 2 colleges so far). And no, not all of them are exchange students!! To my surprise I must say. Look, I won't be the first nor the last to say this, but America isn't perfect. We have our fair share of corrupt politicians, like the Clintons and Gore, just to name a few. Our laws aren't always fair. There are people here who wish to rob you of every penny you have.

But you wanna know something??

I'm still damn proud to live here, and to have been born here. Why? Because no matter how bad our government is or unfair the laws are...I bet you that we have it better than 99.99999% of the rest of the people in the World. Think about it and you'll see I'm right. Our women definitely have more freedom than the other women in the world combined. Think about that for a second. We are allowed to vote (not all of us should...but that's a different story), which is a privilege not too many women get...a guess would be at least 60% don't get that privilege. Also speaking about voting, we have one of the most advance voting systems. Think our voting is bad? Look around, the rest of the world has it worse. We are allowed to wear basically anything we want. When was the last time you worried about showing your wrists or ankles? Some women have to worry about that everyday or else they will be beaten or worse. To be honest, that has never crossed my mind when I was getting dressed in my 20 years of existence. Never. And why? Cuz I'm an American. And I'm proud of it.

However, my point isn't why we should be proud, that was just a little aside. My point in this rant is the vast number of Anti-American people living here. Um, you know...If I hated a place, I would make darn sure I would never live there or would leave in a hurry if I did live there. Seems logical to me, but I guess I must be weird or something. So why are you guys who hate the United States still here? We're not forcing ya to stay, there's the door, leave if you aren't happy. Don't let the door hit you on your way out and please leave quickly. We have too many people here already.
Anyways, I saw in the news there's some writer from Brown University who said "I was cheering when the Pentagon got hit because I know about the brutality of the military. The American flag is nothing but a symbol of hate and should be used for toilet paper for all I care".

Guess where he lived--Afghanistan?? Iraq?? No--Providence, RI.
That's right, Providence RI---
U.S. of A. What's your problem, guy? Military too brutal for ya? LOL Our military is probably the most civil out of the other militaries in the world. Our flag a symbol of hate?? Not a bright one, are ya? Tell me, whenever there's a skirmish in the world, who steps in to help? Whenever there's starving people in the world, who steps in to help? Those don't seem like acts of hate to me. And if you cheer for the death and pain of your fellow Americans or the death and pain of ANYONE, I pity you, Sir. And your actions ARE hateful. How can anyone, religion, color, nationality aside cheer on destruction, death and pain of a fellow human being? You aren't even worthy enough to be a human, let alone an American. I hope to hell you've gotten out of the US by now. And you want to know the only reason why if you are still here, that you have not been kicked out or killed for what you said? Because you are an American, and you have the freedom to run your mouth as much as you wish, without consequences. You have no idea how lucky you are to be an American. And if you actually thought with your brain for once instead of your butt, you might wake up and realize that one day."

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